Hindu Scriptures  

Shree Rama Charit Manas
As Written By Goswami Tulsi Daas Jee

Introduction Bal Kaand Ayodhya Kaand Aranaya Kaand
Kishkindhaa Kaand Sudar Kaand Lanka Kaand Uttar kaand

Ram Charit Manas - Sundar Kaand


Hanumaan goes to Lanka 

When Jaambvan advised Hanumaan like this, Hanumaan got very happy and said to all - "Now you wait for me. I cross this sea and come back after doing Raam's work." and climbed up on a Parvat near the sea shore. He remembered Shree Raam and jumped to fly. As he jumped to fly that Parvat went inside the Earth.

Considering him Raam's messenger, Sea sent his Mainaak Parvat for Hanumaan to take some rest, but Hanumaan greeted it by touching and said - "I cannot take rest until I finish Raam's work." and he went forward.

Devtaa also saw him going. They thought to test his intelligence and bravery so they sent Surasaa, their mother, for this. She came there opening her mouth and said - "Oh,  It is so good that Devtaa have given me food after long time. Now I will eat you."  Hanumaan Jee said - "Hey Maa,  You leave me today. Today I am going to do Raam's work. Let me finish His work then you may eat at me."  But Surasaa was adamant. She expanded her mouth a Yojan-long to swallow him, but Hanumaan Jee expanded his body double the size of her mouth. Then she expanded it up to 16 Yojan, Hanumaan Jee also expanded his body double the size of Surasaa's mouth. Once Surasaa expanded her mouth up to 100 Yojan, then Hanumaan Jee reduced his size to a very tiny size, entered her mouth and came outside immediately. He then bowed her and asked her permission to go on his mission. She blessed him that he be successful in his mission.

Then there was a Raakshas living in the sea. He used to eat flying creatures by capturing their shadow in the water. When their shadow was captured, they could not fly and he used to eat them. He played the same trick with Hanumaan Jee also. Hanumaan Jee knew his tactics and killed him.

Thus he arrived across the sea in Lankaa. To see the beauty of Lankaa he climbed up on a Parvat and looked around. Raavan's Lankaa was very beautiful, but at the same time there were many gatekeepers also. So he thought that he would enter Lankaa in the night in a tiny form.

So he took a form of a fly and enter the city in the night. There was a Raakshasee named Lankinee who was taking care of the city. She saw a fly going inside, so she asked - "Where are you going insulting me? You don't know me. I eat thieves."  Hanumaan Jee hit her with his fist. She fell down on the ground and bled through her mouth. She got up, greeted Hanumaan Jee by joining her hands and said - "When Brahmaa Jee gave Var to Raavan, He said to me "When you feel an intense pain by a monkey's hit, you should take it as a sign of Raavan's death. I am very lucky that I got Darshan of Raam's messenger. All the pleasures of Swarg (Heaven) cannot be compared with the pleasure of Satsang (company of good people). Remember Koshal Raaj and enter the city."  and Hanumaan Jee entered the city.

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Meeting With Vibheeshan 

As Hanumaan Jee entered Lankaa He started searching all palaces. There he saw many warriors. then he entered Raavan's palace. He saw Raavan sleeping in it but he couldn't see Seetaa anywhere. Then he saw a palace where a temple was there separately. There were many pictures of Shree Raam's bow and arrows and several Tulasee plants. Hanumaan Jee got very happy to see this and thought, "this place is full of Raakshas, how come that a saint is living here."

At the same time Vibheeshan Jee woke up and pronounced Raam's name. Hanumaan Jee thought that "I should introduce myself to him. He seems to be a saint and there cannot be any harm in greeting a saint."

He took the form of a Braahman and called him. Vibheeshan cme there and asked Hanumaan's welfare and said - "Hey Braahman Dev, Tell me about yourself. Are you a devotee of Hari or you yourself are Hari who has come to oblige me?" Then Hanumaan Jee told his story, name and his purpose of coming there.

Vibheeshan said - "Hey Pavan Putra, now you listen to my living here. I live here as tongue lives between teeth. Will Raghunaath be kind to me anytime? Being Raakshas I cannot do much, but after meeting you I believe that He is kind on me because without His favor one cannot see saints." Then Vibheeshan told the whole story of Seetaa Jee as how She was living there.

