Hindu Scriptures  

Shree Rama Charit Manas
As Written By Goswami Tulsi Daas Jee

Introduction Bal Kaand Ayodhya Kaand Aranaya Kaand
Kishkindhaa Kaand Sudar Kaand Lanka Kaand Uttar kaand

Ram Charit Manas - Uttar Kaand

Ram Returns to Ayodhyaa


There is only one day left in Raam's coming to Ayodhyaa. All people of Ayodhyaa are thinking that why Raam has not come yet. Good omen started happening and the people of Ayodhyaa and mothers are very happy to notice them. Bharat is also getting these messages, so he is also very happy. He was thinking, "now it is only one day left and Naath has not come yet. What may be the reason for it. Lakshman is very fortunate that He is with Him. I am proved as cunning and greedy that is why Prabhu did not take me along. And this is right too. If He considers my actions then I will not be able to get Moksh even up to numerous Kalp. But I know that Prabhu doesn't consider His servant's mistakes that is why I believe that I will surely have Prabhu's Darshan."

The then Hanumaan Jee came to him in Braahman form and said - "In whose remembrance you always meditate, the same Shree Raam has come." Bharat got very happy hearing this and asked him - "Who are you Braahman and from where have you come? You have told me very good news." Hanumaan Jee said - "I am the son of Pavan and by species, I am Vaanar. My name is Hanumaan and I am the servant of Shree Raam.

Bharat said - "Hanumaan, I don't have anything to give to you in exchange of this good news, because there is nothing like this message in the whole world. But tell me, does Raghunaath ever remember me?" Hanumaan said - "He loves you very much and always remembers you." After that Hanumaan Jee went away to Raam. Raam boarded His Vimaan and headed further.

Bharat Jee went to Ayodhyaa and told everything to Guru Jee. Mothers and city people also got this news and got very happy. Whosoever was in whatever condition he rushes to see Raam and asks other, "Have you seen Raam"? Bharat Jee went to welcome Shree Raam along with Vashishth Jee, Shatrughn Jee and family. Many women are standing on their roofs and looking at Vimaan and singing songs.

Raam shows Ayodhyaa to Vaanar and says - This is Ayodhyaa. Although my Vaikunth is famous in Ved Puraan, but I like Avadh Puree more than that. This is my birth place There is Saryoo river in the north of this city." When Raam saw so many people coming for His welcome then asked Vimaan to land outside the city. After they landed, Shree Raam sent the Vimaan back to Kuber.

All people came with Bharat. They are all weak in the grief of His separation.

Shree Raam first bowed to Braahman, then Bharat Jee fell on Raam's feet. Bharat is prostrating to Shree Raam and doesn't get up. Then Raam lifted him up and hugged him dearly. He asks his welfare but Bharat is unable to say a word because of the excess of joy. Then Raam met Shatrughn. Lakshman met Bharat, Shatrughn touched Seetaa Jee's feet. Prabhu found many people to meet Him, so He appeared in multiple bodies and met everybody together in one moment. Nobody knew this secret.

Raam headed towards the palace. Mothers came and met them as cows see their calves in the evening. Kaikeyee was very embarrassed to see Raam. Lakshman Jee met Kaikeyee several times but His anger doesn't go away. Seetaa Jee met Her all mothers-in-law. All mothers are just looking at Raam's face that how did He kill Lankaapati Raavan. These two children are very tender and Raakshas are very mighty and powerful warriors.

Vibheeshan, Sugreev, Nal, Neel, Jaambvaan, Angad and Hanumaan changed their form into human being. Raam called them and asked them to touch Guru's feet. He told them that because of Guru's blessings Raavan was killed. He said to Guru Jee - "These are my friends. They fought for me in the war. They are dearer to me than Bharat.

Ayodhyaa was decorated in various ways and people celebrated this occasion in various ways. Shiv Jee says - "Hey Bhavaanee, Prabhu knew that Kaikeyee was feeling embarrassed meeting Him that is why He went to her palace first, then He went to His own palace.

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Ram's Coronation

Vashishth Jee considered that day very auspicious day so he called Braahman and with their permission made arrangements for Raam's coronation. People got very happy to hear this news. Avadh Puree was decorated very beautifully.

Raam ordered to bathe Sugreev etc Raam Himself entangled Bharat's Jataa and gave bath to His three brothers. Even  millions of Shesh Jee cannot describe Bharat's good fate and Raam's tenderness. Then Shree Raam entangled His own Jataa and took bath. Mothers gave a nice bath to Seetaa Jee and adorned Her with beautiful clothes and jewelry.

Kaagbhushundi Jee says - "Hey Garud Jee, At that time Brahmaa Jee, Shiv Jee and Muni came to Bhagvaan's Darshan." First Vashishth Jee put red vermilion on Raam's forehead then other Muni did it. Many kinds of alms were given.

All Devta prayed Him separately and went to their Lok. Then came Ved in the form of Bhaat (who sing songs of praise). Shiv Jee also came there to pray Him.

"Hey Garud Jee, This Kathaa purifies everybody and destroys the three kind of discomforts - physical, divine and environmental. Whosoever hear it and sing it, they all go to Raam's Lok.

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Everybody Goes Home 

Vaanar are enjoying in Ayodhyaa. They didn't know when the time passed. Six months passed in this way. They don't remember their homes. One day Raam called them, thanked them and requested them to go their home but they are not ready to leave Him. They just stare at Him. They cannot say anything, just look at His lotus feet.

Raam got beautiful clothes and jewelry and first of all Bharat Jee adorned Sugreev with his own hands. Lakshman Jee adorned Vibheeshan Jee. Angad sat at his place, he didn't even move from here. Raam Himself adorned Neel, Jaambvaan etc. They all bowed to Shree Raam and went away.

Then Angad got up and bowed to Shree Raam and said - "At the time of dying my father Baali gave my charge to you . Now you are my everything - father, mother, Guru, brother. I will do even the lowest job in  your house, but please don't leave me." and fell on His feet. Bhagvaan lifted him up and hugged him; and consoled him in several ways. Then He adorned him with His own hands and bade farewell. Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughn saw Angad off. Angad walks forward but looks back at Shree Raam turning his head.

Hanumaan Jee held Sugreev's feet and said - "Hey Swaamee, I will see you again after serving Shree Raam for some time more." Sugreev said - "Hanumaan, You are very fortunate that Shree Raam has accepted your services." And all Vaanar went away. Then Angad said - "Hey Hanumaan, You keep remind me to Raam."

Then Raam called Nishaad. He gave clothes and jewelry to him also and bade farewell. He said - "You are my friend and brother like Bharat so keep coming to city." Nishaad also bowed to Shree Raam and went away.

