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Shree Rama Charit Manas
As Written By Goswami Tulsi Daas Jee

Introduction Bal Kaand Ayodhya Kaand Aranaya Kaand
Kishkindhaa Kaand Sudar Kaand Lanka Kaand Uttar kaand

Ram Charit Manas - Bal Kand


I pray Vaanee Vinaayak. I pray Bhavaanee and Shankar Jee, and I pray Guru who is Shankar Roop. Then I pray Shree Seetaa Raam Jee and Kapeeshwar (Hanumaan Jee). I pray Seetaa Jee who is Raam's beloved. Then I pray Brahmaa Jee etc Devtaa and Shree Hari. Then I write Raamaayan, Raam's story, for self happiness.

First of all I pray to Braahman who take away all confusions, then I pray to saints who are like Sangam Teerth. Bathing in Teerth gives results late but saints give results immediately. Without Satsang (sitting with and talking to good and knowledgeable people) knowledge cannot be obtained. I pray to evil people who want to create obstacles without any purpose. Then I pray to Devtaa, Raakshas, human beings, Naag, birds, Pret, Pitar and Gandharv, Kinner, and whosoever roam around in night that all should be kind to me. I pray to all beings, dead or alive (conscious), with my both palms joined together considering them as Seetaa and Raam. I wish to tell Raam's story so all should pardon me if I make a mistake, because I am not so intelligent to tell it. If the evil people laugh at me, it will do my good because thus they will correct my mistakes.

Raghupati's name is very pious which destroys all Paap. Shiv Jee also chant it with Umaa. I have many disqualifications, I don't want to describe them all here, because they are so many that if I start describing them then this Kathaa will be so long that it will not have any limit. Everybody knows Prabhu's greatness, still nobody restrains telling them. For the same reason I also dare to describe Raghupati's Kathaa. Although its like an ant wants to cross a limitless sea without any labor, still I am trying. So everybody should be kind on me so that I can write Raam's Kathaa.

I pray the four Ved, Bramaa's feet dust, Saraswatee Jee, Mahesh and Bhavaanee. I pray holy Avadh Puree, sin-washer Saryoo River, Avadh's people, Kaushalyaa Jee who gave birth to Shree Raghupati. Then I pray Dashrath Jee and all his wives. I pray Janak Jee whose love was very intense in Raam's lotus feet. I pray Lakshman Jee, who is Shesh Jee, with thousand heads, who took Avataar on Prithvi for good of world's people. I pray Shatrughn Jee, Bharat Jee and Hanumaan Jee. I pray Rikshraaj (Jaambvaan), Angad and other monkey community. I pray to all those who are worshippers of Raam. I pray Sanakaadi Muni, Naarad Muni, Janak's daughter Jaanakee Jee who is the beloved of Shree Raam. Then I pray Shree Raam.

Brahm has two forms - Nir-Gun (attributeless) and Sa-Gun (with attributes), but in my opinion Raam's name is higher than the both, which has controlled the whole world. Why? Raam freed only one Rishi woman, while His name can free millions of people together. Raam gave good Gati to Shabaree, Jataayu etc His servants, while His name can give good Gati to unlimited and evil people.

Everybody knows that Raam gave shelter to Vibheeshan. Raam's monkeys and bears put a lot of efforts in building bridge, but only His name is enough to dry up the whole Universe sea. Thinking thus, Hey good people, chant His name. Shambhoo, Shukdev Jee, Sanakaadi Muni etc know that Raam's name is greater than Him, so all chant His name only. Dhruv chanted His name and got immovable status. Hanumaan Jee chanted His name and and got His eternal Bhakti. Ajaamil, Ganikaa (see Pinglaa) , Gaj elephant chanted His name and got freed because of His name. How can I describe Raam's name's all qualities, when Raam Himself cannot tell His Name's all qualities.

Although His name's importance is in three Lok and all four Yug, but in Kali Yug it is especially important as people can be free from birth-death cycle only by chanting His name. Now I start telling Raam Kathaa which can destroy Kali Yug's all evils.

Shambhoo told this Kathaa to Umaa, He told this Kathaa to Kaagbhushundi Jee also. Kaagbhushundi Jee told it to Yaagyavalkya Jee, then Yaagyavalkya Jee told it to Bharadwaaj Muni. Listeners and tellers both know Hari Leelaa very well, both are very knowledgeable, how can a fool like me understand it? still since Guru told me it several times, whatever I could understand according to my mind, I tell you here.

Raam are numerous, His characteristics are limitless, and His Kathaa are also many that is why whose thoughts are pure they do not wonder hearing His Kathaa. I bow to Shiv Jee and start the Kathaa.

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This is Samvat 1631, ninth day, Monday, of Madhu Maas (Vasant Ritu - spring season) and now I tell this Kathaa. Its title is "Raam Charit Maanas". There are four Ghaat (places) on this pond.  There are seven Sopaan (steps) to this pond. Glory of Raam and Seetaa is its Amrit-like water, and its similes are its beautiful waves. All around are beautiful Chaupaayee (a structure of Hindi poetry) which are like beautiful shells in which there are beautiful gems. Chhand, Sorathaa, Dohaa (all are structures of Hindi poetry) are its various color lotuses. Their deep meaning is flowers' Paraag (pollen). People's Punya (good actions), (because of those Punya people are reading this Kathaa) are beautiful bees, and their Vairaagya thoughts are beautiful swans.

Nine Ras, Jap, Tap, Yog, Vairaagya are all water creatures in this pond. Whatever saints sings in His praise they are wonderful water birds. There are saints meeting all around the pond which are like mango trees shades. Their devotion is like spring season there. Forgiveness, kindness and Dam are the creepers there. Yam and Niyam are like flowers and fruits. And whatever short stories are there, they are like cuckoo- and parrots-like birds. Thus this garden is full of beautiful birds and flowers and gardener waters them with his love-like water. Whosoever, men or women are listening to this Kathaa there, they are the only real legible owners of this pond. Whosever are evil, they are unfortunate cranes and crows and cannot get near the pond. Because this Kathaa is not very interesting one to them, this is only Shree Raam's Kathaa, and only those people can come here on whom Raam is kind.

Once Bharadwaaj Muni was living in Prayaag. When Soorya becomes Dakshinayan (goes towards Capricorn), in Maagh Maas (spring season), many Rishi come to take bath in Trivenee (see Sangam). There they take bath the whole month and do Satsang. It happens every year, so it happened that year also. Every year they went back to their Aashram but that year all other went back to their Aashram but Bharadwaaj Muni requested Yaagyavalkya Jee to stay back in his Aashram.

He bowed to the feet of Yaagyavalkya Jee and said - "I have a doubt in my mind, if I don't say it then I am at loss, and if I say it I feel ashamed. But saints have said that if you hide something from your Guru then you don't get Gyaan properly. Thinking thus I wish to tell you that. I have heard the name of Raam. There is one Raam  whose name Shambhoo chants, there is one Raam who was born to Avadh's king Dashrath. So is He the same Raam or is He some other Raam? Kindly clear my doubts."

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Shiv-Satee Dialog

Yaagyavalkya Muni said smilingly - "I understood your intentions, you want to listen to Raam's Kathaa. I tell you now the Shambhoo and Umaa dialog which will clear all your doubts, you listen to it attentively. First I tell you the cause of this dialog.

Once, in Tretaa Yug, Shambhoo went to Kumbhaj Rishi together with Maa Bhavaanee. Rishi worshipped Him considering Him the Swaamee of the Universe. There Rishi told Raam Kathaa and Shambhoo Jee listened to it. Rishi, in turn asked Him about Hari Bhakti, which Shambhoo told knowing him the right person for it. Thus they passed some time there telling and listening Raam  Kathaa. Later Shambhoo started for His home with Daksh's daughter Satee Jee. At the same time Hari took Avataar in Raghu Vansh as Raam. At that time by the order of His father, He was in exile and was wandering around in Dandak Van. Raavan's death was written by a human being, so He wanted to make it true.

Everybody knew about this Avataar, so Shiv Jee thought that He should also do His Darshan while He was on Prithvi. He was thinking thus that at the same time Raavan abducted Seetaa Jee by showing Her a golden deer of Maayaa. When Shree Raam came back in His Aashram after killing the golden deer, He saw His Aashram empty. Without Seetaa Jee He became very sad and wandered around in search of Seetaa Jee. Who is beyond Yog (meeting) and Viyog (separation) He looked in great grief.

At the same time Shambhoo saw Him with His full Bhakti, but because of Shree Raam's bad times He did not meet Him. He just said, "Jay Sachchidaanand" and headed towards His Ashram. He was very happy to have His Darshan. Satee Jee also noticed His state of mind. She thought, "All human beings, Devtaa, Muni bow to Shambhoo. And Shambhoo bowed to one king's son saying  "Jay Sachchidaanand" and He is so happy to see Him that He is unable to hide His feelings, what is the reason of this. She thought and thought but couldn't understand the reason.

