Hindu Scriptures  

Shree Rama Charit Manas
As Written By Goswami Tulsi Daas Jee

Introduction Bal Kaand Ayodhya Kaand Aranaya Kaand
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Ram Charit Manas - Aranaya Kaand


Jayant and Anusooyaa

Shiv Jee said - "Hey Paarvatee, Now you listen to about Raam's life in the forest. Once Raam made some jewelry from flowers for Seetaa Jee and put them on Her. Now Indra's son Jayant wants to test Raam's power in disguise of a crow. That fool hit Seetaa Jee's foot with his beak and flew away. When it bled, Raghunaath saw it and shot an arrow of a stick (Sarkandaa) at crow. With the power of Mantra that arrow ran after the crow. The crow also flew away. The crow, Jayant, came to his father Indra in his real form to get some help, but He did not help him as he was the enemy of Shree Raam.

Now he got afraid, as Durvaasaa Rishi got afraid of the Chakra, and went to Brahm Lok, Shiv Lok etc Lok, but nobody asked him even to sit, let alone to protect him. Kaagbhushundi Jee says - "Hey Garud Jee, Who is the enemy of Raam, mother becomes like death, father becomes like Yamraaj and Amrit becomes like poison for him. He was roaming around like this, that he met Naarad Jee.

When  Naarad Jee saw him like this, He pitied him and advised him to go back to Shree Raam saying that only He can save him from this trouble. He went back to Raam and holding His feet said - "Hey Prabhu, Please protect me, I am in your shelter. I didn't know your power. I have got the result of my Karm. Now please protect me."

Although it was justified to kill him but kind Raam freed him only after pricking his one eye. Who else can be so kind as Raghuveer?

While living in Chitrakoot Raam did many things which are very sweet to listen. Then He felt that He was being known there, so there would be a lot of crowd there. Therefore they left that place and arrived at Atri Muni's Aashram. Atri Muni got very happy. He came rushing to welcome them, Raam bent for Saashtaang Pranaam, but Muni hugged Him dearly before doing that. Then he prayed Him.

Seetaa Jee touched the feet of Atri Muni's wife Satee Anusooyaa Jee (see Five Satee). She gave Her divine clothes and jewelry which was ever cleaned and new. Then she said to Her - "Hey princess, All, mother, father, brother etc are well wishers, but they can give you happiness only up to a limit. But husband is the only person who can give you uninterrupted/everlasting  happiness. That woman is sordid who doesn't serve her husband.

Patience, Dharm, friend and wife, these four, can only be tested  in difficult times. The woman who even insults a husband who is old, ill, fool, poor, blind, deaf, angry, gets sorrows and pains in Yam Puree. A woman has only one Dharm, one Vrat, and one discipline; that is to love husband's feet with Man, Vachan and Karm.

Ved, Puraan and saints say thus, that there are four types of Pativrataa (faithful o husband) women: (1) the highest Pativrataa has the feeling that "there is no other man except my husband even in the dream". (2) The middle type of Pativrataa sees others husband as he is her real brother (of her age), father (to an older) or son (to a younger). (3) The lower type of Pativrataa kills her desires because of her family's reputation and society. (4) And the woman who is Pativrataa only because of not getting opportunity or fear, she is the lowest.

The woman who deceives her husband and loves other man, she stays in Raurav Narak for hundred Kalp. No woman can be more wicked, who bags sorrows for numerous lives for a moment's pleasure. And the woman who accepts her husband without any cheating she gets auspicious life later on. Who does not behave according to her husband, wherever she is born, she becomes widow in a young age.

Woman is unholy since birth, but by serving her husband she gets an auspicious life. It is only Paativrat Dharm which has made Tulasee (see also Jalandhar) loving to Bhagvaan and all four Ved praise her glory. Hey Seetaa, Women will follow Paativrat Dharm by pronouncing your name only. You love Shree Raam like your life. This Paativrat Dharm I have told only for public." Seetaa Jee got very pleased to hear all this and bowed to her feet.

Then Raam Jee asked Muni his permission to go to another forest. At this Muni Atri spoke - "Brahmaa, Shiv and Sanakaadi always wish for whose favor, Hey Raam, you are the same Bhgvaan who is saying like this. Now I have known the intelligence of Lakshmee Jee as why did She choose only you as her husband leaving all other Devtaa alone. How can I say you to go? You are Omnipresent, you know it better."

Muni is very happy. His eyes are full of tears of love. He is thinking himself "What Punya I have done in the past because of which I got Prabhu's Darshan today." Then Shree Raam bowed His head in Muni's feet and headed forward.