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Life in Raam's Kingdom

Now there was Raam's rule. Everybody was happy, everybody was contented, no grievances to anybody. People followed the Ved path according to their Dharm. Dharm lived there with its four legs - Satya (truth), Shauch (piousness), Dayaa (kindness) and Daan (alms). Nobody died at a young age, nobody fell ill. Neither anybody was poor, nor was fool, nor had any bad qualities. All followed Dharm, did good actions, were Gyaanee, and were faithful to everybody/.

Kaagbhushundi Jee says - "Hey Garud Jee, In His kingdom nobody was affected with any kind of grief due to Kaal, Karm (actions), nature, and Gun (Sat, Raj, Tam). Shree Raam was the king of the Earth with seven seas. Who is the Swaamee of the whole universe, this kingdom is nothing for Him, but this secret is known to only those who love Shree Raam's feet.

In Shree Raam's kingdom "win" word was used only to win or control Man (heart or mind), because there was no enemy there to who to win. Since nobody commited crime so nobody got Dand (punishment). "Dand" (scepter) word was used only for Sanyaasee. Because everything was favorable so there was no need of Bhed (division) policy. This word was used only to make difference between Swar (notes) and Taal (beat) in music.

Trees always blossomed, elephant and lion were friends and drank water from one stream. All kinds of gems were found everywhere. Sea threw gems on their shores themselves. Sun threw its rays according to the need, and clouds rained as much water as it was needed and wherever it was needed.

Although there were many servants and maidservants in the palace and all of them are very efficient in serving, still Seetaa Jee did all household jobs Herself. All brothers served Shree Raam, and Shree  Raam had lot of affection to them. Seetaa Jee had two sons, Lav and Kush, described by Ved and Puraan. All brothers had two sons each.

Everyday in the morning, after taking bath Shree Raam sat in His court. Vashishth Jee told stories from Ved and Puraan. Raam took His food with His brothers. In His kingdom, everybody had lots of wealth which cannot be described even by Shesh Jee. Naarad and Sanak etc Muni came to Ayodhyaa daily and forgot their nature of detachment from the world.

Ayodhyaa was beautiful. Lamps in its houses were studded with gems. They had a painting room also where Raam's pictures were hung. When Muni saw them they also got lost in them. Everybody had a small garden too in which many kinds of flowers bloomed. Many kinds of birds came there and when they saw their shadow in gem studded floors, they danced and sang thinking them other birds. Its markets were beautiful. Cloth sellers, jewelers and other traders looked like Kuber.

In north there was Saryoo river where water was very clean and clear. Among the Ghaats (bathing places) on Saryoo River, Raajghaat was most beautiful because people of all Varn took bath there. At some places, near the bank, Muni lived and they had planted Tulasee there.

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Saints and Non-saints

Once Shree Raam, along with His brothers and Hanumaan Jee, went to see gardens. Finding this a good opportunity Sanakaadi Muni came to see Him. Although they have a boyish look but they are the oldest amomng all. They were coming from Agastya Muni's Aashram. Muni had told them many Raam Katha. All bowed to them. They just stood looking at Raam without blinking their eyes and Raam is standing bowing His head. Raam then asked them to sit and said - "Today I am blessed having your Darshan which naturally frees from Karm bondage." Sankaadi Muni got very pleased hearing this and started praying Him. After the prayer they went to Brahm Lok.

Then all brothers bowed their heads to Raam. All want to ask something but hesitate to ask, that is why all are looking at Hanumaan Jee. Hanumaan Jee said to Raam - "Hey Naath, Bharat Jee wants to ask you something, but is hesitant to ask." Raam said - "You know my nature. There is no difference between Bharat and me." Then Bharat asked - "Ved Puraan have sung the importance of saints in various ways. I want to listen to their characteristics. Please tell me the difference between a saint and a non-saint.

Raam spoke - "My brother, Ved Puraan describe many characteristics of saints. Saints' and non-saints' behavior are like the behavior of sandalwood and axe. Axe cuts the sandalwood, but sandalwood, by its nature, gives its sweet smell to axe. That is why sandalwood sits on Devtaa's foreheads, while axe is burned in fire and is beaten with large hammer.

Saints are not attached to worldly pleasures and are full of good qualities. They are happy seeing other people happy, and are sad seeing other people sad. They have neither any friend nor any enemy. They are not proud, angry, fearful, and greedy. They are very soft hearted, kind to other people, and are my Bhakt by Man, Vachan and Karm (heart, speech and actions). They have no desires and they respect Braahman. (read a story about this)

Now you listen to the characteristics of non-saints. One should not sit with them even by mistake, because their company is always painful. They themselves are always sad and are jealous seeing other people happy. When they hear anything bad about others, they feel happy. They are lusty, angry, greedy, unkind, and full of sins. They quarrel without any reason. They always take the help of lies and boast to make others jealous with them. They are like peacocks which speak sweet but their heart is very hard. They can eat very poisonous snakes.

They are always inclined towards others women, attracted to others wealth and busy in telling bad words about others. When they somebody happy, they become very sad, and when they see somebody sad, they get very happy. They don't regard even mother, father, Guru and Braahman. They don't like saints' company. This type of people are not found in Sat Yug and Tretaa Yug, there will be some in Dwaapar Yug, but Kali Yug will be full of them.

There is no greater Dharm than to do good to others and there is no greater sin than to harm others. Whoever human beings harm others they have to tolerate numerous birth and death cycles in this world.

The reality is this that, since both qualities and faults are created by Maayaa, that is why they don't exist in reality, therefore it is the best not to consider anyone.

Hearing this all brothers got very happy, especially Hanumaan Jee. All went to their respective palaces. Thus  Shree Raam does some activity everyday.

Naarad Muni also came to Ayodhyaa repeatedly and on His return sang His Leelaa in Brahm Lok. Sanakaadik Muni admire Muni. Although they are worshipper of Nir-Gun, but when hey hear Raam's Leelaa they forget their Nir-Gun worship. Whosoever doesn't love Raam even after knowing that Sankaadik Muni also listen to Raam's Leela leaving their Nir-Gun nature aside, their heart is indeed like stone.

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Importance of Bhakti 

Once Shree Raam called Vashishth Jee, Braahman and other public and said to them - "I do not say this with pride or any greatness and it is not even unjust, therefore you all listen to me attentively. Then if you like it you may follow it. Whoever obeys me the same is dear to me and the same is my servant too. If I say anything unjust then just stop me.