Hanumaan Jee said - "I wish to see Her." Vibheeshan told him how to see Her. Hanumaan Jee converted himself into a fly and arrived in Ashok Vaatikaa. He greeted Seetaa Jee in his heart. She passes he whole night sitting there under the Ashok tree. Hanumaan Jee was hiding among leaves and was thinking that how to introduce himself to Her that he saw Raavan came there with many women.

He explained Seetaa Jee very well - "Hey beautiful faced, I will keep my Mandodaree etc all queens as your slaves, this is my vow, but you look at me at least once." Seetaa spoke behind a straw - "Hey Dashmukh, lotus cannot bloom in glow-worm's light, take it for yourself. You don't know about Raghuveer's arrow. You shameless have abducted me from a lonely place.

When Raavan heard himself as glow-worm, and Raam as the Sun, he got very angry and spoke - "Seetaa, you have insulted me. I will cut your head with this sword otherwise you agree with me." Seetaa Jee said - "O Dashgreev, Now I will have either Shree Raam's arms or this sword. This is my vow." Hearing this Raavan ran to cut Her head. Then Mandodaree calmed him down by saying some ethical words.

Then Raavan told Raakshas women to scare Seetaa that if She did not obey me within a month then I will kill Her with the sword and Raavan went home.

Now there was a Trijataa Raakshasee among those Raakshasee. She was Bhakt of Shree Raam and was knowledgeable. She called all other Raakshasee and told them her dream. "I dreamed that a monkey has burned Lankaa and killed many Raakshas. Raavan is riding on a donkey naked. His head is shaved and his all arms are cut and he is heading towards south. And Vibheeshan has become the king of Lankaa. I can certainly say that my dream will be true in a few days time." Hearing this all Raakshasee got frightened and fell on Seetaa's feet. After that they went away here and there.

Seetaa Jee thought, "now it is only one month remaining. After that Raavan will come and kill me. So She said to Trijataa - "Hey Maa, You have always been with me, now you do something so that I can leave this body. Bring some wood and prepare a pyre for me and then set fire in it." Trijataa told her the glory of Prabhu and said - "Fire is not available in the night." and she went home.

Seetaa Jee thought, "what I should do now. Vidhaataa is unfavorable to me now. There are so many stars in the sky but none falls down on the earth. The Moon is also with fire but it also doesn't give me fire. Hey Ashok tree, at least you listen to my prayer and act according to your name. (Ashok means without sorrow. It is said that sitting under this tree removes all grieves)"

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Meeting With Seetaa Jee

Hearing all this from Seetaa Jee Hanuman Jee got very sad. Considering it the right moment he dropped Raam's ring. Seetaa Jee thought perhaps Ashok tree has heard Her prayers and dropped fire for Her, She got very happy and got up to pick it up. But She found the Raam's ring instead of fire. She saw Raam's name carved on it so She got very happy to see it. She thought "Raghunaath is infallible, who can win Him? And it cannot be created from Maayaa".

She was in the process of thinking, that Hanumaan Jee started singing Raam's glory. Hearing this Seetaa got convinced and listened to it from the bottom of Her heart. Hanumaan Jee told everything from the beginning. Seetaa Jee asked - "Whosoever had told me this story, why doesn't he appear before me?" Then Hanumaan Jee jumped down the tree and greeted Her saying - "Hey Maa, I am the messenger of Raam, I swear this on Raam. Raam has sent you this ring as His identification."

Then She got more convinced that he was the true servant of Raam. Seetaa Jee asked - "How is Shree Raam along with His younger brother? He is very kind and soft-hearted then why has He become so unkind to Me that He does not remember Me, does He?" She could speak no more and Her eyes got filled with tears. Hanumaan Jee said very softly - "Hey Maa, Prabhu is all right with His younger brother and He loves you very much. Now You listen to Raam's message." Telling Raam's message Hanumaan Jee also started crying.

Hanumaan Jee said -"Raam has said , "In your separation all things seem bad to Me. Moon looks like Sun and nights are very long. Gardens look dry and rains seem like hot oil. Whatever gave Me happiness before, they all make Me sad now. I have only one heart and it is always with you." Seetaa Jee felt very relieved hearing this.