Although Satee Jee didn't say a word but Her feelings were not hidden from Shambhoo Jee. So He said to Satee Jee - "Do not doubt in your heart. He is the same whose Kathaa you heard from Kumbhaj Rishi. He is my Isht Dev (to who I worship) who has taken Avataar in Raghu Kul on Prithvi."  But, under the spell of Kaal, Satee Jee did not believe it. At this Shambhoo said - "If you still doubt it then go and test Him Yourself. I wait for you under this Vat tree. In whatever way your doubt is cleared, do the same, but whatever you do, do it with logical thinking."

So with the permission of Shiv Jee Satee Jee headed to test Shree Raam. Shiv Jee thought  "Today is not good day for Daksh's daughter, but it will happen the same whatever Raam Jee has written already, then why to think about it."  Thinking thus Shiv Jee started Jaap of Hari's name while Satee Jee was out to test Him.

Satee Jee thought and thought and then took Seetaa's form and headed on the way on which Raam was coming. When Lakshman Jee saw Umaa in Seetaa's form, He was very surprised to see Her there. He knew the power of Prabhu, so he kept quiet. Satee Jee wants to hide from Him who knows everything. This is woman's nature. So extending His Maayaa power Raam spoke in a sweet voice. He greeted Her joining His palms, telling His name with His father's name and then asked - "Where is Shiv Jee? Why are you wandering alone in this forest?"

Hearing these sweet words Satee Jee felt very embarrassed. She went to Mahesh fearing that She did not listen to Him and showed Her foolishness to Shree Raam. What she will say now to Him? Raam knew that Satee was very sad, so He showed His more powers to Her. Satee saw Prabhu with His brother and Seetaa Jee going in front of Her, then She saw at Her back, She saw the same at Her back also. Then She saw Him everywhere along with Siddh, Muni worshipping Him. She saw many Shiv, Brahmaa and Vishnu and all were more powerful from the previous one. She saw many Devtaa, all kinds of creatures worshipping Prabhu. Seeing this Satee Jee got frightened and sat on the way itself, and closed Her eyes. After some time when She opened Her eyes, She saw nothing. She bowed to Raam repeatedly and came to Shiv Jee.

Mahesh asked smilingly Her welfare, and the way She tested Shree Raam. Now Satee knew Raghuveer's powers so fearing She did not tell the truth, She just said - "I did not test Him, just bowed like You."  But Shankar Jee knew everything through His Yog. He bowed to Raam's Maayaa which inspired Satee Jee to lie to Him. Shiv Jee thought,  "If I love Satee now, My Bhakti is destroyed and it is not justified. She is My wife, so I cannot leave Her, and it will be a great sin if I love Her."  Now He is not saying anything but He is in great confusion. Then He bowed to Shree Raam and He intended that,  "I cannot make love to Satee with this body".

The then there was Aakaashvaanee (aerial voice) - "Jay to Mahesh, Your Bhakti is very strong. Nobody else can take such a difficult vow except You. Only Bhakt of Bhagvaan can do it."  Hearing this Satee Jee asked Shiv Jee - "What kind of vow You have taken, Prabhu?"  Although Satee Jee asked this in several ways but Tripuraari didn't tell Her anything about it. Satee Jee guessed that it seems Shiv Jee has known everything whatever I tried to hide from Him being a fool by nature."  Water and milk are so intense lovers that when both mixed, they become one color and nobody can identify them separately, but when anything sour (enemy) comes in between then both separate from each other and never meet again.

She knew that Shiv Jee has left Her, so She got extremely sad. She could not say anything except feeling sad. Shiv Jee saw Her very worried, so He told Her many stories on the way to Kailaash. There He remembered His vow so He sat in Padmaasan under the Vat tree and took Samaadhi. Satee lived on Kailaash with a great sadness thinking, "I insulted Raghupati and I took My husband's words as a lie. I am bearing the fruits of the same Karm. Now I do not want live without Shiv Jee, so Hey Prabhu, if you are famous as Deendayaal (kind) then give Me Mukti from this body. If I love Shiv Jee's feet, then I should be able to leave My body without any pain."

Thus 87,000 years passed. Shiv jee woke up from His Samaadhi. Satee Jee went to Him and worshipped His feet. Shankar Jee asked Her to sit in front of Him and started telling Her Hari Kathaa. Satee's father Daksh Jee was appointed as Prajaapati that time. Daksh Jee became very proud of his position and intended to do a Yagya. So he invited all Devtaa to take their share. Everybody, including Brahmaa Jee and Vishnu Jee, started going to his Yagya with their wives.

When She saw all going thus, She asked Shiv Jee about this. He told all about Her father's Yagya. She got happy hearing this, and thought "If Mahesh permits Me then I can also go there and live there for some time." So She said - "My father has now some occasion in his house, if you permit Me then I can also go to see it."  Shiv Jee said - "Whatever you are saying, I also like it, but it is not good on his part that he has not invited us. He has invited all his daughters, but he has not invited You because of the enmity with Me. He felt bad in Brahm Sabhaa (Devtaa's gathering), so he is insulting Me till today. If you will go without invitation, it will not be all right. Although there is no harm in going to friend's, Prabhu's, father's and Guru's house without invitation, but if there is any enmity, then going like this is not good." In spite of saying repeatedly Satee Jee did not agree with Him, then Tripuraari sent Her with a few of His Gan.

When Satee Jee arrived Her father's house, Daksh Jee did not talk to Her, mother met Her affectionately, and sisters also met Her happily. Then She went to Yagyshaalaa, and didn't see Shankar Jee's share, then She understood what Shankar Jee said to Her. She thought who is worshipped by the whole Universe, Her father is insulting Him.

She filled with great anger and spoke - "Hear everybody, whosoever has done to and heard bad about Shankar Jee, they will all bear the result of that today. My father has given Me this body, and because My father insulted My husband, I cannot keep this body any more. I leave this body remembering Chandramauli Vrishketu in My heart."  Having said this She sat in Samaadhi and burned Her body in the Yagyashaalaa with Yog.

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Satee's Rebirth as Umaa

All got worried with this unexpected event - Satee's dying in Yagyashaalaa. Seeing this, Shambhoo's Gan started destroying the Yagya. Bhrigu Rishi tried to protect the Yagya and in this process some of Shiv Jee's Gan ran away to Shiv Jee and told the whole story. Shiv Jee sent Veerbhadra to destroy Yagya and to punish all. The whole Universe knows the Gati (result) of Daksh Jee. While dying, Satee asked the Var from Hari that She should always love Shankar Jee's feet. For the same reason Satee took birth in Himgiri's house as Paarvatee Jee. When She took birth there, all kinds of Siddhi came to live there.

Naarad Jee got this news so He came to Himaalay's house. Shailraaj respected Him, washed His feet and offered Aasan to sit upon. He put his daughter in Muni's feet and said - "You know everything of all the three times (past, present and future), tell us bad and good things of my daughter's future."  Naarad Jee said - "Hey Raajan, Your daughter has all the qualities. She will be called by Umaa, Ambikaa, Bhavaanee etc names, and will be very lovable to Her husband. She will always be Suhaagin (whose husband is alive at the time of her death) and thus will spread the glory of Her parents. The whole world, whosoever want to be Pativrataa (to be loyal to their husbands), will worship Her. Now you listen to some bad things about your daughter. Her husband will be without any qualities and  parents and will be indifferent. He will be a Yogee and will not have a good apparel. She will get such a husband, that is what Her hand says."

Both Himvaan and his wife Mainaa got worried and very sad hearing this, but Umaa got very happy. Naarad Jee also could not understand this secret. All knew that Naarad Jee's words could not be wrong. But Umaa took Naarad Jee's words to Her heart. Himvaan asked Naarad Jee as what to do about it. Naarad Jee said - "Whatever is written in Her fate, I have told you and nobody can change it, still I tell you a way. Whatever type of husband I have described to you, there is no doubt that She will get the same type of husband, but all those characteristics are in Shiv Jee. If She is married to Shiv Jee, then all bad traits will become good qualities, because as Hari sleeps on a Naag (serpent) but nobody calls it bad, or as Fire burns everything but nobody calls it bad, or as both types of water flow in Gangaa Jee but nobody calls it unholy water, in the same way who is mighty, nobody calls him  bad like Shree Hari, Sun, fire and Gangaa Jee. If some human being acts in that way, he goes to Narak for one Kalp. Shambhoo is a mighty Bhagvaan, so your daughter's marriage to Him will be all good. If She will do Tap then She can get Him. Now you leave any doubts, Bhagvaan will do all good."  And Naarad Jee went away.

Himvaan said to Mainaa - "Take it for granted that Naarad's words are not lie, so now you go and teach Umaa to do Tap to get Shiv Jee as Her husband."  So Umaa got ready to do Tap. Her parents were very sad to send such a young girl to do Tap but there was no other way.