This human body is very difficult to get. All scriptures say that this body is difficult to get even to Devtaa. This is the means of meditation and the door of Moksh. If somebody doesn't improve his Parlok (the other world), he gets sorrows in Parlok and blames his destiny and Bhagvaan for his actions.

Purpose of getting this body is not to enjoy pleasures on Prithvi. Even pleasures of Swarg are very less in comparison to getting real pleasures. Therefore those are fools who exchange Amrit (Ambrosia) with poison. Who exchanges Paaras Mani with a piece of glass, nobody calls him intelligent.

This immortal soul wanders around in four types of creation - Andaj, Swedaj, Jaraayuj, Udbhij - under 8,400,000 Yoni (species). With the inspiration of Maayaa it always wanders surrounded by Kaal (time), Karm (actions), nature, and Gun (Sat, Raj, Tam). Affectionate Eeshwar sometimes gives this body only pitifully. This human body is like a ship to cross the world ocean. My favor is favorable winds for it, and Guru is its sailor. If still he doesn't cross the world ocean then he is said to be a fool. If you want pleasures here and in Parlok then listen to my advice attentively and follow it. This is the Bhakti Maarg (way) and is very easy.

Gyaan is very difficult and there are many obstacles in following it. Its "doing" is difficult and it has no help for Man (heart). If somebody gets it then because of being without Bhakti, he is not dear to me. Bhakti is independent, but without Satsang beings can't follow it. And saints are not available without Punya (good actions). And Punya is only one in the world, that is to worship Braahman with Man, Vachan and Karm. Only Satsang (company of saints) frees from the cycle of life and death.

There is one more secret advice, that without Shankar Jee's Bhakti one cannot get my Bhakti. Bhakti Maarg (path) is very easy. It doesn't need Yog, Yagya, Jap, Tap or fasting. One can get it only with simple nature, clean heart and contentment. If somebody believes in Me, claims to be my servant, and expects from human beings, then how can he be trusted.

Who neither quarrels, nor expects, nor fear anybody, every place is joyful to him. Who doesn't act with the desire of its result, who doesn't have any home, who doesn't care for respect, is sinless and is not angry with anybody, who loves Satsang, who favors Bhakti but does not argue with others to disfavor their belief, who chants my name, who desn't have any kind of attachment and pride, he gets all kinds of pleasures.

Hearing these words of Raam everybody held His feet and said - "Hey Prabhu, You are our everything - mother, father, Guru, brother and are dearer than our life. Nobody else can teach us things like this. Parents do teach their children but that is also selfishly. Only two people can give such selfless education - You and your servants. All others are selfish."

Raghunaath Jee got very pleased hearing this and all went to their home.

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Vashishth Jee and Naarad Jee

Once Vashishth Jee came to Shree Raam. Shree Raam respected him properly and offered him Aasan. Vashishth Jee said - "Hey Raam, I am very confused seeing your human Leelaa (acting). There is no limit of your glory. Even Ved also do not know it fully, then how can I know it? Purohit profession is a very low profession. All - Ved, Puraan and Smriti - have bad opinion about it. When I was not taking this job (Purohit job of Soorya Vansh), then Brahmaa Jee said to me - "Accept it. You will be benefited from it in future. Brahm Himself will incarnate in this Vansh (family). I thought that for whom people do Yagya, Yog, Vrat and alms, if I can get Him from this profession then there is no other Dharm like this.

Whatsoever Dharm are told in scriptures - Jap, Tap, discipline, Yog, Dharm, Gyaan, kindness  etc etc - are only the means to get You. As dirt cannot remove dirt, butter cannot be taken out of churning water, in the same way the heart of a human being can only be clean only through Your Bhakti. Only he is the knower of all, Gyaanee, qualitative, and intelligent. Hey Naath, today I ask you a Var, that my love to your feet should not reduce at all for lives together."

After saying this Vashishth Jee went away to his home and Shree Raam went outside the city where there were many elephants, horses and chariots. Raghunaath Jee distributed them to various people and came to a mango grove and sat there with His brothers. The then Naarad Jee came with His Veenaa and started singing Prabhu's glory. After that He also went away to His Lok.

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Story of Kaagbhushundi 

Shiv Jee says - "Hey Umaa I told you this story according to my understanding. Shree Raam Leelaa (plays) are in millions, even Shruti and Shaaradaa cannot describe them fully. Shree Raam is endless, His Leelaa are endless; His births, Karm and names are endless. Drops of water can be counted, dust particles can be counted but Shree Raam's Leelaa cannot be counted. This is the same Kathaa which Kaagbhushundi Jee told Garud Jee.  

Paarvatee Jee was very much satisfied hearing this Kathaa. Then She asked - "Rest is all right, but You told that Kaagbhushundi Jee told this Kathaa to Garud Jee, so I have some doubts about that as how he had so much Gyaan and detachment even after getting the crow body? Among human beings, maybe one in thousands, is the follower of Dharm; and in millions of Dharm followers maybe one is detached; and, as Shruti say, maybe only one in billions of detached people is knowledgeable (Gyaanee). And among all these Gyaanee, maybe only one is true Bhakt of Raam's feet. So how did he get this rare gem, explain this to me. Besides Garud Jee himself is a great Gyaanee, servant of Shree Hari and is very near to Him. Then why did he had to go to a crow to listen to His Kathaa?"

Shiv Jee spoke - "As you know that in your previous life you were the daughter of Daksh Jee and your name was Satee. You were insulted in Daksh Jee's house and You left your body there only. At this I got very sad and started wandering around in grief. There is a Neel Parvat in the north of Sumeru Parvat. It has golden peaks among which I liked four peaks the most. One of them has Banyan tree, another has Peepal tree, another has Paakar tree and another has a mango tree. There is a beautiful pond also whose steps are gem studded, water is of clear blue color, has various types of lotuses. Kaagbhushundi Jee lives on the same Parvat. Kaagbhushundi Jee does not die even at the end of the Kalp.

Maayaa doesn't have any effect on that Parvat. He meditates under the Peepal tree, performs Jap and Yagya under the Paakar tree, worships mentally under the mango tree, and discourses under the Bunyan tree. There come many birds and listen to Raam's Kathaa with great love. Many swans live in the pond and listen to His Kathaa. Seeing this I felt great joy in my heart, so I took swan's body and lived there for some time and listened to Raam's Kathaa. This was the same Kathaa which I heard there. Now you listen to the reason why Garud Jee went to Kaagbhushundi Jee.