Hanumaan Jee said again - "Hey Maa, keep patience and remember Shree Raam. Remembering Him leave cowardice and be happy. These Raakshas are just like insects for Shree Raam's arrows. In fact now you consider all Raakshas dead. He did not know your whereabouts that is why He could not come to free you. Now you just wait for a few days. Raghuveer will come and take you from here."

Seetaa Jee asked - "Hey Putra, Are all monkeys like you? So mighty? I have doubts in My mind." Hearing this Hanumaan Jee showed up his very large golden body which looked very frightening. Then Seetaa Jee got convinced with his might. Hanumaan Jee then changed to his tiny form and said - "Maa, there is nothing mine in this. It is all glory of Prabhu that even a small Garud (large eagle) can eat a large snake.

Hanumaan Jee repeatedly bowed to Seetaa's feet and said - "Hey Maa, if you don't mind, I feel hungry now and after seeing these beautiful trees laden with fruits I feel like starving." Seetaa Jee said - "Putra, Many mighty Raakshas guard this garden." Hanumaan Jee said - "If you don't mind then I am not afraid of them." Seeing Hanumaan's might and powers Seetaa Jee gave him permission to eat those sweet fruits.

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Fight With Akshaya and Meghnaad 

Hanumaan Jee was now free to do whatever he wished/liked to do. So he started eating fruits and uprooting and digging out many trees. There were some guards of that garden, he killed some of them and others went to Raavan's court - "Swaamee, there has come a monkey who has destroyed Ashok Gardens." Hearing this , Raavan sent many brave mighty soldiers but Hanumaan Jee beat all of them. Some died, some got wounded. They went to Raavan.

Seeing them in trouble Raavan sent his youngest son Akshaya Kumaar to fight with the monkey. Akshaya Kumaar went with his army but Hanumaan Jee killed Akshaya Kumaar and beat his army. Again many Raakshas died and some went back complaining to Raavan. Hearing the killing of his son, Raavan got very angry and sent his another mighty son, Meghnaad (Indrajeet), to deal with that monkey. Meghnaad was also very angry hearing the killing of his younger brother.

So he also went with many mighty Raakshas to fight with the monkey. Hanumaan Jee caught those Raakshas and killed them by rubbing them together. Meghnaad played various kinds of Maayaa also but the son of Prabhanjan could not be won. Then he used Brahmaastra at him. Hanumaan Jee thought that if he did not regard the weapon then it will be an insult to Brahmaa Jee, so he pretended and became unconscious only by seeing it. Meghnaad happily tied him with Naagpaash and took him to Raavan. [Here Tulasee Daas Jee says - "Shiv Jee says to Bhavaanee - "Hey Bhavaanee, by chanting whose name people get across the world sea , His messenger has got caught. He got himself caught only to do Raam's work.] Hearing that the monkey has been tied and brought into the court, many Raakshas rushed to see him

Hanumaan Jee saw Raavan's court. It was glorious, gorgeous, spledid. Devtaa were standing there with their hands joined together. Hanumaan Jee had no doubt now about the glory of Raavan's court.

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Meeting With Raavan  

Looking at Hanumaan, Raavan said some bad words and laughed loudly, but immediately got sad remembering his son's death. He said - "O monkey, on whose power you destroyed my Ashok Vaatikaa. Have you not heard my name? Why did you kill my Raakshas without any mistake? Are you not afraid for your life?"

Hanumaan Jee said - "Listen to me O Raavan, I did all this with His power, with whose power this universe is created. With whose power Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh manage this world. With whose power one thousand-headed Naag (Sheshnaag Jee) balances this world. Who takes various forms to protect Devtaa and to teach fools like you. Khar, Dooshan, Trishiraa and Baali all mighty people are killed by Him. I am the messenger of the same whose wife you have abducted.

I know your greatness very well. You fought with Sahastrabaahu (see also Raavan) You were praised for fighting with Baali too. I was hungry, so I ate some fruits, I am monkey, so I dug out the trees. Everybody loves his body so whosoever beat me I also beat them. Even then your son tied me. I request you, O Raavan, leave your pride and listen to me "Don't try to fight with the Swaamee of the three Lok, and return Jaanakee Jee to Him. The same Raghuveer is very kind, He will forget your all mistakes and will pardon you. If you will remember Raam's lotus feet then you will be able to rule Lankaa for a long time. How come  you born in Rishi Pulastya's family? As if the Moon has got black spots on it. Without Raam's name no speech is good as without clothes no beautiful woman looks good."