Then Paarvatee Jee said to Her mother - "I had a dream in which a fair complexioned Braahman said to me that Tap will relieve you from l kinds of sorrows. With the power of Tap Brahmaa creates the universe, Vishnu maintains it, Shambhoo destroys it, and with the power of same Tap Shesh Jee balances Prithvi on His head. Thus the whole creation is based on Tap. Thinking thus in your mind you also do Tap." Consoling thus Paarvatee Jee went to do Tap.

All family members were extremely sad. They couldn't utter a word. Then Vedshiraa Braahman came and explained everything to them, then they got consoled.

Every day a new love arose in Her heart for Shiv Jee. She ate only Mool (roots) and fruits for 1,000 years, then she ate only leaves for 100 years. Then She drank only water for some time, then did difficult fasts for some time. Then She ate only dried leaves fallen from trees for 3,000 years. After that She left eating those leaves also, so She was called as Aparnaa. Then there was Aakaasvaanee (voice from the skies or heaven) - "Hey Giriraaj's daughter, You will get whatever you want, so leave this Tap and go home. You have done a very difficult Tap. Now when your father comes to take you, you go home. When you will see Sapt Rishi then you will see the proof of this Vaanee."  Umaa got very happy hearing this.

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Umaa Meets Sapt Rishi

Yaagyavalkya Jee said to Bharadwaaj Muni - "I told you about Paarvatee Jee, now you listen to what happened to Shiv Jee. When Shiv Jee heard about Satee's death, He got Vairaagya. He started  to do Jap of Raam's name and hear Raam'a Kathaa. He was very sad and used to wander remembering Satee. Raam appeared before Him for His Bhakt. He tried to console Him in various ways, told Him about Paarvatee's birth too, and said - "Now you obey me if you love me. Go and marry Shailajaa (daughter of Parvat), give me this Var."  Shiv Jee thought that although this is not right, but I have to follow the orders of my Swaamee, because one must obey mother's, father's, Guru's and Prabhu's words. So He promised to obey His orders. Prabhu also got happy.

Then Sapt Rishi came to Shiv Jee. Shiv Jee asked them to go to Paarvatee and to test Her love towards Him. They went there and asked Her - "Hey Shail Kumaaree, Why do you do such a hard Tap? What do you want to achieve through this?"  Paarvatee Jee said hesitantly - "See my foolishness, that my heart wants to fix wall on water. It doesn't listen to me. Whatever Naarad Jee said, it took it as truth and now I want Shiv Jee as my husband."

Sapt Rishi said - "How come you considered Naarad's words true? Tell us whose home has got peace following His words? He guided Daksh's sons, and they did not see the palace after that. He destroyed Chitraketu's home. The same thing happened to Hiranyakashyap also. Whosoever listened to Naarad Jee, got destroyed. And by following His words you also want an indifferent type of husband who is attributeless, shameless, whose attire is not acceptable, nobody knows His family line, lives naked without any house. What will you get to have such a husband? We tell you a more appropriate husband for you, that is Vishnu. He is the right husband for you."

Parvatee Jee said - "Hey Muni, whatever you say is right, but now I have made up my mind, I can leave my body but not my intention. Gold can change into stone but my mind cannot change. I will not distrust Naarad's words. Who does not trust in Guru's words, he does not get happiness even in dreams. Whether Mahaadev has lot many disqualifications, and Vishnu has many qualities, but this is the matter of one's heart. If you had come before Naarad Jee then I would have obeyed you, but now I have given everything to Shambhoo so no consideration of qualities or disqualifications. If you want to help somebody then there are many other girls and boys in the world. I will either have Shambhoo as my husband or remain unmarried. Even if Mahesh Himself comes to me to say the same thing, I am not going to obey Him. Now it is getting late, so please go to your home."

Sapt Rishi understood that Umaa is in true love with Shankar Jee, so they bowed Her, blessed Her and went away from there. They sent Himvaan to bring Girijaa back home and went to Shiv Jee to tell everything about Her. Shiv Jee was very happy to hear about Parvatee Jee.

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Shiv Jee's Marriage

Now there was a great Raakshas, named Taarak, who was very mighty and was unwinable. So all Devtaa went to Brahmaa Jee and told their plight. Brahmaa Jee said - "This Raakshas will be killed only by Shiv Jee's son. Satee, after leaving Her body, has taken rebirth in Himvaan's house. She is doing Tap to get Shiv Jee as Her husband, and Shiv Jee is sitting in Samaadhi. Let us send Kaamdev to Shiv Jee and when he will create Kshobh (anger) in His heart then we will go to Him and pray Him to marry Her. Then only this Raakshas will be killed."

Hearing this Devtaa went to Kaamdev and prayed him to go to Shiv Jee. Kaamdev thought "Now I cannot save myself from Shiv Jee's anger" but still to do good to Devtaa he accepted to go to Shiv Jee. He picked his bow of flowers and started displaying his powers. He  controlled all the world in two Ghadee period. Then he went to Shiv Jee. As he went near Him, Shiv Jee opened His eyes; and as Shiv Jee opened His eyes Kaamdev was burned to ashes. His wife Rati came crying and asked for Shiv Jee's kindness. Shiv Jee said - "Do not worry about Him. He will take birth in Dwaapar Yug as the son of Bhagvaan, when He will appear as Shree Krishn. Till then he will live without body."  Rati went away hearing this.

As Shiv Jee's Tap was broken all Devtaa became very happy and they all went to pray Shiv Jee individually and separately. Shiv Jee asked them as  why did they come to Him. All said - "Hey Omnipotent, You know everything still you ask us? We all want to see you to be married. Paarvatee Jee has done very intense Tap to get You as Her husband, so now you should marry Her. Shiv Jee assured them that He would do that. Devtaa got very happy.

Sapt Rishi also came there to pray Him, then first they went to Bhavaanee's house and said to Her - "When we told you before you didn't listen to us, now see, Shiv Jee has already burned Kaam, so now your intention will not be fulfilled."  Bhavaanee said smilingly - "Hey Munivar, You are right. In your thinking He has burned Kaam now, and till now He was Sa-Vikaar (with ill-will), but in my thinking He has always been Yogee. This is only your A-Gyaan (ignornce), because this is fire's nature that whosoever will be near it, will be burned, so today he went near Shiv Jee and was burned by Him. By the grace of Bhagvaan, He will fulfill my intention."

Then Sapt Rishi went to Himvaan and told everything. Himvaan happily sent invitations to all Devtaa, Rishi etc for Paarvatee's marriage. All Devtaa with their wives started for Himvaan's house to attend Shiv Jee's marriage. They didn't go with Shiv Jee, only His Gan went  with Him. They all had different forms - some had many mouths some had no mouth; some had many hands and some were without hands. All Bhoot Pret etc started singing while going to Himvaan's house.

At Himvaan's house children were got frightened, Himvaan's wife Mainaa herself got frightened hearing Mahesh's Roop (attire and look). Well, Shiv Jee's marriage was performed happily and all went back to their Lok."

Paarvatee Jee came to Kailaash and lived there happily for long time. Then they had a son with six mouths, named Kaartikeya. Hearing about Shiv Jee's marriage, Bharadwaaj Muni got very moved and his desire to hear Raam'a Kathaa increased more.

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Reasons of Raam Avataar - 1

Kailaash Parvat is very beautiful place where Shiv and Paarvatee live. There is a banyan tree there on that Parvat. It is always green and tender. Once Shiv Jee went there and sat under the shade of that tree.

Paarvatee Jee also came there and sat near Shiv Jee. She recollected Her previous life's story. So  She requested Him to tell Raam's Kathaa. She said - "When I saw Raam's greatness, while I was testing Him, I got scared and I didn't say anything to you. But now you tell me His Kathaa."  Shiv Jee knew that now Paarvatee Jee's heart was clear, so He thought that He should tell Her Raam's Kathaa.

He said - "There is no difference between Sa-Gun and Nir-Gun Brahm, all Muni, Puraan, Ved say so. Who is Nir-Gun (attributeless), and formless the same becomes Sa-Gun (with attributes) and takes form because of the Bhakti and love of a Bhakt. As ice and water are not different, only names and forms are different, in the same way Bhagvaan's both forms are not different, only names and forms are different.

Paarvatee Jee asked - "Hey Naath, Now you tell me why did He take human being's body?"  Shankar Jee said - "Now you listen to His Kathaa. Kaagbhushundi told this Kathaa to Garud Jee, (see Uttar Kaand for the whole story) the same Kathaa I will tell you now. Raam's Leelaa are many, and the reasons for Raam's Avataar are also many. Shree Raam is beyond logic, wisdom and speech, I understand Him thus. Still I will tell you whatever I can. When A-Dharm (Paap or sins) and Asur increase, then Prabhu takes various kinds of bodies to comfort good people. And the way He does it, the same Leelaa are sung by His Bhakt later.