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Darshan to Sharbhang Muni

Shree Raam is in front, Lakshman is behind Him, and Seetaa Jee is in the middle of them. She is looking like Maayaa in between Brahm and Jeev. Wherever Raghunaath walks, clouds put shade on them.

On the way they met Viraadh Raakshas. As Raam killed him  he got his divine form. Seeing him grieved, Raam sent him to His Lok.

Then they came to Muni Sharbhang Jee's Aashram. Sharbhang Jee feels himself blessed to receive Shree Raam in his Aashram. Muni welcomed them and said - "I was going to Brahm Lok then I heard that Shree Raam would come in this forest, since then I have been waiting for you. Now I have got relief. I have nothing to offer you, still you have been so kind to me.

In fact, this is not an obligation on me, you have only kept your promise by doing this. Now you stay here until I see you in your Dhaam (dwelling place) after leaving my body. Muni took the Vardaan of Raam's Bhakti  in exchange of whatever Yog, Tap, Jap, Vrat Muni did in his life. Then Muni made a pyre and sat on it. He burned himself with Yog fire and went to Vaikunth. He did not get absorbed in Bhagvaan because he had already asked the Vardaan for His Bhakti.

Raam headed forward, Many Muni also accompanied Him. Then He saw heaps of bones on the way. He asked Muni about those heaps. Muni said - "Naath, You are Omnipresent and you are asking us? Many Raakshas come here and they have eaten Muni. These are the bones of those Muni." Hearing this Raghuveer's eyes filled with tears. He vowed raising His hand that He will empty this Prithvi from Raakshas. He visited all Muni's Aashram and consoled them.

There was a disciple of Muni Agastya Jee, whose name was  Suteekshn. As he heard about Prabhu's coming, he rushed to see Him. Then he thought, "whether Raam will meet me like His younger brother? I don't have anything like Bhakti, detachment, Gyaan, Yog, Jap, Yagya. Will He be kind to me?" He sometimes walks forward, sometimes backward, sometimes dances.

Prabhu is watching him from behind a tree. Suteekshn Jee doesn't pay any attention to Raam. So He appeared in his heart. As Muni saw Him in his heart, he sat down in the way meditating Raam. Then Shree Raam came in front of him, but Muni did not get up. He tried to wake him up but Muni did not wake up. Then Shree Raam hid His human form and appeared in his heart in four-armed form. Then Muni woke up and got very happy to see his Isht Dev. He just fell onto Raam's feet.

Raam lifted him up and hugged him. Muni is looking at Him without blinking his eyes. When he gathered himself, he took them to his Aashram and worshipped Him in several ways. He said - "How do I pray you? I have very little knowledge and your glory is immense." Shree Raam hugged him again and said - "Muni, I am very pleased with you, ask for any Var." Muni said - "I don't know what I should ask for. I have never asked for any Var. I don't know what is right and what is wrong. Therefore whatever you like, give it to me."

Raam said - "Have my limitless Bhakti, detachment, elemental knowledge." Muni said - "Whatever Vardaan you gave me, I got it. Now you give me that what I desire. Live in my heart with Lakshman and Seetaa Jee carrying your arrow and bow." "So be it"

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Darshan to Agastya Muni

After blessing Suteekshn Jee, Shree Raam went to Agastya Muni's Aashram. Suteekshn Jee also accompanied him. As they arrived in Agastya Muni's Aashram, Suteekshn Jee went to Muni Agastya and said - "See, whom you worship so much He himself has come with Lakshman and Seetaa Jee to see you." Agastya Jee rushed immediately. Tears of love flowed from his eyes. Both brothers fell on Muni's feet. Rishi lifted them and embraced them dearly. He asked their welfare and offered them the Aasan.

Muni worshipped them in various ways and said - "Nobody  is as fortunate as I am today." Many other Muni also came to see them. They just sat there and looked at their faces as Chakor bird (see Three Things Related to Moon) looks at the Moon. Raam Jee said - "You already know the reason of my coming, that is why I did not tell you in detail. Therefore now you advise me on how to kill Raakshas."

Muni smiled at Raam and said - "What did you think while questioning like this? I know something only because of your Bhakti. Your Maayaa is like a great Goolar tree (this tree is very large, shady and bears very large red fruits) in which universes are like its fruits. All creatures live in those fruits like its worms and they do not know any other world except their own. Kaal is the eater of those fruits and even that Kaal is your servant. The same Swaamee is asking me like a human being?