Although Hanumaan Jee said all this in favor of him, but that proud Raavan said - "Ha, Ha, Now I have got a monkey to teach me. It seems that your death is near that is why you are teaching me." Hanumaan Jee said - "It is the otherwise." Hearing Hanumaan Jee's words Raavan got embarrassed and said - "Somebody come here and kill him." Many Raakshas rushed to kill him, but at the same time Vibheeshan came with other ministers and told not to kill the messenger as it was not according to protocol. He suggested to cut some part of his body and send back to his Swaamee.

All agreed with this advice, so Raavan ordered them to cut his part of body and send back. He told that monkeys love their tails so his tail should be burned. Some cloth should be wrapped around his tail, dipped into oil and set fire to it. When he will go to his Swaamee without tail then he will bring him here. I will also see him whose praise he has been singing all the time.

Hearing this Hanumaan Jee got happy in his heart as if Shaaradaa (Saraswatee Jee) herself had come to help him. All people got busy in doing so. Hanumaan Jee expanded his tail so much that there remained no cloth, no oil, and no clarified butter in Lankaa. Raakshas and children were making fun of him. They were beating drums and clapped looking at him.

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Burning of Lankaa 

So the Raakshas set the fire in Hanumaan Jee's tail. After they set the fire, Hanumaan Jee reduced himself to a very small size and jumped onto the top of golden palaces. Seeing this Raakshas women got frightened. The then all 49 Marut started flowing with Bhagvaan's grace. Hanumaan Jee laughed heartily and started jumping from one palace to another. In a few moments the whole city got burned except Vibheeshan's palace. Vibheeshan was the devotee of Raam that is why Fire didn't burn his house.

Raakshas started running around crying for help. They were saying - "We were saying before that he is not a monkey, he is some Devtaa who came here in Vaanar form. If some saint is insulted then the city will burn like this."

After jumping around on palaces Hanumaan Jee jumped into the sea to put off the fire, then he changed to his little size and came to Seetaa Jee. He asked to give him some kind of identification for Shree Raam. Seetaa Jee gave him Her gem-studded bangle and said - "Extend my greetings to Him and tell Him that He should soon come here and free me. Remind Him the story of son of Sakra (Indra) i.e. Jayant. If He will not come within a month, He will not find me alive. Only you tell me how can I be alive here. When I saw you I got some relief, but after you have gone away then again I will have the same days and nights."

Hanumaan Jee took the bangle, consoled Seetaa Jee in various ways and started his journey back making a great noise.

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Hanumaan Jee Comes Back to Raam

Hanumaan Jee came across the sea. Angad, Jaambvaan etc. got very happy to see Hanumaan returning safely. Now all started to see Raam telling and hearing new stories among themselves. There was a secured garden, Madhuban. They all went in there and ate lots of fruits. When its guards scolded them they beat them. The guards went to Sugreev and told him that Angad was destroying the Madhuban. Sugreev got very happy hearing this. He thought "it seems that monkeys have done Prabhu's work. If they had not found Seetaa, they could not have eaten Madhuban's fruits."

In the meantime all Vaanar arrived there. They all bowed to Sugreev's feet and asked each others welfare. Vaanar said - "Hanumaan Jee saved our lives by doing Raam's work."  Sugreev took them to Raam. When Raam saw Vaanar coming to Him, He knew that they have done His work. All bowed to Raam's feet. Jaambvant said - "To whomsoever you are kind, all are happy with him. With your grace our life is blessed today. Whatever Hanumaan has done it cannot be  described even with thousand mouths." Then he told the whole story of Hanumaan.

Raam asked the welfare of Jaanakee Jee. Hanumaan Jee gave Him the bangle and said - "Hey Prabhu, Janak Kumaaree has sent some message too. She said "touch Prabhu's feet along with His younger brother and say that I love Him very dearly, then why did He leave me like this. I have committed only one mistake that I am still alive without Him. But this is the mistake of my eyes which always want to see Prabhu, that is why they don't allow me to die."