There are many reasons of Raam's Avataar, I tell you a couple of them. There were two gatekeepers of Vishnu who were very dear to Prabhu. Their names were Jay and Vijay. Because of a Braahman's Shaap they got Asur's body. They were born as Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaaksh. So to kill them Bhagvaan took Avataar as Nrasinh and Varaah. They did not get Mukti even after being killed by Bhagvaan, rather they were born in Asur Yoni (body) three times according to the Braahman's Shaap. So after that, they were born as Raavan and Kumbhkarn. For the welfare of the same He took Avataar in Dashrath and Kaushalyaa's house (Dashrath and Kaushalyaa were Kashyap Jee and Aditi in their previous life). So in one Kalp He took Avataar because of this reason.

In another Kalp, there was an Asur named Jalandhar whose wife was a great Pativrataa (loyal to husband), that is why he could not be defeated by even Shankar Jee. Then Prabhu broke her Vrat and killed him. When she came to know about this deception, she gave Him Shaap. Bhagvaan respected her Shaap. Jalandhar became Raavan and Shree Raam killed him in a fight. Thus the reasons for Raam Avataar are many.

Once Naarad Jee gave Shaap to Bhagvaan, that is why He took Avataar as Shree Raam Chandra Jee." Girijaa got surprised to hear this, She asked - "Naarad Jee is a great Bhakt of Vishnu, why did He give Shaap to Vishnu Jee. Tell me this story, I am highly surprised to hear that."  Shiv Jee said - "Hey Girijaa, Neither anybody is Gyaanee, nor anybody is a fool. As Raghupati wants somebody to behave he behaves in that way."

Yaagyavalkya Jee said - "Hey Bharadwaaj Jee, Now I tell you that story."

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Reasons of Raam Avataar - 2

Yaagyavalkya Jee said - "Hey Bharadwaaj Jee, There was a beautiful cave in a mountain, and near that cave Sursari (Gangaa Jee) used to flow. Naarad Jee was wandering around. Seeing that place He got very happy. Love towards Ramaapati arose in His heart, and He sat there in Samaadhi. When Suresh (Indra) saw Him sitting in Samaadhi, He got scared lest Naarad Jee asks for His Swarg Lok, so He sent Kaamdev to break His Tap. Kaamdev arrived there and spread his Maayaa. But his Maayaa didn't affect Muni Naarad Jee at all. Seeing this Kaamdev got frightened, and he held Muni's feet and prayed for his life.

But Naarad Jee did not get angry at him, rather He consoled him and sent him to his Lok. Naarad Jee described His noble behavior in Devtaa's Sabhaa (court). All got very surprised to hear that and bowed to Him in admiration. Then Naarad Jee went to Shiv Jee. He got pride of winning Kaamdev so He described this event to Shiv Jee also. Mahesh Jee took Him as His dear person and told Him not to tell this to Shree Hari. He told Him that if even a reference comes up of this, you should hide this event.

But Naarad Jee didn't listen to Shambhoo's words, because Hari's wish is very powerful, so He went to Brahmaa Jee's Lok also and told about this event. Once playing on His Veenaa He went to Hari's Lok. There Hari welcome Him and asked His welfare. Then Naarad Jee told the whole story to Him too even though Shambhoo Jee forbade Him to do so. Bhagvaan thought, Naarad Jee has got pride of Himself in His heart, it has to be destroyed, because He is my great devotee. I have to do something for this. After describing the event Naarad Jee went away.

Bhagvaan created a beautiful city which was extended up to one hundred Yojan, on the way of Naarad Jee. It was very beautiful and beautiful people lived in it. Naarad Jee was very surprised to see it as He had never seen it before. He entered it. Asking the people there, He arrived in its King's palace. The King's name was Sheelnidhi. He had a beautiful daughter named Vishwamohinee. He was making the arrangements of her Swayamvar. The King paid Him due respect, asked his daughter to greet Him and asked Naarad Jee about his daughter's future.

When Naarad Jee looked at her, He continued to look at her. Then He looked at her hand, but did not say anything about it that her husband will be Immortal, and nobody will be able to win him in fight. Everybody will serve him. He said something else to the King and came out of the city. Now He thought that I should do something to get her in marriage. At this time my Jap Tap will not help me, then how can I have her. Then He thought that only Shree Hari was His real well-wisher, and He should ask for beauty from Him, so that as she sees Him she puts her Jayamaalaa in His neck.

The then He saw Bhagvaan coming, He got very happy to see Him and He thought that His purpose will be fulfilled now. So Muni told His whole story and requested Him to give His Roop (look) so that the princess accepts Him as her husband. And that He was His servant and whatever was good for Him Bhagvaan should do for Him. Bhagvaan got very happy to see the great effect of His Maayaa. He said - "Hey Naarad Jee, Whatever is good for you I will do the same for you. If a patient asks for anything which is not beneficial for him, the Vaidya (doctor) does not give it to him because it is not good for him, in the same way I will also do your good."  And Prabhu disappeared after saying this.

Naarad Jee was under the spell of His Maayaa, so He could not understand the deep meaning of His  language. Immediately He went to the Swayamvar place and sat there. He was under the impression that Shree Hari has made Him very beautiful, but He made Him very ugly. Nobody could know this secret except two Gan of Shiv Jee who were present there in disguise of Braahman. They said to Naarad Jee - "Bhagvaan has given you very beautiful face, now the princess will put her Jayamaalaa only in your neck."  Naarad Jee considered their words true. But whatever Roop the princess saw, it was not seen by anybody else. She saw His monkey face and got very angry to see it and did not look back again. Now Naarad Jee started looking at her repeatedly. Shiv Jee's Gan smiled seeing this.

Now in that Swayamvar, Shree Hari also came in disguise of a king. The princess put her Jayamaalaa in His neck and they got married. Seeing this Muni got very sad. Gan said to Him - "Hey Muniraaj,m ,  ===============,,,,,,,,,,,l,,,,,, Go and see your face in mirror."  and ran away with fear. Naarad Jee saw His face in water and seeing His face of monkey got extremely angry. In that anger He gave Shaap to both Gan - "Go and be Asur. And bear the results of your Karm."  and then started towards Kamalaapati, thinking that "either I will give Him Shaap or die, He made a mockery of me."

He got Him on the way along with Ramaa and the same princess. Bhagvaan asked - "Hey Naarad Jee, Where are you going so fast?"  Hearing His voice He got very angry and said - "You cannot tolerate anybody else getting any kind of wealth. You become jealous of that man. When the poison came out of the Saagar Manthan, You gave that poison to Shiv Jee, and You yourself took Ramaa and Kaustubh Mani. Because You are independent and nobody controls You, that is why  You do whatever You like. But this time I am not going to spare You. With whatever body You have deceived me, You should also born with the same body (means born as a human being), and You gave me the monkey face so only monkeys will help you. You did not allow me to marry, so You will also be separated from Your wife."

Bhagvaan bowed to Him and accepted His Shaap. Then he took away His Maayaa, so neither there was any Ramaa, nor the princess. Muni got frightened seeing this and fell on His feet. He asked for His forgiveness and said - "May my Shaap be lie."  Hari said - "This was all with My wish."  Muni said - "I have said to you many bad words, how can I destroy my Paap."  Hari said - "Go and do the Jaap of Shankar's hundred names. Nobody is as dear to Me as Shiv Jee. You will get peace and My Maayaa will not affect you from now on."

So Naarad Jee headed towards Satya Lok. On the way He met those Gan. They fell on His feet and asked for His forgiveness. Naarad Jee said - "You will be very mighty Asur. You will win the world. When Hari will appear in human being's body then He will kill you in fight." So in one Kalp Prabhu took Avataar because of Naarad's Shaap. Thus Hari's births are many, Karm are many. In every Kalp He takes Avataar and people tell their stories in various ways.

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Reasons of Raam Avataar - 3

Shiv Jee said - "Hey Shail Kumaree, Now there is another reason also because of which Hari had to take Avataar as Koshal's (Ayodhyaa) king - whom you saw wandering in the forest and because of Him You, as Satee, got confused. Even today your face doesn't go from my mind."  "Hey Bharadwaaj Jee, Hearing Shankar's words Umaa smiled. Shiv Jee said - "Once there were Manu and Shatroopaa, who had two sons, king Uttaanpaad and Priyavrat and Uttaanpaad's son was Dhruv. (see the story) Manu had three daughters also. One of them was Devhooti who was married to Kardam Rishi. Bhagvaan appeared in their house as Kapil Muni. The same Manu, with his wife Shatroopaa, did a very hard Tap on the bank of Dhenumati with Dwaadash (twelve) letter-Mantra (Om Namo Bhagvate Vaasudevaay).

Six thousand years passed drinking only water, then they took only Vaayu (air) for seven thousand years. Then they left even air and stood on one leg for ten thousand years. Seeing this Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh, all the three came to give them Var. But they didn't move from their intentions. Then there was Aakaashvaanee (voice from skies) - "Hey Raajan, Ask for any Var."  Manu got very happy to hear this voice. He did Saashtaang Pranaam and said - "If You are pleased with us then show us Your the same Roop which Shiv Jee meditates upon, Muni have to do a lot of Tap to see that Roop, which is in the heart of Kaagbhushundi Jee and Ved admire it saying it as Sa-Gun and Nir-Gun. We want to see Your same Roop."