When Raam was fighting with Meghnaad Meghnaad used Naag Paash and Raam allowed Himself to be tied with it. Then Naarad Muni sent Garud Jee to free Him from snakes and he freed Him. Then Garud Jee got very sad thinking that "Prabhu is omnipresent, faultless, beyond Maayaa and love; whose name only can free people from life and death cycle; and the same Prabhu has incarnated as Raam, then how come that a very tiny Raakshas tied Him with Naag Paash and I had to go to free Him from it. I don't see any power of that incarnation." He tried his best, but could not find any explanation.

So he went to Naarad Jee and told about his doubt. Naarad Jee said - "Raam's Maayaa is very powerful. It can confuse even the greatest Gyaanee's Gyaan. It has made me dance several times. It seems that the same Maayaa has affected you too. I cannot clear your doubts, you go to Brahmaa Jee and whatever He says, obey Him.

Then Garud Jee went to Brahmaa Jee. Brahmaa Jee thought when I, who has created this universe, have been affected by that Maayaa, then Garud Jee is nothing. So He sent him to Shiv Jee instructing that he should not ask anything from  anybody on the way, just go to Shiv Jee straight way. So Garud Jee came to me.

At that time I was going to Kuber's house and you were on Kailash Parvat. I said - "You have met me in the way. Your doubt cannot be cleared in the way. It can be cleared only by long time Satsang and Raam's Kathaa. So I send you to a place where you will be able to listen to Raam's Kathaa daily. Satsang helps to listen to Hari Kathaa, Hari Kathaa clears confusion, and enforces Hari love. You go to Neel Parvat in north. There lives Kaagbhushundi Jee. He is very knowledgeable in Raam Bhakti. He discourses Raam Kathaa daily. Go and listen to that, I am sure your doubt and confusion will be cleared.

I did not explain everything to him, because he might have shown his pride some time in the past, which Raam Jee wanted to destroy. Secondly, Birds can communicate together better. When Maayaa can confuse even Brahmaa Jee and Shiv Jee then what is human being? Thinking thus Muni meditate Him only. Garud Jee went there and his all confusion got cleared.

When Garud Jee arrived on Neel Parvat, Kaagbhushundi Jee welcome him and asked what he could do for him? Garud Jee said - "The purpose I have come here for, is fulfilled as I stepped here, now I want to hear Raam's Kathaa.

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Raam Kathaa by Kaahgbhushundi 

Shiv Jee further said to Umaa - "Hey Umaa, So first Kaagbhushundi Jee described Raam Charit Maanas Sarovar (pond) metaphor, then Naarad Jee's worldly love, Raavan's Avataar Kathaa; and then described Raam's Avataar and His Baal Leelaa. Then said about coming of Rishi Vishwaamitra Jee to Ayodhyaa, Raam's marriage, His coronation, Kaikeyee's two Var, public's sorrow and Raam Lakshman dialog.

Then he said about Raam's going for exile, love of Kevat (Nishaad), living in Prayaag after crossing Gangaa Jee, meeting with Vaalmeeki Jee, and stay in Chitrakoot. After that he told about return of Sumantra, death of Dashrath, return of Bharat from his maternal grandfather's house and his intense love to Raam, performing last rites of father and going to Raam.

Then described return of Bharat to Ayodhyaa with Raam's Paadukaa (shoes), life of Bharat in Nandee Graam, Indra's son Jayant's misbehavior with Seetaa Jee, meeting of Raam with Atri Jee, and killing of Viraadh. Then said about how Sharbhang Rishi left his mortal body, Suteekshn's Bhakti and Muni Agastya's Satsang.

Bhushundi Jee further described about His stay in Dandak Van, friendship with Geedhraaj Jataayu, sermon to Lakshman Jee, deforming of Shoorpankhaa, fight with Khar and Dooshan and killing them in the fight. Then how Raavan got this news, Raavan and Maareech's dialog, abduction of Maayaa Seetaa and Raghuveer's separation from Seetaa.

Then he told about performing last rites of Jataayu, killing of Kabandh, obligation to Shabaree, arrival at Pampaasar, dialog of Prabhu and Naarad Jee, meeting with Maaruti, friendship with Sugreev and Killing of Baali.

Then told about the coronation of Sugreev, stay on Pravarshan Parvat, description of rainy and Sharad season, anger of Shree Raam on Sugreev, sending Vaanar in search of Seetaa, entrance in burrow, and meeting with Sampaati.

Then told how Hanumaan Jee crossed the sea, entered Lankaa, consoled Seetaa Jee, destroyed Ashok Vaatikaa, burned Lankaa Puree, returned across the sea and told Seetaa's news Shree Raam. Then how Raam came on the sea shore with Vaanar, built the bridge, came to Lankaa, and sent Angad to Raavan as His messenger. Then told about the war, killing of Raavan, coronation of Vibheeshan, meeting with Seetaa Jee and their coming back to Ayodhyaa.

Hearing this Kathaa Garud Jee's confusion got cleared. He felt obliged. Kaagbhushundi Jee also got very happy to have such an audience. He said - "Hey Garud Jee, You are very respectable to me. Shree Raam has obliged me by sending you to me. Who is this world who is not affected with His Maayaa. At one time I was also affected with that.

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Story of Kaagbhushundi 3

Kaagbhushundi Jee said - "Hey Garud Jee, You are very respectable to me. Shree Raam has obliged me by sending you to me. Who is in this world who is not affected with His Maayaa. At one time I was also affected with that. I will tell you its account now. This is about kindness of Shree Raam and foolishness of mine.

Whenever Shree Raam incarnate as human being, I went to Ayodhyaa Puree to enjoy His Baal Leelaa. I stayed there for five years to enjoy it. Shree Raam as a child is my Isht Dev (personal God) and I enjoy looking at it. I changed myself into a small crow and flew together with Shree Raam. Wherever He went , I also went there with Him and whatever food He left on His plate I ate it.

His palace was very beautiful. It was made of gold and studded with gems. All the four brothers used to play there daily. I cannot describe Raam's beauty, it is so much attractive that I forgot myself. I loved His childlike sounds and sight. He danced looking at His shadow in Dashrath's courtyard. He played with me in various ways. When He ran after me to catch me, I ran from there, then He showed me Pooaa (an Indian sweets made with wheat flour and sugar). When I came near, He laughed; and then I ran far, He cried. When I wanted to touch His feet, He used to run away from me looking back at me.

Seeing this type of Leelaa  I got confused like an ordinary child that what kind of Leelaa He was doing? At the same moment Raam's Maayaa affected me. I thought, there is only Raam who is the Swaamee of all and everybody is under His control. If soul has this knowledge that it is the part of that Paramaatmaa, then there is no distinction between Jeev (soul) and Paramaatmaa. But proud Jeev is under the spell of Maayaa, and Maayaa is under the control of Paramaatmaa. Jeev is dependent and Paramaatmaa is independent. Jeev are many while Bhagvaan is only one. Although this distinction created by Maayaa is untrue, still it cannot be removed without Bhagvaan's Bhajan.