Raam got very sad hearing this. He said - "Hey Kapiraaj, nobody else is like you for me at this moment. Tell me what good I should do for you? The truth is that I cannot be indebted to you at all."  Shree Raam repeatedly looks at Hanuman and His eyes are filled with tears of joy. Hanumaan Jee also got very happy to hear this and he caught His feet with love.

Then Raam asked Hanuman how he burned Raavan's Lankaa. Hanumaan Jee said politely - "It was not me who burned Lankaa, it was only your power which helped me to do this. Please give me the Var of your Bhakti." Raam said - "So be it"

Raam told Sugreev - "Now we should not be late and we should get ready to move." He called all Vaanar and all started to move happily knowing that they are going for Raam's work.

Raam gave all Vaanar His strength, so they went to seashore jumping, flying and making various kinds of noises. Thus they all arrived at seashore.

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Vibheeshan Advises to Raavan

In Lankaa, Raakshas lived in fear since that monkey had burned the city. They all thought that now their days were limited. Whose messenger's power could not be described, if that person Himself will come to the city then who could do help them. Mandodaree also heard all this through her servants.

She touched her husband's feet and requested him  - "Listen to me now. Whose messenger did all this, you send His wife back to Him if you want your good. Seetaa has come like a winter night for Lankaa. Even Shambhoo will not be able to do your good until you hand over Seetaa."

Hearing this from Mandodaree, Raavan laughed and said - "All women are coward by nature. If there is anything good happens then also they get scared of it. You don't know, if those monkeys will come here our Raakshas will eat them thus they will live long. Whose power is able to tremble the whole Lok, his wife is getting afraid?" He hugged her dearly and went to his court. Mandodaree got worried thinking that today Brahmaa is unhappy with his husband.

Raavan got the news of Raam's coming to across the sea in the court. He asked his minister to advise him rightly. All courtiers laughed saying - "When we won Devtaa and other Asur at that time we didn't get tired then who are these men and monkeys?" All told Raavan the same whatever he wanted to hear, so he became very happy. Here Tulasee Daas Jee says - "Minister, doctor and teacher, if these three speak only favorable words either because of displeasure (of the king), or fear (of patient), or benefits (from pupil) then kingdom, body and Dharm are destroyed."

In the meantime Vibheeshan came there, bowed to his brother's feet and said - "If you had asked my advice then I would say, that if you want your good then you should return other's wife. Noble people do not even look at others wives. Hey Raajan, Raam is not the king of human beings only, He is the Swaamee of three Lok and three times (past, present and future). He is Brahm, omnipotent, omnipresent and cannot be defeated. He is always helpful to cows, Braahman, and Devtaa. Now He has appeared in human form. There is no use to fight with Him. Just return Vaidehee to Him and chant His name. Pulastya Muni has sent this message through one of his disciples, so I have conveyed it to you."

Maalyavant was Raavan's very intelligent minister. He also liked Vibheeshan's views, so he said - "Hey Mahaaraaj, your brother is very intelligent in policies. Do whatever he says." Raavan got very angry hearing both people's advice. He asked his people to remove them from his court. Then Maalyavant went to his home.

Vibheeshan said again - "Both god and bad wisdom are present in everybody's mind, but wherever there is good wisdom there is always happiness and wealth, and wherever there is bad wisdom there is always sorrows and troubles. At this hour bad wisdom is working in your mind that is why you are unaware of your own good and bad, and that is why you love Seetaa very much. I hold your feet, if you give Seetaa back then no harm will come to you."

As Vibheeshan bowed to hold the feet of Raavan, he kicked him. Vibheeshan tried to touch his feet several times but Raavan said - "It seems that your Kaal is near, because you are speaking from my enemy's side. You eat my food and praise my enemy? Have you ever seen anyone to whom I have not won? You live in my city and favor Muni. Go to them and tell your advice to them only."

Vibheeshan said - "You are like my father, so you coould hit me, but I say again that your good is only in chanting Raam's name." Then he took the minister along with him and went through skyway and said loudly - "Raam is Bhagvaan, and your court is under the control of Kaal, so I go to Raam now. Don't blame me later."