I ask you this Var that you live in my heart with Lakshman Jee and Seetaa Jee. I should get Bhakti, detachment, Satsang, and love of your feet. You are one Brahm who can be known by experience only. Al though I know your this form (means Nir-Gun form), I describe it also, but still I am always attracted to your Sa-Gun form. You always regard your servants, that is why you have asked me.

There is a very beautiful place, named Panchvatee. You go to Dandak Van (where Panchvatee is) and clear Gautam Rishi's Shaap from there. You may stay there for some time."

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Gyaan to Lakshman Jee 

As per advice of Agastrya Muni Jee, Shree Raam then proceeded towards Panchvatee. There He met Geedhraaj Jataayu (king of vultures). Raam extended His friendship to him.

Then He came to the bank of Godaavaree river. There they built a hut and stayed there. Since His coming all Muni living there got comfort and happiness; forests, rivers, ponds were filled with clean water; birds and animals wandered freely.

Once Raam was sitting happily, that Lakshman Jee came  and said - "Prabhu, Kindly tell me the way by which I should serve only you. Tell me something about Vairaagya (detachment), Gyaan and Maayaa and Bhakti too through which to get your kindness. Explain me the difference between Eeshwar and Jeev (soul), so that I am dedicated to  you and be free from attachment, sorrow and confusions."

Shree Raam said - "I tell you all this in brief. Me and mine, thy and thine, this is Maayaa which has controlled all the creatures. All pleasures of Indriyaan and up to wherever your mind goes, that is all Maayaa. Maayaa has two aspects - Vidyaa (Gyaan, or knowledge) and A-Vidyaa (ignorance). A-Vidyaa is foul, faulty and sorrowful. It causes Jeev to live in the world. Another is Vidyaa which creates the universes and controls Gun. It is under the control of Prabhu and it itself cannot do anything since it has no powers of its own.

Gyaan (Vidyaa) doesn't have any fault like pride, and which sees Brahm in everything. The same person should be known as Vairaagee (detached) who has left all Siddhi and the three Gun (Sat, Raj, Tam). Who doesn't know the Swaroop (form) of Maayaa, Eeshwar and self, he should be known as Jeev.  Whoever prescribes bondage or Moksh according to ones Karm, who is beyond all, and who uses Maayaa; know Him as Eeshwar.

When one follows Dharm, he proceeds towards Vairaagya; when one practices Yog, he obtains Gyaan; Gyaan opens the door of Moksh. But I get pleased with Bhakti which comforts my Bhakt.

Bhakti (Shree Raam has told nine types of Bhakti to Shabaree, read also Navadhaa Bhakti) is independent. It doesn't need anything else like Gyaan, elemental knowledge etc, rather they are dependent on Bhakti. Bhakti is the root of joy and one can get only when saints are pleased. Now I tell you the ways for Bhakti. This is easy path by which people can get me easily. Firstly, one should be devotee of Braahman, and act according to Ved. This will result in Vairaagya and will develop love towards Bhaagvat Dharm. That will reinforce the nine types of Bhakti and he will love to hear my Kathaa.

Whoever is a Bhakt of saints, does Bhajan (sing religious songs, or meditation) regularly; knows me as his everything (mother, father, brother, friend etc); whose eyes are filled with tears of joy while hearing or telling my stories, I am always in his control."

Hearing this Bhakti Yog Lakshman Jee got very happy. A few days passed thus hearing and telling about Gyaan, Vairaagya, Gun, principles of life etc.

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 Killing of Khar and Dooshan 

Lankaa's king Raakshas Raavan had a sister named Shoorpankhaa who was very wicked. Once she went towards Panchvatee and seeing both princes went crazy about them. Kaagbhushundi Jee says - "Hey Garud Jee, Shoorpankhaa like Raakshasee are attracted to any man irrespective of any relationship, age etc whether he is father, brother or son as Sooryakaant Mani melts in the Sunlight.

She took the form of a beautiful woman, approached Prabhu and said - "Neither there is any man as handsome as you, nor there is any woman as beautiful as me. Vidhaataa (Bhagvaan) has made us for each other. I have searched the three Lok, but I could not find husband for me, that is why I am still unmarried. Now it seems that I have got him."