When He saw me surprised, He laughed. Nobody knew all this what happened then, neither His parents nor His brothers. He ran after me and I flew. Shree Raam spread His arm to catch me but I was flying. I was ahead and His arm was following me. I went up to Brahm Lok and when I looked back, His arm was only two finger distance behind me. I flew piercing seven layers but His arm didn't stop following me. Seeing this I got troubled. I closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I was in Avadh Puree.

Shree Raam smiled looking at me and at the same moment I went inside His mouth. I saw many universes inside his stomach. There were many Lok which were created in various unique ways. I saw millions of Brahmaa Jee, Shiv Jee, stars, Sun, Moon, Lokpaal, Yam and Kaal etc. Innumerable seas, rivers, ponds, forests, Devtaa, Muni, Naag, human beings were there. What I never saw, or never heard of, or never imagined, I saw all that there.

I stayed up to, one hundred years in each universe. Thus I wandered in many universes. I saw myself in every universe. I saw everything different in every universe - human being, river, Saryoo Jee, Avadh Puree, stars, Devtaa everything, but I didn't see Raam different. He was the same in every universe. It seemed to me that I spent one hundred Kalp wandering in those universes. Then I came to my Aashram and spent some time there. Then I heard about Prabhu's Avataar so I went to Avadh Puree and saw His birth celebrations. I have told you this before.

In fact all this happened in two Ghadee, but I felt tired.

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Raam's Var to Kaagbhushundi 

Kaagbhushundi Jee further said - "Hey Garud Jee, Seeing me troubled.. Shree Raam laughed and as He laughed, I came out of His mouth. He again started behaving in childlike way with me. I tried to convince myself in many ways that is was all Shree Raam's Leela (acting or play) but it didn't calm me down. Then I remembered all that I saw in His stomach. I forgot everything and I fell on His feet saying - "Save me, save me."

Prabhu drew back His Maayaa, put His kind hand on my head, then I calmed down and got happy. Shree Raam said to me -"Hey Kaagbhushundi, Considering me very pleased with you, you ask for any Var - Animaa etc. any eight Siddhi; other Riddhi, or Moksh; or Gyaan, detachment, elemental knowledge anything which is most difficult even for great Muni, I will give you all today without any doubt. So whatever you desire, you ask for it."

I got very happy to hear Prabhu's words. I thought that Prabhu told me to give everything, but He didn't mention about His Bhakti. Without Bhakti all pleasures are useless as many dishes of tasty food are tasteless without salt. So I said - "Hey Prabhu if you want to give me any Var, then I want to ask for my own Var. Whatever all Bhakti Yogee Muni desire for and rarely anybody gets it with your favor, kindly give me the same Bhakti." 

"So be it" saying thus Raghuveer said - "You have asked for the treasure of pleasures. There is nobody else as fortunate as you. I liked your intelligence therefore from now on all good qualities will reside in your heart. You will know everything about Bhakti, Gyaan, elemental knowledge, detachment, my Leelaa and their secrets. You will not be confused now by my Maayaa. Know me as "without the beginning and end", "who doesn't born", "Nir-Gun (without the characteristics of nature)", "full of divine characteristics). I love my Bhakt, considering this fact, love my feet with Man, Vachan and body.

Now you listen to my words - This whole world is created through my Maayaa. There are numerous movable and immovable creature in it. They all are dear to me because they all are created by me; but I like human beings most. Even among human beings I like Dwij (Braahman) more, among Dwij I like those more who know Ved, and among them who know Ved I like more who follow Ved; and among them who follow Ved I like the ones who are detached; and among the detached ones I like those more who have elemental knowledge.

And among all of them I like my servants most who have no other help. I tell you this several times that I do not love anybody else more than my servants. Even Brahmaa is dear to me without Bhakti like other ordinary creatures; but if anybody is of very low level and is my Bhakt, I love him like my life.

Pious, plain, and intelligent servant is lovable to all. Ved and Puraan also say this. One father may have several sons with different nature and behavior. One may be knowledgeable, another may be Tapaswee, another may be rich, another may be warrior and yet another may be very religious. Father loves them all alike, but if there is any son who is his Bhakt with Man, Vachan and Karm and doesn't follow any other Dharm, the same son is dearest to him, even if he is a fool.

In the same way, among creatures there are animals, birds, Devtaa, human beings, Asur. I have created all of them, therefore I love them all, but whosoever worships me with Man, Vachan and Karm, I love him most; whether he is a man, woman, eunuch, or any other creature. You will never be affected by Kaal (see Five Immortal Purush), just remember me always."

I wanted to hear Prabhu's voice more and more. Whatever pleasure I was getting out of it, only I myself know. My eyes saw His beautiful form, and my ears heard His sweet voice, so how mouth can describe them, only eyes and ears know that. They cannot tell you as they cannot speak. After that Prabhu started playing again like a child. He looked at His mother as if He was hungry. Kaushalyaa Maa immediately got up and started feeding Him.

To get whatever pleasure Shiv Jee took His inauspicious form, people in Avadh Puree are drowned in the same form always. I stayed there for some time more and watched some more of His Baal Leelaa. then I came back to my Aashram.

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Sermon of Kaagbhushundi 

Kaagbhushundi Jee further said - "Hey king of birds, Now I tell you my own experience that without Bhagvaan's Bhajan sorrows don't go away. Without Shree Raam's favor one cannot know Raam's greatness. Without knowing Raam's greatness one cannot believe in Him, without belief there is no love; and without love Bhakti doesn't get stronger as fat doesn't stay on water.

Without Guru and detachment there is no knowledge as a boat cannot be rowed without water. Without contentment desires are not destroyed, and if desires are there, there is no peace in the mind. Desires can only be destroyed by Raam's Bhajan. Without Shraddhaa (includes faith, faithfulness, love) no Dharm can be followed as smell cannot be felt without the Earth element. Radiance cannot spread without Tap. There is no Ras (taste) without the Water element and good behavior cannot be learned without serving learned people. Without radiance (fire element)  no form can be formed.

Without getting pleasure for soul, mind is not stable. Without the Air element a touch cannot be felt, and without belief there is no Siddhi or Bhakti. Without Hari Bhajan, fear is not destroyed. Therefore one should chant Raam's name.

Many creatures fly in the sky but can't get to the limit of the sky. In the same way Shree Raam's glory is also limitless. Shree Raam is the ocean of qualities. Nobody can reach up to its surface

Hearing all this Garud Jee got very pleased. He bowed to Kaagbhushundi Jee's feet several times and said - "Nobody can cross this world ocean without the guidance of Guru. Now I knew the secret of Raam a little as I found you."