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Vibheeshan Defects Raavan 

As Vibheeshan left the court of Raavan, all have lost their age i.e. they were destined to die. He was very happy thinking that now he would see Raghunaath's same lotus feet which Bharat Jee meditates up on, which Janak Kumaaree keeps in Her heart, and which Shiv Jee also keeps in His heart. I will be blessed to see those feet whose Paadukaa Bharat Jee worships daily.

Thinking thus Vibheeshan came across the sea. When monkeys saw Vibheeshan coming over them, they thought that he was a messenger of the enemy, so they rushed to their Swaamee, Sugreev, and told everything. Sugreev told Raam that brother of Dashaanan, Vibheeshan had come to see Him. Raam asked "Why do you ask from me?" Sugreev said - "Hey Prabhu, Raakshas Maayaa cannot be known. We don't know, why he has come. I feel that he has come to know our secrets, so I suggest that you keep him tied here."

Raam said - "My friend, you have thought rightly, but it is my vow that whosoever comes to me I will protect him." Sugreev prayed Bhagvaan for this. Raam further said - "Although somebody has killed millions of Braahman, I still accept him. As and when a person sees me, he is free from all of his Paap (sins) of his millions of lives. This is sinner's nature that he doesn't like my name. Anyone with bad heart cannot come to me. If Raavan has sent him to know our secrets then also there is no need to be afraid of him. Whatever Raakshas are in the universe, Lakshman is enough to kill them in a moment; and if he has come to me for protection then I will protect him as my life. Thus in both ways you may call him."

Bowing to Raam Sugreev went to bring him with Angad and Hanumaan Jee. When Vibheeshan saw both brothers, he just stood looking at them without blinking his eyes. Then he gathered himself and introduced himself - "Hey Naath, I am the brother of Dashaanan and I am from Raakshas lineage. My Taamas body loves Paap naturally as owl loves darkness. Please accept me." And he did Saashtaang Pranaam (prostrated) to them.

Immediately Raam got up, embraced him dearly and offered him seat near Him. Then He asked his family's welfare. Vibheeshan said - "Now I have Darshan of your lotus feet, please be kind on me. Until you are in somebody's heart his sorrows are not gone. Now I feel good after seeing your lotus feet."

Raam said - "Listen my friend, it is my nature, although Kaagbhushundi, Shiv and Girijaa all know about it still I tell you, that even who is the enemy of the universe but comes to me in fear, I treat him like a saint. Whosoever leaves the bondage of mother, father, brother, son, wife, body, wealth, house, friends and his family and he has only one desire to see me, I love such a human being as a greedy man loves his money."

Hearing this Vibheeshan touched His feet repeatedly and asked for His Bhakti. "Be it so" said Raghunaath and asked for the water of the sea. He said - "Although you have not expressed any wish but my Darshan is never in vain." Then he coronated him, and gave him undivided kingdom. Whatever Shiv Jee gave Raavan after offering Him his ten heads, the same thing Raam gave to Vibheeshan hesitantly. Here Tulasee Daas Jee says - "Whosoever worship another Devtaa leaving such a kind Prabhu they are animals without tails."

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Crossing the Sea 

Now Raam asked Sugreev and Vibheeshan as how to cross this vast and difficult sea full of various terrible sea creatures. Brother of king of Lankaa  said - "Prabhu, your one arrow is capable of drying millions of seas, but ethics says that you should request Samudra Devtaa. He is elder in your family so he will tell you the way to cross it effortlessly." Raam said - "You have suggested me rightly, but it will happen only if  Bhagvaan will wish." But Lakshman didn't like this advice, so he said - "Hey Naath, don't depend on Bhagvaan and dry the sea with your anger." Raam said smilingly - "I may do so, just be patient." Then He went to the Sea and sat down there to pray him.

After Vibheeshan left Lankaa, Raavan sent a couple of spies to follow him. They took the form of monkey and observed everything as what happened between Vibheeshan and Raam. Realizing Raam's kindness they praised Raam for His actions. In this process they forgot their monkey form and came into their real form. Monkeys recognized them as enemy's spies and brought them to Sugreev.