Bhagvaan appeared before them along with His Aadi Shakti, from whom many Lakshmee Jee, Umaa and Brahmaanee have appeared,  on His left side. Manu and Shatroopaa continued to look at them for long time, then Bhagvaan spoke - "I am very pleased with you, ask for any Var. There is nothing I can't give to you."  Then Manu said - "Hey Bhagvan, Although our all wishes are fulfilled after having your Darshan, still we have a desire in our hearts. That desire is easy for you or difficult to fulfill, that we can't say. Because You are a giver that is why it is easy for you, but it is difficult for a miser like me."  Bhagvaan said - "You may ask for whatever you wish for, there is nothing which I can't give to you."

"Then Hey Bhagvaan, I wish for a son like you."  Bhagvaan said - "So be it. But where I will go to look for a son like Me? so I Myself will be born as your son."  Then He saw towards Shatroopaa who was standing joining her palms and asked her to ask for any Var. Shatroopaa said - "Hey Naath, Whatever my husband has asked for, I liked that but give me the same pleasure, the same Gati, the same Bhakti, the same knowledge and love towards your feet which You give to Your own Bhakt."  Bhagvaan said - "Whatever you asked for, I gave you all, there is no doubt in it. You will get a mother's pleasure as well as you will have the knowledge too." 

Then Manu said - "Hey Prabhu, I have one more wish. I should have so much love towards my son as I have towards your feet, I don't care if people call me crazy. My life should depend on You in the same way as fish depends on water."  Bhagvaan said - "So be it. Now you go to Indra Puree, and live there for some time. When you will be the king of Ayodhyaa then I will appear in your house with my Ansh. And the same Aadi Shakti who has created this Universe, will also appear with me."  After saying thus Bhagvaan disappeared and Manu and Shatroopaa went to Amaraavatee.

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Reasons of Raam Avataar - 4

Yaagyavalkya Jee said - "Hey Bharadwaaj Muni, There is another reason of Raam Avataar, so you listen to that Kathaa also. Shambhoo told this Kathaa to Girijaa. There was a Kaikay Desh where Raajaa Satyaketu used to rule. He had two sons - Prataapbhaanu and Arimardan. When the time came, he handed over his kingdom to his elder son and he himself went in exile to forest. Prataapbhaanu was a good king and his chief minister, whose name was  Dharmruchi, was also very good. He won all the seven Dweep (islands). He did many Yagya and offered them to Vaasudev.

Once he went for preying, there he saw a wild pig which took him very far away. Once he aimed at it but it disappeared and he lost it. Then the king got unconscious because of thirst. When he came to senses, he wandered in the forest and saw an Aashram.

There lived a king, whose kingdom had been won by Prataapbhaanu once, in disguise of a Muni. At that time the king accepted his defeat as his bad time, but he didn't go to his house and he came to live here in the forest. When Prataapbhaanu arrived there he recognized him. But Prataapbhaanu couldn't recognize him as he was very thirsty. He took him as a great Muni.

Muni showed him a pond. There he took bath and drank water. It was already evening, the Muni asked - "Who are you and why are you wandering in this forest alone? You have all the characteristics of a Chakravarteee king, so I feel pity on you."  Prataapbhaanu said - "I am the chief minister of the king Prataapbhaanu. I forgot the way so I happened to come this side, but it is good that I got your Darshan."  Muni said - "Now it is getting dark, and your city is 70 Yojan far from here, so better you go tomorrow morning. Today you take rest here."

So the king tied his horse from a tree and took rest there. They talked for a while. Muni said - "I am a Bhikhaaree (beggar) and noww I live here without any home. I have been living here for a long time, so now nobody knows me, and I also don't know anybody in the city. My name is Ektanu (one body). I know your name. Your name is Prataapbhaanu, and your father's name is Satyaketu. You may ask me anything you wish for."  Hearing this the king got very  impressed and happy. He touched his feet and said - "I am very glad to see you, but I wwish that I should not get old, I should not die and nobody can win me in war. I should rule the whole Prithvi for a hundred Kalp."

Muni said - "So be it, but there is one problem. Even Kaal will bow to you but for Braahman. Braahman have a lot of power of their Tap. Nobody can save you from their anger or Shaap. If you can control Braahman then you can control Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh too."  The king got very happy hearing this. Muni warned him that this conversation should not be told to anybody else. Besides he should forget their meeting too. If this is known anybody else, or you have Braahman's Shaap, then you will be destroyed. The king asked - "Now you tell me how to control Braahman, because I don't see anybody else who is my well wisher more than you." 

The cunning Yogee said - "I will certainly do good to you, but you have to keep it a secret. If I cook food, and you feed it to Braahman then whosoever will eat that food, will obey you. Then whosoever will eat food at their houses, they will also obey you. In the Yagya too, whosoever Devtaa will come to take their share they will also be under your control. So you intend to feed 100 thousand Braahman with family every day for one year. Thus with a little trouble only your all troubles will be over. I will not come in this form to your palace I will take the form of your cook to stay there, and I will keep your cook in my place here. Now it is very late, so you sleep. You will find me there on the third day from today. I will call you in a lonely place and will tell you all this, then you will be able to recognize me. I will send you to your palace from my Yog power in your sleep."

The king was very tired, he slept immediately. The Muni called Kaalketu Asur who took the form of the wild pig and misguided the king. He was the fast friend of the Muni and was very cunning. He had 100 sons and 10 brothers who were all like him. The king also defeated him once, so he joined the Muni and planned for this event. Muni ordered him to take the king and lay him down near his queen. So he did in a moment and brought king's Purohit.

When king woke up in the morning in his palace he was very impressed with Muni's powers. There also people didn't know about his going and coming. Now he started waiting for the Muni. According to his words, he came to his palace in disguise of his cook and called him to talk in a lonely place. King recognized him and got very happy to see him. King invited 100 thousand good Braahman with family immediately and the Muni started cooking  the food. He cooked many types of meat dishes in which he mixed Braahman's meat also.

King washed the feet of all Braahman and offered them seat to eat with respect. He himself started offering them food in their plates. Then there was Aakaashvaanee (aerial voice) - "Hey Braahman, Go to your houses. This food is unholy because it contains Braahman's meat."  Hearing this all Braahman got up and king got surprised and sad. He couldn't speak a word. Braahman spoke in anger - "Go and become Asur with your family. Only Bhagvaan protected us. You will be destroyed in the middle of the year and nobody will remain alive in your family."

Hearing this Shaap, king fell on their feet to ask for their forgiveness. Then there was Aakaashvaanee again - "Hey Braahman,  You did not think properly in giving him Shaap. He is not at fault."  King went to look for the cook but there was nobody. King came back and told them the whole story. After saying "Our words cannot be a lie"  all Braahman went to their homes. King got very sad, so all his dependent kings attacked him and won him.

The king died along with his brother. Nobody remained alive in his Vansh. Yaagyavalkya Jee says - "Bharadwaaj, When Vidhaataa (Bhagvaan) is opposite to anybody, dust becomes like a mountain (heavy and crusher), father becomes like Yam (like death) and rope becomes like snake.

The same king became Raavan, his younger brother Arimardan became Raavan's younger brother Kumbhkarn and his minister Dharmruchi became Raavan's younger half-brother Vibheeshan. His children and servants were born as other Asur. Although they were born in the family of Maharshi Pulastya, still all were great Asur because of the Shaap of Braahman.

All the three brothers did hard Tap, so Brahmaa Jee appeared before them. Raavan asked the Var of not being killed by any one. He did not mention human beings and Vaanar because he did not count them as his killers. Shiv Jee says to Paarvatee Jee - " Brahmaa and I gave him this Var myself". Then they went to Kumbhkarn. " I was surprised to see his body and thought, "If he will eat every day then the whole world will be empty in a short time.", so I requested Shaaradaa to confuse him and he asked only for six month sleep and after that one day to take food. When they went to Vibheeshan, he asked only for the love of Prabhu's feet."

Maya Daanav married his beautiful daughter Mandodaree to Raavan. There was a Trikoot Parvat in sea, on which there was a big fort built by Brahmaa. May Daanav made it beautiful and inhabited as golden Lankaa Nagaree there for Raavan. It had various pleasures and enjoyments like Sarp Lok, and it looked like Amaraavatee where Indra lives. Raavan made it his capital. It was surrounded by a very deep moat. In whatever Kalp, whosoever becomes the king of Raakshas (Raavan),  lives in that city. Earlier,  there lived great Raakshas. Devtaa killed all of them in a war and Indra got Kuber (his half brother) settled over there with his 10 million guards (Yaksh - a species).When Raavan heard of it, he attacked Kuber, killed many Yaksh, won Kuber and intended to make his capital. Once Raavan attacked Kuber, won him and brought his Pushpak Vimaan.