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Kaag Yoni 

Garud Jee said to Kaagbhushundi Jee - "Hey king of birds, now I ask you something because of my ignorance, but you kindly reply me considering me as your dear servant. You are such a dear servant of Shree Raam, then how did you get this Kaag (crow) body? Besides where did you get this beautiful Raam Charit Maanas? KIndly explain me everything.

Hey Naath, I have heard from Shiv Jee that you don't die even in Mahaa Pralay and Bhagvaan never lies, so I have doubts in that, because this whole universe is the food of Kaal and nobody is spared from its hold. Then why that terrible Kaal doesn't affect you? Is this the result of Gyaan or the power of Yog?"

Kaagbhushundi Jee got very happy to hear Garud Jee's words. He said - "I now remembered my many lives' accounts, so I tell you everything in detail. I have got Shree Raam's Bhakti only with this body that is why I love my this body most. Ved say that if any low level thing is of your good then love that too. As silk comes out of an insect and silk is used to make beautiful silken clothes that is why nobody hates that dirty insect and people bring up those insects with great love.

My death is in my control, but still I do not leave this body, because Ved say that without body one cannot do Bhajan. My first Moh (confusion) made my condition miserable. Then I did lots of Tap, Yog, Yagya, etc, I took birth in many Yoni, I did all kinds of Karm (actions), but I have never got such happiness as this. I remember my many lives' accounts and I have never been confused since then. 

Now you listen to my first life story. In a past Kalp, it was Kali Yug. I was born as a Shoodra in Ayodhyaa Puree. I used to worship Shiv Jee with Man, Vachan and Karm but didn't like other Devtaa. I was very proud. Although I lived in Raghunaath's capital still I didn't know its importance at that time. Now I know it.

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Dharm in Kali Yug

Kaagbhushundi Jee said - "Hey king of birds, There is neither Varn nor Dharm nor any Aashram (four phases of life) in Kali Yug.All men and women oppose Ved. Braahman sell Ved. Nobody follows Ved. Whoever likes it, the same is the path for him,

Who snatches others money, he is intelligent, whoever lies he is qualitative. Whoever has large nails and long Jataa, he is Tapaswee. Whoever wear unholy things they are Yogee and are worshipped. Who lie with Man, Vachan and Karm, they are good speakers

All men are in the control of women. Shoodra advise Braahman and accept alms. Married womwn don't wear ornaments while widows adorn themselves with new look. All men and women talk about Brahm Gyaan, but they kill Braahman or Guru for a very low profit.

Shoodra argue with Braahman. Oil extractors, clay pot makers, Bheel, etc who are of the lowest Varn, become Sanyaasee after shaving their heads and accept worship from Braahman.

Sanyaasee spend lots of money in decorating their houses. They don't have Vairaagya (detachment), so Tapaswee become rich and family men become poor. Men start liking their in-laws and hate their Vansh people. Devtaa don't rain on Prithvi thus the grain doesn't grow.

People get many various kinds of diseases. They become proud also. Women have their haie as their only ornament (no other ornament on the body). They desire for happiness but do not like Dharm. They have less wisdom.

Thus Kali Yug is the store of sins and faults, but still it has one quality, that in that one can be free from the birth-death cycle without any hard labor. Whatever Gati one gets in Sat, Tretaa, and Dwaapar Yug through worship, Yagya, and Yog; the same Gati one can get in Kali Yug by pronouncing Hari's name.

In Sat Yug all people are Yogee and Vigyaanee (have elemental knowledge). In Tretaa Yug they do various kinds of Yagya and offer all their actions to Prabhu. In Dwaapar Yug people worship Bhagvaan's feet, but in Kali Yug they get Mukti only by singing Bhagvaan's name.

In Kali Yug neither there is any Yog, nor Yagya, nor Gyaan, there is only Raam's name. One thing more, in Kali Yug, there mental Punya but not mental sins. In fact there is no other Yug like Kali Yug.

There are four legs of Dharm - TRuth, Kindness, Tap and alms; among which only one keg of alms is main in Kali Yug. Thus any kind of alms is good.

By the power of Shree Raam's Maayaa everybody has some Dharm in his heart in every Yug. But pure Sat Gun, equal behavior, elemental knowledge and happiness are the characteristics of Sat Yug. Sat Gun is more, Rajo Gun is less, love in Karm, happiness are the characteristics of Tretaa Yug. Rajo Gun is more, Sat Gun is very little, a little Tamo Gun, happiness and fear are the characteristics of Dwaapar Yug. Lots of Tamo Gun, a little Rajo Gun, enmity all around are the characteristics of Kali Yug.

Therefore intelligent people leave Adharm and follow Dharm.

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Story of Kaagbhushundi 

Kaagbhushundi Jee said to Garud Jee - "Hey king of birds, I lived thus there for many years. Once there was a famine, so I went to Ujjain. After some time I could collect some wealth then I started worshipping Bhagvaan Shankar. There was a Braahman who used to worship Shiv Jee methodically. He didn't have any other work. He as a great worshipper of Shiv but didn't abuse Shree Hari. I served him with cheating, but he was very kind to me and taught me like his son.

He gave me Shiv Mantra and taught me many good things. I used to do Jaap of Shiv's Mantra in the temple. I became proud. I used to get jealous seeing Bhakt of Shree Hari and didn't like Shree Hari. Guru Jee was very sad seeing my behavior. He used to teach me many things but I did not follow them.

Once Guru Jee called me and taught me to do good to others He said that - "The purpose of serving Shiv Jee is this only that you should have Bhakti in Shree Raam's feet. Shiv and Brahmaa themselves worship Shree Raam. You will not be happy if you dislike Him." Guru Jee told that Shiv Jee was Hari's servant, hearing this I felt very bad. I started quarreling with Guru Jee. He was very kind to me. He never got angry with me rather he used to teach me everything affectionately.

As dust lies on the way and tolerates all people's feet beat, but when wind lifts it up then first of all it fills the same wind with dust and falls on kings' crowns and in their eyes. This is low level people's characteristic that from whom he receives praise, he destroys the same first. Thinking thus intelligent people do not sit in the company of low level people. Rather it is said that neither quarrel, nor friendship is good with such people.