Prabhu looked at Seetaa Jee and said - "My younger brother is still unmarried." So she went to Lakshman Jee. Lakshman Jee considered her enemy's sister, so looking at Prabhu,  He spoke - "O beautiful woman,  I am His servant. Since I am dependent to Him, you will not be comfortable with me. Prabhu is the king of Koshalpur, whatever He will do it will be all right for Him. If a servant wishes for comfort, a beggar wishes for respect, a drunkard wishes for wealth, a greedy wishes for glory, and a proud wishes for the four fruits (Dharm, Arth, Kaam, Moksh), then all of them are wishing for milking sky."

Hearing this she came back to Raam, but Prabhu sent her back to Lakshman. Lakshman said - "Only he will marry you who is completely shameless." She again went to Raam and showed her horrible form (Raakshasee Roop). Seeing her frightened look Seetaa Jee got scared, Raam pointed to Lakshman. Lakshman understood it and cut her nose and ears. Thus they sent a signal of warning to Raavan.

Crying miserably she approached her brothers Khar and Dooshan living nearby and spoke to them - "Shame to you and your bravery and your might." Then Shoorpankhaa told them everything when asked. They immediately got prepared with their army, and followed Shoorpankhaa. Seeing sky filled with dust, Raam said to Lakshman - "Army of Raakshs has come now. You take Jaanakee Jee in a cave and be careful. I will go and face it." Lakshman went away with Seetaa Jee. And Raam took His bow and arrow in His hands.

Raakshas came rushing  and surrounded Shree Raam, but as  they saw Him they just got mesmerized of His beauty. They couldn't shoot any arrow at Him. Khar Dooshan asked their minister whether He was a human being. They thought "we have seen so many Naag, Asur, Devtaa, humans, Muni, and we have killed so many of them, but we have not seen such a radiance beauty anywhere. Although they have deformed our sister still He is not to be killed." Then they said to their minister - "Go and tell them that they should surrender their woman whom they have hidden somewhere and they themselves should return their home. And bring their reply soon."

Messengers conveyed this to Shree Raam. Shree Raam said smilingly - "We are Kshatriya, hunt in the forest and look for the animals like you. We are not afraid of mighty enemy. We can even fight with Kaal if he comes. Although we are humans, but we kill Daitya and protect Muni. We look young but we punish wicked people. If you are not strong enough, then return home. If you will go back I will spare your life."

Messengers said all this to Khar and Dooshan. Hearing this they got very angry and attacked Raam but Raam's arrows were very sharp. Asur got frightened and ran away from the battlefield. Khar and Dooshan said - "Whosoever will run away from here we will kill him ourselves." So their army again started fighting. They are playing Maayaa on Shree Raam. Many arms and heads are flying in the sky, and bodies are running without heads.

Then Prabhu shot 10 arrows each in the chests of all army leaders. Warriors fall down, but get up soon again and don't die. Devtaa are scared to see this that Raakshas are 14,000 and Shree Raam is alone. Seeing Devtaa scared, Raam played a Maayaa. Now Raakshas started seeing Raam in each other so they fought among themselves and died soon. Now Devtaa were very happy, they prayed and showered flowers from the sky. Lakshman Jee brought Seetaa Jee back.

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Shoorpankhaa Goes to Raavan

Seeing Khar and Dooshan dying in the battlefield, Shoorpankhaa went to her brother Raavan in Lankaa and instigated him - "You have forgotten your country and treasure. You just drink and sleep all day and night. You don't even know that  your enemy is nearby.

If you rule without policies, earn money without doing Dharm, do good deeds without offering them to Him and earn education without logic, you will be doing only labor and hard work. Sanyaasee from pleasures, Raajaa from bad counseling , Gyaan from pride, modesty from drinking, love from impoliteness and qualities from being proud are destroyed very soon. This I have heard. Look at my condition and you are still alive." And Shoorpankhaa started crying in his court.

Courtiers could not tolerate Shoorpankhaa's cry, they lifted her up and asked her to tell everything in detail. Raavan also asked her as who had cut her nose and ears. Shoorpankhaa said - "The sons of Ayodhyaa's king Raajaa Dashrath, have come to prey here in forest. It seems to me that they have come to finish all Raakshas from this earth. Seeing whose might Muni wander now fearlessly, they look like youths but are like Kaal.

Both the brothers are very mighty. They are very brave, patient, stable and good archer. They are killing Raakshas and are comforting Muni. They are very handsome. Raam is His name, and they also have a woman  with them. She is so  beautiful that even a billion Rati (Kaamdev's wife who is supposed to the most beautiful woman) can't be compared with Her. His younger brother has cut my nose and ears. I called Khar and Dooshan but He killed them with their whole army in a few moments. I am your sister, hearing this they laughed."