Once he lifted Kailaash Paravat in play and got very happy to test his strength of his arms. Now both brothers, Raavan and Kumbhkarn, started to trouble good people. Kumbhkarn slept for six months but when he woke up for one day, he troubled the whole world.

Raavn had a son named Meghnaad. He was the eldest and was also very brave. He won Indra and was called Indrajeet. He had other brave warriors also - Durmukh, Akampan, Kulisharad, Dhoomketu and Atikaay. They were all brave like Raavan. They all won the world and brought many beautiful women. Many unethical actions increased in the world because of them and Dharm was decreasing. Nobody could speak anything because of the fear of Raavan.

So one day Prithvi went to Devtaa and Muni in the form of cow and told them her grief. Devtaa thought where to go to look for Bhagvaan. Then they remembered that Bhagvaan said - "Whosoever has whatever type of Bhakti, I appear before him in the same way."  Bhagvaan is everywhere. He appears only by love. So they all prayed Him. Then the Aakaashvaanee (aerial voice) said - "Don't be afraid. I will appear in Soorya Vansh with my Ansh (part) as human being. Kashyap and Aditi did a great Tap before, I gave them Var. They are now living as Dashrath and Kaushalyaa in Koshal Puree. I will appear there as four brothers. I have to honor Naarad's words also so My Shakti will also appear. You be fearless and go home."

Devtaa got assured and went to their Lok. Brahmaa Jee told all Devtaa to go on Prithvi in various forms and help Bhagvaan in every way they can. So Devtaa obeyed Him.

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Birth of Raam

There was a king named Dashrath in Ayodhyaa in Tretaa Yug. He had three wives: Kaushalyaa, Kaikeyee and Sumitraa, but he had no child. Raajaa was very much worried about this. He was getting old so he wanted a son. He went to his Kul Guru Vashishth Jee to do something about it. Muni consoled him saying that he shouldn't worry and he would have four sons. He called Shringee Rishi and asked him to do a Putrakaam Yagya. So Muni came and did a Yagya for him. In the end of the Yagya, Agni Dev (Fire God) appeared from the Havan Kund carrying a pot of Charu (rice pudding or Kheer). He gave that pot to Raajaa. Raajaa took that pot and distributed the Charu among his queens. 

He divided the Charu in two parts. He gave one half to his eldest queen Kaushalyaa. He again divided the other half in two parts, from which one part he gave to Kaikeyee. He again divided the last part in two parts and gave both parts to his youngest queen Sumitraa.

When the time came they all gave birth to sons. Raam was born on the 9th day of Shukl Paksh of Madhumaas (Vasant - Chaitra) in Abhijeet Nakshatra, in the middle of the day, it was neither cold nor hot, Brahmaa Jee prayed Shree Hari along with Devtaa. Then Bhagvaan appeared in Kaushalyaa's lap. He took this human Avataar to comfort Braahaman, cows, Devtaa, and saints. All queens and Raajaa Dashrath got very happy to see Him. Kaikeyee also got one son and Sumitraa got two sons. Dashrath called Vashishth Jee immediately. Whole Ayodhyaa celebrated this occasion heartily.

To see the celebration, Soorya Bhagvaan also stayed at the very same place for one month and when that month had passed, nobody knew. Thus that day continued for one month and nobody could know this secret. Hey Girijaa,  Kaagbhushundi and I also took human form at that time and wandered around the lanes of Ayodhyaa with joy. At that time Raajaa Dashrath gave alms to people whatever they wished for.

After a few days the time came for their Naamkarn Sanskaar (naming ceremony). Dashrath called Guru Vashishth Jee to perform  that. Vashishth Jee said - "Hey Raajan,  They have many names. I tell them according to my understanding. This child who is a giver of joy to everybody and who is the resting place of the whole Universe, His name is Raam. And this child who feeds everybody, his name is Bharat, and by remembering whose name all enemies are destroyed, his name is Shatrughn. And this child who is the base of the whole Prithvi, his name is Lakshman."

Lakshman had very special love for Raam, but Bharat and Shatrughn also loved Raam very much. Raam and Lakshman were of Shyaam and fair complexion, and Bharat and Shatrughn were also Shyaam and fair complexion. All four brothers were qualitative and handsome, but Raam was more joy-giver. They were so handsome that their beauty cannot be described. Whosoever has seen them, only he can describe it. Raajaa Dashrath and Raanee Kaushalyaa loved them so much that when the time passed, they didn't know. 

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Raam's Childhood

Once Kaushalyaa gave Raam a warm bath and lay down Him in a swing. Then she took bath herself and cooked some sweets for her Ishtdev as Prasaad. She did Poojaa and went to bring the Prasaad. She saw Raam eating that Prasaad. She thought, "I lay Him down in the swing, how come that He is here. Let me check if He is still there?"  and came to where she lay Him down She saw Him sleeping in the swing. Seeing this she got frightened. She again went to the kitchen and she again came to the swing, and she saw two Raam, one eating Prasaad and one sleeping in the swing. When Raam saw His mother confused then He smiled and showed her His wonderful Roop (form) in which Kaushalyaa saw numerous universes in His every Rom (tiny holes in the body).

She saw numerous Sun, Moon, Shiv, Brahmaa, Parvat, rivers, seas, Prithvi, forests etc. And she saw those things also which nobody had heard. When she saw Bhagvaan's Maayaa, she got more frightened and just stood joining her palms. She could not speak, she just bowed to His feet closing her eyes. Then she gathered herself and prayed Him that you are the father of the Universe, and I take you as my son. Then He explained everything to her. She prayed to Him that from now on His Maayaa should not affect her.

All the four princes were growing up. Now the time came for their Choodaakarn Sanskaar. Braahman again got lots of Dakshinaa from Raajaa. Whosoever Bhagvaan is difficult to even imagine, the same Bhagvaan is playing in the house of Raajaa Dashrath and Kaushalyaa. When Raajaa calls Him for food He doesn't come leaving His friends, but when Kaushalyaa calls Him, He comes slowly. Then His body is dusty, but Raajaa smilingly takes Him in his lap. Ved and Shiv Jee can't find His beginning and end, while Kaushalyaa catches Him running after the same Raam.

Now all princes are grown more so they got Yagyopaveet and went to Gurukul for education. They got all knowledge in a very short time. From whose breath the four Ved have come out, the same Bhagvaan is studying in Gurukul, this is indeed a great surprise. But for Bhagvaan it is not difficult. Being Bhagvaan He is acting like human being. The way all the four brothers wander, people continue to look at them for long time.

They hunt for deer and kill them. Whosoever deer are killed by Raam's arrow, they all go to Dev Lok. Raam takes food with His younger brothers. He listens to Ved Puraan and explains them to younger brothers. Daily in the morning Prabhu touches the feet of His parents and Guru. 

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Taadakaa Vadh

There lived Muni Vishwaamitra Jee with other Muni and used to do Jap and Yagya. Maareech and Subaahu Raakshas were very frightened of these Jap and Yagya, so they used to disturb their Yagya. Gaadhi's son was very much worried with this. He thought that they cannot be killed without Shree Hari. He also knew that Shree Hari has taken Avataar with His Ansh in Dashrath's house in Ayodhyaa.

Thinking thus he went to Raajaa Dashrath. Raajaa welcoming him asked politely the purpose of his coming. Vishwaamitra Jee told his purpose that he wanted Raam and Lakshman to protect their Yagya. Hearing this Raajaa Dashrath got very sad and said - "Hey Muni,  You have not said this thinking properly. You know very well that I have got these sons in the last days of my life and you want to take them away. Although I love all my sons, but I love Raam most. Besides, they are very young, how can they kill Raakshas? If you permit me then I myself will go with you to kill them, but please do not ask me to part with my children."

Then Vashishth Jee told him everything about Raam and asked him to send his sons with Vishwaamitra Jee, so Raajaa called his sons, Raam and Lakshman, and handed over them to Muni Jee. Muni got very happy and went away with them. When they arrived near his Aashram, then Taadakaa attacked on them. Prabhu killed her with only one arrow and gave her His own Lok. The Muni taught  the knowledge about not feeling the hunger and thirst to Shree Raam, the knower of all the knowledge. He handed over all his weapons to Raam and arrived in his Aashram.

From next day, Raam and Lakshman started guarding their Yagya. When Maareech came to disturb their Yagya, Raam aimed a blunt arrow at him. He fell at a distance of 100 Yojan across the sea. After that He aimed a Fire arrow at Maareech's younger brother Subaahu and killed him. Thus they protected Muni's Yagya from Raakshas. They stayed there for some time.