One day I was doing Jaap of Shiv's name in the temple. My Guru Jee came there but because of pride I did not greet him. Guru Jee was very kind, he did not get angry with me. But Guru's insult is a big sin, so Mahaadev Jee could not tolerate it. Aakaashvaanee (aerial voice) said - "O unfortunate, Although your Guru is not angry, but I give you Shaap because I do not like injustice. If I will not punish you then my Ved path will be spoiled. Those fools who are jealous from their Guru, they stay in Raurav Narak (hell) for millions of Yug. Then they go through animals, birds etc Yoni for 10,000 years. O sinner, you sat like a python in front of your Guru, so go and be a Sarp and live in a hollow tree."

Guru Jee got very sad hearing the Shaap of Shiv Jee. He prayed Shiv Jee - "I bow you, I greet you, I worship you. Kindly be happy with me." Shiv Jee got pleased and asked Guru Jee - "Ask for a Var." Guru Jee said - "If you are pleased with me then first give me the Var of your Bhakti, then give me second Var. This human being is under the spell of your Maayaa, so please don't be angry with him. Be pleased with him and free him from your Shaap after a short time."

Shiv Jee said - "So be it. Although he has committed a severe sin but because of you I will be kind to him. But my Shaap doesn't go waste so he will surely go through 1,000 lives but he will not feel the pain of birth and death. He will not lose the knowledge in any of his lives. (addressing to me) First you were born in Ayodhyaa Puree, secondly you worshipped me, so Raam Bhakti will rise in your heart. Service of Braahman pleases Bhagvaan, so never insult any Braahman. Who doesn't die by Indra's Vajra, my Trishool, Kaal and Shree Hari's Chakra, he dies with Braahman's anger. Keep this in your mind then you will be able to go anywhere."

Guru Jee got very happy to hear this. He went back to his house. With Kaal's effect I was born as Sarp. I left many bodies without any pain and didn't lose my Gyaan also. Last body I took was of a Braahman.

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Story of Kaagbhushundi Jee 3

Kaagbhushundi Jee further said - "When I grew, my father started me teaching, but I didn't like it. I used to worship Shree Raam. I wandered everywhere and heard Raam's Kathaa. I didn't have any kind of desire except that when can I have Raam's Darshan? Because of Shiv Jee's kindness I could go anywhere.

Once I came to Sumeru Parvat where Muni Lomash was sitting under the shade of the banyan tree. On asking my purpose of coming there, I said "I want to learn to worship Sa-Gun Brahm." Then Muni told me some stories of Shree Raam. But then he started telling me about Nir-Gun Brahm - that He is only one, omnipresent, He is desireless, nameless, formless, unbroken and simileless.

Although Muni told me this in several ways, but I did not get convinced with that. So I requested him again that "I want to learn to worship Sa-Gun Brahm. Tell me same so that I can see Shree Raghunaath with my eyes." Muni told me something about Sa-Gun again, but again he started telling me about Nir-Gun Brahm. Then I argued about it. Muni got angry and explained me Nir-Gun Brahm repeatedly.

Then I thought - without Dwait (dual) mind there is no anger, without A-Gyaan there is no Dwait mind. How can the Maayaa controlled Jeev (soul) be equal to Eeshwar? How can any harm befall if you wish good for everybody? How can one be poor if he has Paaras Mani? How can one be dauntless if he has developed quarrel with somebody? How can a lusty person be stainless? How can one do attached Karm if he has spiritual knowledge? How can one go through life and death cycles if he knows Paramaatmaa.

Thus I thought for some time and did not listen to Muni attentively and argued for Sa-Gun. Then Muni said angrily - "O fool, I deliver you the best education still you don't listen to me and are afraid of everybody like a crow, so be a crow now." I immediately became a crow but I was not scared of anything. I just bowed in Muni's feet and flew away remembering Shree Raam Jee.

Shiv Jee says - "Hey Umaa, Who love Shree Raam's feet they have no Kaam, anger and pride in them and they see the whole world full of Raam then from whom they quarrel." Kaagbhushundi Jee says - "Hey Garud Jee, It was not the fault of Muni. It was only because of Shree Raam who inspired Muni to act like this and tested me in this way.

 Later He changed Muni's mind and he called me back and gave me Raam Mantra happily. Then he told me the method to meditate on child form of Shree Raam He kpt me there for some time then he told me Raam's Kathaa and said - "I got this Maanas from Shiv Jee and now I give it you knowing you Shree Raam's Bhakt. I bless you that you get intense love for Raam's feet. And not only this, you will be able to take any form you like, you will be able to leave your body whenever you wish (Ichhhaa Mrityu), and you will have a lots of knowledge and Vairaagya. Wherever you will will live remembering Shree Raam, there will be no A-Vidyaa (ignorance, Maayaa, attachment) up to four Kos in diameter. You will be not affected by any sorrow related to Kaal, Karm (action), Gun (Sat, Raj, Tam) and nature. You will be able to know all Leelaa of Shree Raam described in history and Puraan automatically. Whatever you will wish you will get it easily with Raam's grace."

Hey Garud Jee, Hearing this blessing, Aakaashvaanee said - "Hey Muni, Be your words true. He is my Bhakt with Man, Vachan and Karm."  I became very happy, I prayed Muni and came to this Aashram. I have been here for 27 Kalp. I always sing Raam's Kathaa and intelligent birds listen to it. Whenever Raghuveer appears in Ayidhyaa I go to see that Baal Leelaa. The I come back keeping that Roop (form) in my heart. So how I got this crow's body, I told you the whole story.

See the result of Bhajan. Maharshi Lomash gave me Shaap, and I got something o valuable which is very very difficult even to Muni. Who leave Bhakti and work hard for Gyaan, they search for Aak (Madaar) shrubs  for milk leaving Kaamdhenu at their door."

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Gyaan and Bhakti

Garud Jee felt very obliged and said - "Kindly tell me one thing more, saints, Muni, Ved, Puraan say that there is nothing more valuable than Gyaan. Muni told you the same Gyaan, but you didn't respect it over Bhakti. What is the difference between Gyaan and Bhakti? Please explain that to me clearly."

Kaagbhushundi Jee said - "Hey Garud Jee, There is no difference between Gyaan and Bhakti. Both destroy sorrows of this world. But Muni tell some differences, listen to them carefully. Hey Hari Vaahan, Gyaan, Vairaagya (detachment), Yog, and Vigyaan (elemental knowledge), they are all masculine. Masculine power is very great while woman (Maayaa), by nature, is very weak and by birth, is fool. Only those men can leave woman who are detached from the world and stable minded; not the lusty men who are under the control of worldly pleasures. Sometimes even those Gyaanee Muni get attracted to the beautiful face of woman. In fact Vishnu Bhagvaan's Maayaa appears in woman's form. I am not favoring any side, but as Ved, Puraan and saints say that one woman is not attracted to another woman.