Hearing the killing of Khar, Dooshan and Trishiraa, Raavan got extremely angry. He boasted his bravery and might from outside but he got frightened in his heart. He thought - "There is nobody in the universe who can even touch even my servants. Khar and Dooshan were mighty like me. Who else can kill them except Bhagvaan? And if Bhagvaan has incarnated then I will go and fight with them and get Moksh having been killed by His arrow. I cannot do Bhajan with this Taamas body, therefore I should do the same. And if they will be human princes, then I will win them in the battle and abduct His wife."

Thinking thus Raavan went to the place on seashore where Maareech lived.

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Raavan Asks Help From Maareech

Shiv Jee says - "Hey Paarvatee, Now you listen to the story of Shree Raam. After Shree Raam had killed Khar and Dooshan, once Lakshman Jee went to forest to bring fruits and roots to eat, Raam spoke to Seetaa - "Priya, Now I will act as a human being. So until I kill Raakshas you stay in Fire." As Shree Raam Jee explained everything to Seetaa Jee, She entered Fire remembering Raam. She left Her shadow woman there. The shadow woman was the true duplicate of Seetaa. Lakshman Jee also didn't know whatever Bhagvaan did there.

Selfish Raavan went to Maareech and bowed to him. Maareech greeted and offered him an Aasan; and asked - "Please be seated. What is the matter? You look worried, and you have come alone?" Raavan told him everything and said - "You take the form of a deer, so that I can abduct His wife."

Maareech said - "Hey Dash-sheesh (who has ten heads, means Raavan), He is Eeshwar in human form. Do not  make Him enemy. Only He gives and takes life. The same princes went to protect Vishwaamitra's Yagya. At that time Raghunaath Jee shot me a blunt arrow. I fell 100 Yojan far in a moment. Now my condition is like Bhringee insect. I see both brothers, Raam and Lakshman, everywhere. If they are human beings then they are very  brave. It is almost impossible to win them. Whoever killed Taadakaa and Subaahu, whoever broke Shiv Jee's bow, whoever killed Khar, Dooshan and Trishiraa; I doubt it very much that He is a human being. Therefore you think about your family and go back to your home."

Hearing this Raavan got very angry and abused Maareech - "O fool, Tell me who else is mighty warrior like me in the world?" Then Maareech thought that there is no use to develop enmity with the nine type of persons: a person with weapons, a person who knows secrets, capable Swaamee, fool, rich, herbalist, Bhaat (singer of praises), poet, and cook. So when he knew that his death was certain in both ways, he preferred to die with Shree Raam's arrow.

Thinking thus he went with Raavan. He was very happy even with the idea that he would see Shree Raam again. He would see Him following him with bow and arrow. He would follow me to kill me and I would see Him repeatedly turning my head. Nobody is blessed like me today."

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Killing of Maareech 

When Raavan and Maareech arrived in the forest, about which Raavan mentioned to him, Maareech converted himself into a golden deer. This deer was very strange. Its golden body was studded with gems. As Seetaa Jee saw this deer, She said to Raam - "Hey Prabhu, This deer's skin is very beautiful. Kill it and bring its skin."

In spite of knowing why Maareech was showing up as deer, Raam got up happily to do Devtaa's job. He took His bow and arrow and told Lakshman that there were many Raakshas wandering in the forest, so He should take care of Seetaa Jee with wisdom and logic according to might and time.

Ved describe Him as "Neti, Neti" (not this, not this), Shiv Jee also cannot see Him in His meditation, (means who is beyond mind and speech), the same Raam is running after a Maayaa deer. Sometimes that deer comes near, sometimes it goes far, sometimes it appears and sometimes it disappears. Thus playing with Raam the deer has brought Raam very far from His hut

Then Raam aimed His arrow and shot it. It fell immediately on the ground. First he called Lakshaman's name in Raam's voice, then he remembered Raam and left his body. At that time he showed his Raakshasee body and remembered Raam again. Raam sent him to His Param Pad which is difficult even to great Muni. After killing Maareech, Prabhu Raam returned immediately.

When Seetaa heard "Haa Lakshman" in Raam's voice, She got scared and said to Lakshman - "Lakshman, You go immediately, your brother is in trouble. He is calling you." Lakshman Jee said - "Hey Maa, Only a motion of whose eyebrow can destroy the universe, how can He be in trouble?" At this Seetaa Jee said some heart piercing words. By the inspiration of Bhagvaan, Lakshman Jee also got worried. He proceeded towards Shree Raam leaving Seetaa Jee under the protection of forest and all directions.