In the meantime Muni Vishwaamitra received the invitation of Dhanush Yagya from Raajaa Janak Jee of Janak Puree. Then Muni asked Raam to see a wonderful Dhanush Yagya, so they both went to see that Yagya with Muni. On the way they saw a big Aashram in which there were no birds, deer or any  living beings but only a large rock lying. On asking "why that Aashram was so empty and what was the secret of that large rock", Muni told the whole story about it, that that Aashram was of Gautam Rishi's Aashram, the rock was Rishi Gautam's wife who became rock by the Shaap of her husband, and now He should give her Mukti. Raam touched the rock with His foot and the rock converted into a beautiful woman - Ahalyaa. She prayed Him and went to her Dhaam.

Then they arrived at Gangaa River. Vishwaamitra Jee told them the whole story of coming of Gangaa Jee. Prabhu took bath in Gangaa Jee and headed again towards Janak Puree. Soon they arrived near the city. When Raam saw the beautiful city He and His brother got very happy to see it. Outside the city were several ponds and rivers where various kings were resting. There they found a beautiful place where mango trees shade was there, so Muni decided to take rest there only.

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Sita Swayamvar

Mithilaa king Raajaa Janak got the news of coming of Vishwaamitra, so he came to welcome him with his minister and Braahman. He welcome them and bowed to Muni. Muni asked them to sit. The then both brothers, Shree Raam and Lakshman, came there. They had gone around to see the garden.

When Raajaa saw those Shyaam (a little dark complexioned) and Gaur (fair complexioned) brothers, he forgot to blink his eyes. He asked Muni - "Hey Muni,  who are these boys? Are they Muni Kumaar (sons) or princes? Or are they that Brahm for whom Ved have sung as "Neti, Neti"? (not this one, not this one). When I see them my heart fills with joy, pleasure and love." Muni said - "You recognized them rightly, Raajan. They are lovable to all. They are the sons Raajaa Dashrath. He sent them with me for my good. Their names are Raam and Lakshman."

Raajaa said - "Today I am blessed by seeing them. They look like Brahm and Jeev."  He looked at them repeatedly, still was unable to move his eyes from them. Then he took them to the city and provided them with a beautiful resting place which was comfortable in all seasons.

Lakshman wanted to see the city, but was hesitant to ask Muni. Raam knew what His younger brother was thinking, so He asked the permission from Muni - "Lakshman wants to see the city, if you permit us then I will show him the city." He gave the permission and Raam went to see the city. Many people came to see them.

Women were talking among themselves - "These are Dashrath's sons. They were guarding the Yagya of Vishwaamitra Jee and they killed several Raakshas. He who is of Shyaam body is Kaushalyaa's son, and the fair complexioned body boy is His younger brother. His name is Lakshman. He is Sumitraa's son. Here they have come to see this Dhanush Yagya after doing the work of Vishwaamitra and uplifting Muni Gautam's wife Ahalyaa." 

Some were talking - "Raam is so handsome that only He should be the husband of Jaanakee. Raajaa should drop his vow and marry Seetaa Jee to Him."  Some were talking - "Raajaa has known them well that is why he has invited them in his Dhanush (bow) Yagya."  Somebody said - "Hey friend, They are very delicate and tender, how will they break the Dhanush? I doubt it."  Then her friend said - "Nowadays there is nobody like Him. He looks like this but He is very strong. I am sure that he will be able to break Dhanush and marry Seetaa Jee."  Then Shree Raam and Lakshman went towards the place where Dhanush Yagya was to take place. There also everybody was looking at them. then they came back to their place.

At night Raam and Lakshman were massaging the feet of Guru Jee. Only after telling them several times to go to bed, they bowed to him and came to sleep. Then Lakshman started massaging Raam's feet. When Raam said to him to go to bed repeatedly then Lakshman Jee went to sleep. In the morning, first of all Lakshman got up, then Shree Raam and then Guru Jee got up. Raam and Lakshman took bath and went to garden to pluck some flowers for Guru's Poojaa.

There came Seetaa Jee to worship Gauree before her marriage and asked for the appropriate husband for herself. A friend of hers, who had gone around, came back and told them that she saw two adolescent boys in the garden and she had come to tell them about those boys. Everybody went to see them. There they saw both princes plucking flowers. Seetaa Jee looked at Raam. When Raam heard the sound of Seetaa's Paayal (an ornament with tiny bells worn in feet and makes sweet sound while the wearer walks), He also looked at Her and said to Lakshman - "Look Lakshman, She is Janak's daughter for whom this Dhanush Yagya is being held."  Then again He started looking at Seetaa.

Then Seetaa went to the temple again and prayed for Him as Her husband. Gauree gave Her blessings that she would get the same as Her husband. Shree Raam also came back to His place. he told everything to Vishwaamitra Jee.

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Rama Sita Marriage

Next day was Swayamvar. Raajaa Janak announced about his vow in the Yagyashaalaa that whosoever would aim on that bow, Seetaa will marry the same person. Now there were many mighty kings present in that Rangshaalaa. Many of them, who were proud of themselves, smiled hearing this, and others who were religious, they also smiled seeing them smiling. Janak called Seetaa for Her Swayamvar Many friends brought her there. She had Jayamaalaa in her hands.

She looked so beautiful that even Saraswatee cannot describe Her beauty. There is none like Her, not only in the world but also amonf Dev women. Saraswatee Jee is talkative, Paarvatee Jee is half woman and half man (Shiv Jee), Kamdev's wife Rati is very sad in the absence of the body of her husband, and who (Lakshmee Jee) has poison and Amrit like brothers, she cannot be compared with Seetaa Jee.

As She entered the Rangshaalaa (Yagyashaalaa), She looked for those two brothers whom She saw in the garden. She got satisfied seeing them sitting with Muni.

Many kings tried to lift that bow but nobody could even move it. Seeing this Raajaa Janak got very worried and said - "It seems that this Prithvi is empty of brave and mighty kings now. That is why I leave the hope to marry Jaanakee and you may all go home. If I knew this before that Prithvi would be empty from brave people, I would have not taken such a vow."  

All kings got sad hearing this that now none of them will be able to marry Jaanakee. But Lakshman got very angry hearing this statement. He got up and bowing at Raam's feet said - "Wherever a Raghuvanshee is sitting, nobody should say such words."  then said to Raam - "If I get your permission then I can lift this whole Universe and break it like an unburned pitcher."  Raghupati asked him to sit down hearing such words.

Considering this an appropriate and auspicious opportunity Vishwaamitra Jee asked Raam to get up and break the bow. Raam got up, bowed His head at Guru's feet, and remembering Shiv Jee picked His bow like a flower bow. As He pulled its string, it broke. It made a great noise while breaking. Shataanand Jee (Raajaa Janak's Purohit) asked Seetaa to put Her Jayamaalaa in Raam's neck. Her friends took Her to Raam. Seetaa was looking so beautiful that at that time Her immortal beauty could not be described. She put Her Jayamaalaa in Raam's neck. Her friends She is scared to touch His feet remembering Ahalyaa's Gati. Raam knew Her feelings and smiled at Her. Hesitantly She put on the Jayamaalaa put in the neck of Shree Raam.

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Lakshman and Parashuraam Dialog

The then people heard some noise outside. So friends of Seetaa Jee took Her to Her seat and other people got up to see as what was the noise about. Raajaa Janak and his wife thought "what is now another hurdle in Jaanakee's marriage?".  Raam went back to His Guru. Everybody saw Bhrigu Vanshee Parashuraam Jee entering the Rangshaalaa. Seeing Him all kings got scared and hid their faces because everybody knew that his anger was very severe and nobody wanted to be recognized. Although His outfit was of Muni but His actions were of a fighter.

Everybody greeted Him and told Him his name with his father's name. Then Janak Jee came, and asked Seeta to greet Him. Parashuraam Jee blessed Her. Then came Vishwaamitra Jee with both the brothers, and both of them greeted Him. He introduced them that they were Shree Raam and Lakshman - sons of Raajaa Dashrath. Parashuraam Jee blessed them too. Then He asked Janak Jee "Why there is so much crowd at this time?"  Janak Jee told everything as why all the kings were gathered there.

Hearing this He looked around and saw the broken bow lying on the ground. He got extremely angry and asked Janak Jee - "O fool Janak, Who has broken this bow. Show him to me otherwise I will make the world upside down."  Janak Jee got frightened, he couldn't speak. Seeing this evil kings got very happy that now this Raam will enjoy the fruits of breaking the bow. Seeing everybody scared Shree Raam said - "Hey Swaamee,  Whosoever has broken Shambhoo's bow, must be one of your servants. What order do you give to me?" 

Muni said angrily - "Servant is he who serves somebody, but this action is to invite fighting. Hear this, whosoever has broken this bow he is my enemy like Sahastrabaahu. Therefore tell me who is it, otherwise all people will be killed."  Hearing this Lakshman smiled and said - "Hey Muni, we have broken many bows in our childhood, then you didn't say anything. Why are you so much attached with this bow?"

"O prince, you don't know what you are saying, this is not your small bow, this is Shambhoo's bow, the whole world knows it."  Lakshman said smilingly - "We know only that for us every bow is equal. What we can do if it was broken by touching only by Raam. Why are you so angry without any reason."