Now you listen to the other part, that both Maayaa and Bhakti are feminine. All of us know that. Bhakti is dear to Raghuveer, while Maayaa only dances on His tune. Raghunaath Jee favors Bhakti, that is why Maayaa is always scared of Raam's Bhakt. She cannot harm His Bhakt. Following this idea Gyaanee Muni (learned saints) ask for Raam's Bhakti only. Nobody knows Raghunaath's this secret.

There is one another difference between Gyaan and Bhakti. Jeev (soul) is the part of Eeshwar therefore He is immortal, conscious, sinless, and a source of joy by nature. But, being under the control of Maayaa He himself is bound. Thus a knot is created between unconscious and conscious.

Although this knot is meaningless, but it is difficult to untie. Since then Jeev became worldly (wanders in birth and death cycles). Now neither this knot is untied, nor the Jeev becomes joyful. Although Ved and Puraan have suggested many ways to untie this knot, but it doesn't get untied, rather it gets more complex.

Jeev is in so much darkness that He cannot see the knot, that is why He cannot open it. Only Eeshwar can open it though Gyaan. But then Maayaa presents many obstacles at the time of untying that. She sends Riddhi, Siddhi to attract people. If the Gyaanee comes out of that net then Devtaa present problems. When they see pleasures coming in, they open their windows and let those pleasure come in, because Devtaa do not like Gyaan and mind is naturally attracted to pleasures. Then how to attain Gyaan again?

Gyaan is difficult to explain, understand and execute. And if by any chance one attains Gyaan, then it is difficult to retain it. Gyaan Maarg (path) is like a sword with two blades and it doesn't take much time to be distracted on this path. As water cannot stay without land, in the same way the joy of Moksh cannot be separated from the joy of Bhakti. Thinking thus Hari Bhakt discard Mukti. "I am the servant and Bhagvaan is my master", without this feeling one cannot cross this world sea.

This was the theory of Gyaan, now you listen to the glory of Bhakti. Raam's Bhakti is like Chintaa Mani (gem). Its light spreads all over without any support. First, there is natural light of Mani; second, since Mani (gem is a kind of wealth) is there, poverty doesn't come near; third, since Mani is self lighted, there is no place for greed. Although everybody knows about this Mani still one cannot get it without the grace of Raam.

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Garud's Seven Questions

Paksheeraaj (the king of birds) Garud Jee further asked Kaagbhushundi Jee - "If you are kind to me then answer my seven questions. First of all tell me "Which is the rarest Yoni (body) in this world?", "Which is the greatest misery?", "Which is greatest joy or pleasure?", "Tell me the natural behavior of saint and non-saint.", "Which is the greatest Punya (good action) according to Shruti?", and "Which is the most terrible sin?", "Explain me mental disease."

Kaagbhushundi Jee said - "Listen Garud Jee, I tell you all this in brief.

There is no Yoni (body) like human body. Movable and immovable all kinds of creatures wish for it. This is the ladder towards Narak (hell), Swarg (heaven) and Moksh (salvation); and giver of Gyaan, detachment and Bhakti.

There is no greater sorrow like poverty, and there is no greater joy or pleasure like meeting with saints.

To do good to others with Man, Vachan and Karm is the nature of saints. Saints tolerate all kinds of pains to do good for others, and unfortunate non-saints are the cause to harm others. Kind saints tolerate pains like Bhoj tree, while non-saints tie others like San tree. Non-saints harm others without any reason like snakes and rats. While saints always spread happiness and joy like the Sun and the Moon are always good for the whole world.

Who abuses Shankar Jee and Guru, he gets frog Yoni in his next life and till thousand lives. And who abuses Braahman, he takes birth as crow after passing through several types of Narak. Proud people, who abuse Ved and Devtaa, they go to Raurav Narak. Who abuse saints, they are born as owls who do not like the light of Gyaan but the darkness of ignorance. Who abuse everybody, they are born as bats.

Now you listen to mental diseases which are the cause of every type of sorrow. The root of all diseases is ignorance which in turn produces other types of pains. Desires is Vaat, greed is Kaph and anger is Pitt. If all the three are imbalanced then the condition of the patient is very serious. Normally people die because of one disease only, but if there are several diseases, then it is difficult to recover. In such condition how a Jeev can get peace.

There are many medicines, like discipline, Dharm, good character, Tap, Gyaan, Yagya, Jap, alms etc, but diseases are not cured with them. All living beings are ill in this world. There are many people who are sick with sorrows, joy, fear, love and separation etc. I have told you only a few mental diseases. Everybody suffers with these diseases, but only a few know about them. Shree Raam's Bhakti is the only nectar taken with mind, full of Shraddhaa (faith, faithfulness, love) to cure them. Healthy mind is that which is all powerful with detachment. One should not desire for pleasures, this is the restricted diet for these diseases.

Shiv Jee, Brahmaa Jee, and Shukdev Jee, Sanakaadi and Naarad etc Muni and all Shruti instruct to love Shree Raam's feet. Although I am the lowest level bird, still Raam uplifted me so much high. This is only because of my love towards Raam's feet. I bow to the same Raam's feet."

Garud Jee got very happy to hear all this. He said - "I bow to you, I am grateful to you, you have removed my all confusions, I am blessed." And he went away to his Lok.

Shankar Jee said to Umaa - "Girijaa, There is nothing like company of saints. Who listen to this Kathaa from their bottom of their heart, their all sins are destroyed. Ved's all means point to Hari's Bhakti, but Raam's Bhakti is available only to very few people.

That country is blessed where Ganga Jee flows, that woman is blessed who follows Paativrat Dharm, that king is blessed who follows justice and that Braahman is blessed who sticks to his Dharm. That wealth is blessed which is used for donation, that mind is blessed which is bent for Punya, the same Ghadee is blessed when Satsang is available, and the same life is blessed which has the unconditional Bhakti towards Braahman.

First I hid this Kathaa from you but when I knew you loving Shree Raam's feet, then I told you. One should not tell this Kathaa to anyone who is not interested in hearing this, or who is not Raam Bhakt, or enemy of Braahman. There are seven steps to the Raam's Bhakti Maarg."

Yaagyavalkya Jee said - "After hearing this Kathaa, Paarvatee Jee was very satisfied and She felt peaceful. This dialog between Shambhoo and Paarvatee Jee is very holy, gives joy, clears doubts, and ends birth and death cycle."

Tulasee Daas Jee says - "There is no other means of Moksh except hearing and telling Raam's Kathaa. Whose name can take many low level people and sinners across the world, I bow to His feet.

Iti Shree Raam Charit Maanas
Saptam Sopaan Uttar Kaand

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