Sugreev asked monkeys to cut their nose and ears and send them back to Raavan. When monkeys tried to comply with Sugreev's orders, they said  - "Whosoever will cut our nose an ears he will suffer from Koshalaadheesh's anger." Hearing this Lakshman called them and freed them smilingly. Then He gave a letter to them to hand over to Raavan  and said - "Tell Raavan that if he has not given Seetaa back then his death is certain."

They went back to Raavan and told everything. Raavan said - "O Shuk, tell me your story then you tell me about Vibheeshan whose death is near. That fool has left Lankaa. He could have ruled Lankaa. He is that unfortunate worm of barley which is ground along with the barley. Then tell me about Vaanar army which has come here under the spell of Kaal." 

They said to him - "As your younger brother met Shree Raam, He coronated him. Hearing that we are your spies they troubled us too. Those Vaanar wanted to cut our nose and ears. They spared us only after swearing to Raam.

Raam's army cannot be described even by millions of mouths. There are many bears and monkeys of various colors who have very large mouths, huge body and frightening look. The Vaanar, who burned your city and killed your son, his power is much less among all. There are Dwivid, Mayand, Neel, Nal, Angad, Gad, Vikataasya, Dadhimukh, Kesaree, Nishath, Shath and Jaambvaan. All these monkeys are very powerful like Sugreev and there are millions others like him.

By the grace of Raam everybody is very mighty and considers Trilok like a straw. We heard that they have 180 trillion (18 Padm)  army chiefs only. There is no single Vaanar among them who cannot win you. 

They all are very angry and are just waiting for Raghunaayak's orders. They make so much noise as if hey will destroy the whole Lankaa. They all are naturally mighty and enjoy Raam's favor. They can even win millions of Kaal.  Even Shesh Jee cannot describe Raam's power. Your brother told that His one arrow could dry hundreds of seas, but still Shree Raam requested Sea to give Him the way to come to Lankaa, because He is very kind."

Hearing all this Raavan laughed loudly and said - "Who has such ideology that is why He has helpers like monkeys." Considering this moment appropriate, Shuk took out the letter and said - "Younger brother of Raam has sent you this message." Smilingly Raavan took the letter in his left hand and asked his minister to read it. Raavan got frightened hearing the letter but said - "As somebody on the ground attempts to catch something in the sky in the same way this younger Tapaswee is boasting himself."

Shuk said - "Hey Naath now you listen to my words with calm mind. Raghuveer's nature is very soft, although He is the Swaamee of the universe. If you will meet Him with pure heart He will be kind to you. Give Jaanakee back to Him and He will not mind your even your single fault." As soon as he said to give back Vaidehee to Raam, Raavan hit him with his foot. So he went to Raghunaath Jee. There he bowed to Him, told his story and got his Gati. Shankar Jee says - "Hey Bhavaanee, he was very Gyaanee Muni, but because of Rishi Agastya's Shaap he became Raakshas. He prayed Raam repeatedly and went to his Aashram."

Three days passed praying to Sea but he did not listen to His prayers. Then Raam said angrily - "There is no love without fear. Lakhman, bring my bow and arrow and I will dry it with my arrow's fire." And Raghupati aimed His arrow at Sea. Lakshman liked that. As He did that, a flame appeared from the sea. It troubled all its creatures. And Samudra Devtaa appeared in Braahman form with a large gold plate full of gems.

Kaagbhuhundi Jee says - "As banana tree blooms only after cutting it, no matter how much you water it; in the same way sordid people do not heed requests." Samudra said - "Please forgive my all faults. Air, Earth, Water, Fire and Sky, all act unconsciously. You created them with your Maayaa to create the universe. Now whatever you tell me I will do the same. I will be dry with your grace and you can cross me but then I will have no pride in it."

Raam said - "In whatever way our monkeys can cross this sea, you do the same." Samudra Devtaa said - "Hey Naath, Nal and Neel got the blessing of a Rishi in their childhood that whatever heavy rocks they will touch, they will float by your grace. I will meditate you and help you in crossing with all my strength. That is how you build the bridge and cross the sea. But there is one thing - on my north shore there are some people who trouble me a lot. You kill them with this arrow and relieve me."

Immediately Raam relieved him from his sufferings and Samudra went away after bowing Him.

Iti Shree Raam Charit Maanas
Pancham Sopaan Sundar Kaand

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