Parashuraam Jee looked at His Paras (Pharasaa) and said - "You don't know me. I am not saying anything to you treating you as a child, but other Muni know me. I am Brahmchaaree since my childhood and the enemy of Kshatriya families. I have killed all Kshatriya with my own hands and gave this Prithvi to Braahman several times. See my Paras, I have cut all arms of Sahastrabaahu with this Paras. Do not try to make your parents sad."

Lakshman Jee said smilingly - "Why do you show me your Paras repeatedly? Do you want to blow mountain with your mouth's blow? We are not so coward that we will be scared easily. When I saw your Paras, I said something with pride (because I thought you were a Kshatriya), but looking at your Yagyopaveet, and considering you Bhrigu's son whatever I said, I said very politely. Your words are more harsh than your look, and you keep this Paras uselessly. If you think that I have said something inappropriate then please pardon me."

Parashuraam Jee said angrily - "Hear Vishwaamitra, This boy is a fool. Under the spell of Kaal he is going to destroy his family line. If you want him to live then you tell him my glory, might, and anger."  Lakshman said - "Hey Muni,  Who doesn't know your glory. You have described it so many times yourself. If you are not satisfied yet then tell it again. And don't be sad by controlling your anger. You don't look good while abusing, you are a very stabilized Muni. Only cowards describe their bravery, brave people only fight, they don't say it."

Hearing this Parashuraam Jee said - "Now don't blame me later. This boy is to be killed now. I have heard him a lot considering him as a prince, now it is his turn to get killed."  Vishwaamitra Jee said - "Pardon him, he is a child. Saints don't mind children's faults."  "I have ignored him enough because of you, Vishwaamitra."  Lakshman said - "Who doesn't know your nature? You have already indebted to your parents, now only Guru's debt remains and that you want to pay off through me? Because much time has passed, so lot of interest must have also added on it. Tell me how much it is? I will give you just now."

Parashuraam Jee got very very angry now. He took out His Paras. Seeing this everybody got scared. Lakshman further said - "You show me your Paras repeatedly, and I ignore you considering Braahman. It seems that you have not yet faced any brave person in the war."  Everybody said, "This is not good, this is not good. Please hold yourself."  Raam also saw him with slanting eyes. Then Raam said - "Hey Swaamee,  Pardon this child, because Gyaanee (knowledgeable) people do not be angry with children. If he had known your powers he would not have dared this equal conversation."  Raam's words cooled down him a bit, and Lakshman Jee smiled at this.

Seeing smiling Lakshman, Parasuraam said to Raam _ "Your brother is very naughty, Raam. He is of fair complexion but his heart is full of mischief. He doesn't drink milk, but he has poison in his mouth."  Lakshman said - "Hey Muni, Anger is the root of sins. Who becomes angry he does not know that his actions are appropriate or inappropriate."  Raam Jee said - "I am your servant, Muni. Now be happy with us. Tell me what should I do to make you happy. Let him go considering him a child. He has not done any harm to you. I am your culprit. Pardon me considering your servant. And in whatever way your anger goes away, tell me the way." 

Parashuraam Jee said to Raam - "First you broke Shambhoo's bow and now you say not to be angry. Your brother says harsh words and you say kind words. If you want to satisfy me, then fight with me, otherwise drop your name "Raam". O Shiv's enemy, and don't cheat in the fight, otherwise I will kill you along with your brother."  Saying thus Parashuraam Jee picked His Kuthaar (Paras).

Then Raam bowed His head smilingly and said - "You are angry with me for Lakhan's fault? It is all right, because whosoever is cunning he is worshipped by all, only simple people have to suffer. When the Moon is in Retrograde then Raahu also does not eat it. My head is before you, now do so in whatever way you are happy. When he saw you coming with Kuthaar and arrows, he talked to you according to his Family. If you had come like a Muni, then he would have touched your feet. My name is only "Raam", and your name is greater than that "Parashu+Raam". We have only one quality - that is only bow, but you have many qualities (nine qualities: Sham, Dam, Tap, Shauch, Kshamaa, Saralataa, Gyaan, Vigyaan, and Aastiktaa). We are already defeated, now you be happy."

Muni said - "You are also like your brother. Don't treat me as only Braahman. I have fought with Kshatriya with this Paras only and did many Yagya with their heads. You don't know my powers."  Raam said - "Muni, speak with some understanding. You are too much angry on our small mistake. It was an old bow, just a touch broke it. How can I be proud of that?"   

Parashuraam Jee said - "My doubt will only be clear when you will aim at on my bow ."  Saying this He wanted to give His own bow to Raam, but surprisingly it went itself in Raam's hands. Then He understood Raam's powers and He said joining His hands - "Victory be yours Raam. I said many things in my A-Gyaan (ignorance), so please pardon me you both brothers." And He went to Mahendra Parvat to do Tap.

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Raam-Seetaa's Marriage
Seeing Parashuraam Jee going satisfied, Janak Jee got very happy. He greeted Kaushik (Vishwaamitra Jee) and asked him "what to do now". Muni said - "The marriage was dependent on breaking the bow, therefore as soon as the bow was broken, the marriage was done, still you have to perform some activities according to your family customs. Send a messenger to Avadh Puree to invite Dashrath Jee."

Janak Jee sent a messenger to Avadh Puree and called other high people and assigned different jobs to them. They all went and started their work. The whole city was decorated. And it was decorated so beautifully that seeing it Brahmaa Jee also forgot His own Creation. Whosoever saw Tirahut (Janak Puree) at that time he forgot the beauty of 14 Lok. Indra was surprised to see even the poorest person's wealth. It seemed that Lakshmee Jee herself was living there in disguise.

The messengers arrived in Ayodhyaa and delivered the letter to Raajaa Dashrath. Dashrath read the letter and his eyes were filled with tears of joy.  In the meantime Bharat and Shatrughn also came there and asked their father what was written in that letter. Raajaa read the letter again. Both brothers got very happy to learn about their brothers.

Raajaa asked the messenger about the welfare of his sons - Raam and Lakshman. Messengers said - "Your sons are very brave. Sun's and Moon's light is also less in front of their glory. There were many kings in Seetaa's Swayamvar but nobody could even move the bow except Raam. He lifted it up as if it was a flower bow and broke it. Baanaasur who could lift even Sumeru Parvat, he also did Parikramaa (circling around, or circumambulation) and Raavan who lifted Kailaash Parvat in a play, he also couldn't even move it. Then Parashuraam Jee came with a great anger, but Raam cooled Him down. Then He handed over His bow to Raam and went away to forest. You are blessed that you have got such sons"

This information spread in the whole Ayodhyaa very soon. Everybody celebrated the occasion. Then all started their journey for Janak Puree. Dashrath and Vashishth Jee were sitting in chariots. On the way, Janak Jee made arrangements for many kinds of food for the procession. When Dashrath Jee arrived in Janak Puree, Janak Jee himself came to welcome him. When Seetaa Jee heard that the marriage procession has arrived in the city She also showed Her powers. She called all Siddhi to felicitate the procession. Siddhi provided everything for their comfort. Raam recognized this welcome as the powers of Seetaa Jee. He liked it.

Hearing father's coming to Janak Puree, Raam and Lakshman desired to see him but hesitated to say anything. Then Vishwaamitra Jee took them to Dashrath Jee. There everybody met everybody.  Raam and Seetaa were married. Seetaa's younger sister Urmila was married to Lakshman. Janak Jee's younger brother Kushdhwaj's two daughters, Maandavee and Shrutkeerti, were married to Bharat and Shatrughn respectively. Many different kinds of food was prepared for the procession. Bharat looks like Raam and Shatrughn looks like Lakshman. People cannot recognize them immediately whether they were the previous pair of brothers or were they the other one?.

After the marriage ceremony Janak Jee requested Dashrath Jee to stay there for some more time so they stayed there for some more time. Then Vishwaamitra and Shataanand Jee told Janak Jee to send Dashrath Jee to their home. Then Raajaa Janak made the arrangement of their farewell. Everybody was very sad. Seetaa's birds were crying. Mothers were teaching them how to live in in-law's house. They all handed over their daughters to Dashrath Jee. Then Dashrath Jee started towards Ayodhyaa.

When all arrived in Ayodhyaa, all mothers welcome their sons and their brides. In whole Ayodhyaa celebrations were made of princes' marriage.

All were living with great pleasure. Mothers were very happy to see their daughters-in-law and showed their love to them in different ways. Raajaa Dashrath was also very happy. Mothers asked Raam - "How did you kill terrible Raakshas like Tadakaa, Subaahu etc."  And Raam replied to everybody satisfactorily. Thus some time passed.

One day all were sitting in the royal court. Everybody was happy to see Shree Raam. Vishwaamitra Jee daily asks king's permission to leave, but the king holds him back requesting him to stay there for some time more. But one day he decided to go, so king politely bade farewell to him.

Iti Shree Raam Charit Maanas
 Pratham Sopaan Baal Kaand

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