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Abduction of Sita

Raavan was looking only for this opportunity. Seetaa Jee was alone, so he came to Seetaa Jee in the form of a Sanyaasee. From whom Devtaa and Daitya are so much afraid that neither they can sleep in the night nor they can eat food properly in the day time, the same ten-headed Raavan is going as a thief looking here and there. Kaagbhushundi Jee says - "Hey Garud Jee, When somebody follows the path of evil, he loses his might, grace, and wisdom."

Raavan explained politics, scared Seetaa Jee  and expressed his love to her in several ways. Seetaa Jee said - "Hey Saadhu, You are talking like a wicked person." Then Raavan showed Her his real form and told Her his name. Seetaa Jee got frightened, but patiently She said - "O wicked, Just wait, Prabhu is coming. You are now under the control of Kaal by loving me as a tiny rabbit loves the lioness." Hearing this metaphor Raavan got mad but he worshipped Seetaa Jee's feet in his heart.

Then he took Her on his chariot and rushed immediately by skyway. But because of fear he was not able to drive it properly. Seetaa Jee was crying - "Hey Raghuveer, Why did you forget me? Lakshman, it is not your fault. I got angry on you, so I got the result. Prabhu is kind enough, but He is very far. Who is going to tell my trouble to Him?" Hearing Seetaa's cry all conscious and unconscious creatures got sad.

Jataayu recognized Seetaa Jee by Her voice. A Raakshas was taking Her forcefully. He spoke - "Hey Seete, Don't be afraid. I will kill this Raakshas." And he rushed towards Raavan calling on him - "O wicked, stay where you are. Are you so fearless? You don't know me." In fact when Raavan saw him coming, he guessed that either it was Mainaak Parvat or Garud bird. But he again thought that Garud already knew his might along with his Swaamee Vishnu, so he could not be Garud. When he came nearer, then he recognized him. It was Jataayu. He said - "Oh, this is old Jataayu. It seems that he will die in my hands."

Jataayu tried to stop Raavan. He took Raavan off the chariot holding his hair. Raavan fell on the ground. Jataayu asked Seetaa Jee to sit at one side, and returned to fight with Raavan. He wounded Raavan with his beak. Raavan got unconscious for a Ghadee. Then Raavan took out his big knife and cut Jataayu's wings. Jataayu fell remembering Raam's Leelaa. Raavan brought Seetaa Jee back on the chariot and started again driving his chariot. He was frightened so he was going swiftly.

Seetaa Jee was crying. Then She saw a Parvat below, and on the Parvat She saw some monkeys sitting. She remembered Bhagvaan, and dropped her cloth. Raavan took Her to Lankaa. He tried his best to make Her agree to marry him, but when She did not agree, he kept Her under an Ashok tree in Ashok Vaatika (garden). The way Shree Raam went to kill the deer, Seetaa Jee chants His name remembering the same face.

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In Search of Sita 

After killing Maareech, Shree Raam returned to His hut quickly. He found Lakshman coming towards him on His way to His hut. Shree Raam showed worry about Seetaa and said - "You disobeyed me, Lakshman, and you came here. Raakshas wander in the forest in groups. I have a hunch that Seetaa is not in the hut."

Lakshman Jee fell on Raam's feet and said - "Brother, I am not at fault in this matter." Raam went on the bank of Godaavaree  where their Aashram was. They didn't find Seetaa there as they thought. Raam got worried about Her like human beings. He wept - "Hey Seetaa, where are you, where have you gone?"

Lakshman Jee tried to console Him. Then they started searching for Her asking creepers, trees, animals, birds, Bhramar (bumble bee), parrots, pigeons, deer, Koel (cuckoo), lotus flower, Moon, banana tree, elephants, lions etc etc in the forest. "Have you seen my Seetaa? Hey Seete, all of these look so happy without you as if they were ashamed in comparison to your beauty, and now when you are not here, they have got their beauty again."

Thus Raam is wandering in the forest weeping like a lusty man. He is behaving like humans. On their way they met Geedhraaj (king of vultures) Jataayu. He was lying on the ground and remembering Raam's feet. Raam touched his head with His hand. Seeing Raam and getting His touch his all pain was gone. Then he patiently told Him that Raavan had taken Jaanakee and he had put me in this condition. He has taken Her to south. She was crying a lot. I have held myself to have your Darshan, now permit me to go."

Raam said - "Please, wait for a moment." Jataayu said - "A dying man gets Mukti by taking whose name, the same is standing before me, so what for I should wait?" Raam said - "You have got the best Gati through your best Karm. Who always thinks about others good, nothing is difficult for him. What can I give to you? You have already got everything.  Kindly don't tell anything about the abduction of Seetaa to my father. If I am Raam then Raavan himself, along with his family, will tell him about it."

Jataayu left his Geedh body and came into Hari form and prayed Raam. After getting the Var of unbroken Bhakti, he went to Hari's Param Dhaam. Shree Raam performed his last rites with His own hands. Vulture is one of the lowest species but kind Raam gave him His own Lok, Shiv Jee says - "Paarvatee Jee, those people are very low minded who love pleasures instead of Bhagvaan's feet."

Now the forest was becoming denser and denser. On the way Raam killed Kabandh Raakshas. While dying he told his story of Shaap of Durvaasaa Muni. Shree Ram said - "Hey Gandharv, I do not like enemies of Braahman families. Who serve Braahman with Man, Vachan and Karm, all Devtaa including myself are under his control. Even that Braahman is respectable who gives Shaap, or beats, or speaks harsh words, while a qualitative and knowledgeable Shoodra is not respectable." Then Shree Raam explained him Bhaagvat Dharm and he went to sky to his Lok.

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Shabaree's Aashram 

Shree Raam proceeded and came to Shabaree's Aashram. She saw Him coming then she remembered  Matang Muni's words. He told her that Shree Raam would come to her hut. She fell on both brothers' feet. She washed their feet and offered beautiful Aasan to sit.

Then she brought very sweet fruits and roots. Shree Raam admired them repeatedly and ate them with great love. Then she stood with folded hands in front of Raam and said - "How do I pray you? I am of a very low caste and mind. Whosoever are the lowest, I am the lowest among them being a woman, and on top of that I have very low mind."

Shree Raam said - "O woman, I regard only the relation of Bhakti. In spite of caste, family, Dharm, praise, wealth, might, qualities and cleverness, a human being looks ugly without Bhakti. I tell you now my Navadhaa Bhakti (nine types of Bhakti). Listen to it carefully.

First type of Bhakti is Satsang (company of good peole). Second type of Bhakti is interest in hearing my Kathaa. Third one is serving Guru's feet without any pride. The fourth one is to sing my qualities without cheating. The fifth type of Bhakti is to do Jaap of my Mantra and have strong faith in me - This is famous in Ved. The sixth type of Bhakti is control on Indriyaan, good nature and character, Vairaagya from Karm and following saints' behavior. The seventh type of Bhakti is to see me in the whole world and regard saints more than me. The eighth type of Bhakti is to be contented whatever is available and not seeing others faults even in dream. And the ninth type of Bhakti is plainness and behaving well with everybody without cheating, having trust in me and feeling neither happiness nor sadness in any situation.

I like those people. You have all kinds of Bhakti, therefore which is difficult even for Yogee, you have got that Gati easily. The wonderful result of my Darshan is this that Jeev (soul) knows his real form. Now please tell me about Seetaa Jee if you know something about Her. Shabare said - "Hey Raghunaath Jee, Now you go to Pampaapur Sarovar (pond), where you extend your friendship with Sugreev. Only he will tell you everything. In spite of knowing everything you ask me?" Then she told everything to Raam.

She looked at Raam's face, left her body with Yog and got absorbed in Hari. Tulasee Daas Jee says - "Various types of Karm, A-Dharm and sects are only sorrowful, just have faith in Shree Raam's feet.

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Arriving at Pampaapur 


Shree Raam again proceeded. He speaks many things like a separated person - "Hey Lakshman, Just look at the beauty of the forest. Who will not be sad looking at this. All birds and animals are with their spouses. It seems that they are abusing me. When deer run away seeing me, then she-deer say to them that you need not to be scared of Him as you are an ordinary deer, He has come only after the golden deer.

Elephants keep their she-elephants with them as if they are teaching me that one should keep his wife with him. But one should keep Shaastra also in mind. They say that in spite of keeping woman in the heart, woman, Shaastra and king are not in control of anyone.

Seeing me separated, sad, weak, and alone, Kaamdev has also attacked me  with his army of Bhramar (bumble bees), birds and flowers. But when his messengers found me with my younger brother then Kaamdev has only camped in the forest. Various trees are blossoming as if they have worn clothes of different colors. Koel (cuckoo) are cooing. It is difficult to describe Kaamdev's army. Kaamdev has the power of a woman so whosoever can save from him, only he is the true warrior.

Kaam, anger and greed, these three are very powerful enemies. They can move the hearts of even great Yogee and Muni. Greed has the support of desire and pride, Kaam has the power of woman, and anger has the power of harsh words.

Shiv Jee says - "Hey Paarvatee, Shree Raam is beyond Gun (Sat, Raj, Tam), Swaamee of all and knows everybody's mind. He has shown only helplessness of lusty people. Anger, Kaam, greed, pride and Maayaa - all go away by the kindness of Shree Raam. When Bhagvan is pleased with somebody, he doesn't get affected with His Maayaa. Hey Umaa, I can tell you this from my experience that Hari's Bhajan is the only truth and this whole world is a dream."

Then Prabhu arrived at Pampaapur Sarovar (pond). Its water is very clean and clear. There are four Ghaat (places for taking bath) on it. Various types of animals are drinking water there. Water is not seen behind the lotus leaves as Brahm is not seen because of the cover of Maayaa over Him. Many kinds of lotus are blooming in that Sarovar. Many Bhramar (bumble bees) are singing on them. Swans, cranes etc birds are beautifying it. Muni are living there nearby. Trees are bent down laden with fruits as the good people bow getting lots of wealth.

Shree Raam took bath in that Sarovar and sat under the shade of a tree with Lakshman. Then there came all Devtaa and Muni to pray Him and went away. Shree Raam is telling beautiful stories to Lakshman. Naarad Jee got very sad seeing Shree Raam without His wife. He thought, "it is only because of my Shaap that Shree Raam is tolerating all kinds of sorrows. I should go and see this kind of Prabhu. I will not get opportunity like this again."

So Naarad Jee came there with His Veenaa (an Indian musical string instrument) and did Saashtaang Pranaam (prostrated) to Him. Raghunaath Jee lifted Him and hugged Him for some time. Then He asked His welfare and had Him seated near Him. Lakshman Jee washed His feet. Naarad Jee spoke - "Swaamee, give me one Var, although you know everything." Raam said - "Hey Muni, You know my nature. Do I hide anything from my Bhakt? Which thing is so much dear to me which you cannot ask for? There is nothing which I cannot give to my Bhakt. Trust me."

Naarad Jee said - "Although Prabhu has many names, and according to Ved all are better than one other, still your Raam name should be the highest among all the names. and it should be the destroyer of all Paap (sins). Raam said - "Be it so" Naarad Jee spoke again - "When you affected me with your Maayaa at that time I wanted to marry, why didn't you allow me to marry?"

Prabhu said - "I will surely tell you this happily. Who worship only me leaving everything else, I take care of them as mother takes care of her child.  When a little child runs to catch a snake, she saves him holding him back. When he is grown then also mother loves him but not like before. Because he does not depend on mother like before, he can protect himself.

Gyaanee are like my mature sons and the son like you is like my little child. My servant has only my power while Gyaanee has his own power. But Kaam and anger etc enemies are for both alike. I have the responsibility to fight with my Bhakt's enemies, because he is dependent on me, but Gyaanee has to use his own power to fight with them that is why I don't have the responsibility to fight with his enemies. Thinking thus knowledgeable people worship only me. They don't leave my Bhakti even after being Gyaanee.

Kaam, anger, greed and pride is the powerful army of Moh (ignorance, love). And a woman, who is the shadow of Maayaa itself, is the most troublesome among all. She is the root cause of all pains, sorrows, and faults. That is why Hey Muni, I stopped you to marry."

Hearing this Naarad Jee got very pleased. Then He asked the characteristics of saints. Shree Raam said - "Hey Muni, Saints have won these six enemies - Kaam, anger, greed, ignorance, pride, and jealousy. They are sinless, without desires, stable minded, they have left everything, are clean from inside and outside, knowledgeable, eat less food, speak truth, poet, learned, Yogee, careful, respectful, not proud of themselves, patient, knowledgeable in Dharm, qualitative and love only my feet. Neither they love their own son nor their house.

They feel embarrassed while hearing their own praise, while get happy to hear others praise. They do justice, are plain hearted and love all. They are always busy in Jap, Tap, Vrat, control and discipline and serve Guru, Govind and Braahman They always hear and sing my Leelaa (actions) and are busy to do others good without any reason. Whatever qualities saints have, even Saraswatee and Ved cannot describe them all." Naarad Jee held Prabhu's feet and went to His Lok.


Iti Shree Raam Charit Maanas

Triteeya Sopaan Aranya Kaand


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