Hindu Scriptures  

Shree Rama Charit Manas
As Written By Goswami Tulsi Daas Jee

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Kishkindhaa Kaand Sudar Kaand Lanka Kaand Uttar kaand

Ram Charit Manas - Kishkindhaa Kaand

 1. Meeting With Sugreev

2. Sugrrev's Story and Baali's Vadh

3. Vaanar Go in Search of Seetaa Jee


Meeting with Sugreev 

As Raam and Lakshman went forward, they saw Rishyamook Parvat nearby. On that Parvat lived Sugreev with his ministers. He saw two people coming towards the Parvat, so he said to his minister Hanumaan - "I see two men coming towards us. They look very handsome and mighty. Go in the form of a traveler and try to find out who are they and what are they doing here. If Baali has sent them, then I will have to run away from here."

Hanumaan Jee went to check with them in the form of a Braahman and bowing to them asked - "Who are you who have Shyaam and fair complexion? You look like princes, your feet are very soft, then why do you wander around on this hard ground in this forest? Are you among three Devtaa, or you are Nar-Naaraayan?, or you are Vishnu who has taken Avataar on this Prithvi to kill demons?"  Then Shree Raam spoke - "We are the sons of king Dashrath, the king of Koshal Desh. Our names are Raam and Lakshman. We had a beautiful woman with us, my wife Vaidehee. Demons have abducted Her in this forest. Hey Braahman, we are wandering in search of Her. Now you tell us about yourself."

Hanumaan Jee recognized his Bhagvaan, fell on His feet and prayed Him. then he said - "It was justified for me to ask you about yourself but how come that you also asked me about me like a human being? Under the spell of your Maayaa I could not recognize you."  Having said thus Hanumaan Jee fell on Shree Raam's feet and changed to his real form. Raam lifted him, embraced him and said - "I love you more than Lakshman. I love my servants most."  Hanumaan got very happy hearing this, then he said - "Here lives Vaanar Raaj Sugreev on this Parvat. He is also your servant. So you extend your friendship with him. He will be helpful in searching Seetaa Jee by sending his Vaanar army in all directions."

Then he lifted them on his back and took them to Sugreev. When Sugreev saw Raam he felt very obliged. He bowed to both, Him and His younger brother. Then Hanumaan Jee told Sugreev everything about them so he became fearless. Hanumaan Jee lit the fire and helped them to establish friendship in the witness of fire. Raam and Lakshman did not hold anything back and told everything to Sugreev.

Then Sugreev also said - "Once I was sitting here with my ministers. I saw a beautiful woman crying for help going through sky way. She was calling "Raam, Raam". When She saw us then She dropped her cloth."  So he showed that cloth to Raam. Raam immediately recognized it as Seetaa's cloth. Sugreev consoled Him that he will get Janak Kumaaree's whereabouts as soon as possible. I will help you in every way I can, so that you can get your wife back."

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Sugreev's Story and Baali's Vadh

Raam asked Sugreev  - "Hey Mitra (friend),  Now you tell me about yourself. Why do you live in this forest? Tell me everything."  Sugreev said - "Hey Naath,  We are two brothers - "Baali and myself. We loved each other very much. There was the son of Maya Daanav, Maayaavee. He came to our city and attacked us in the middle of the night. Baali was very mighty so he beat him and he ran away. 

Baali followed him and I followed Baali. Maayaavee entered a cave. So Baali said to me "Wait for me outside this cave for one fortnight. And if I do not come in 15 days time then you consider me as dead."  I stayed there for one month, then I saw blood stream flowing out of the cave. So I thought that Maayaavee has killed Baali and now he will come to kill me, so I closed the door of the cave by keeping a big rock and came back to my city. There ministers found the kingdom without the king so they coronated me as the king after Baali.

Now it happened so that Baali killed him and returned home. He found me the king of the kingdom so he got very angry. He fought with me like an enemy and took my everything including my wife. Because of his fear I wandered in the whole universe but I couldn't find a place where he couldn't come so I live here because he cannot come because of the Shaap. Still I live in fear here."

Hearing the story of Sugreev, Raam got very angry and said to him - "I will kill Baali with only one arrow. Even if he goes to Brahmaa or Rudra, he will not be able to save himself. Who do not share the sorrow of their friends, they are sinners. Who consider their own sorrows like a mountain and friends' sorrows like a dust particle those people are not worth of friendship. You do not worry about anything, I will help you in every way."  Sugreev said - "Hey Raghuveer,  Baali is very mighty."  Raam Said - "Don't you worry about it."  Hearing this Sugreev got very happy. Raam suggested him to invite Baali for a dual fight. At that time He will kill Baali.

Shree Raam and Sugreev went to the place where Sugreev was supposed to fight with Baali. Sugreev invited Baali for the dual fight. As Baali heard the call, he was about to come outside, but his wife held his feet and tried to explain him - "Hey Naath,  The two brothers, who are now Sugreev's friends, are very mighty. They are the princes of Koshal Desh's king. They cannot be won even by Kaal."  Baali said - "Hear O fearful, Raam considers everybody alike. And even if He killed me then also I will be blessed, so you don't worry about me."  Thus he went outside and and started fighting with Sugreev.  Within a moment Sugreev got weaker and ran away.

He said to Raam - "I told you, Baali is very mighty. He is not my brother but is my Kaal (death)."  Raam Jee said - "You both are alike, that is why I could not shoot, in case you would have been hit."  After Raam caressed Sugreev his all pains went away. Next day Raam asked Sugreev to wear a flower garland and then fight with Baali. Again Sugreev fought with Baali. Raam watched them from a distance from behind a tree. At the appropriate time Raam aimed His arrow at Baali and Baali fell down. He tried to get up that he saw Raam. He recognized Him and felt blessed by His Darshan.

In his heart, he had Bhakti but he spoke hard words - "Hey Raam,  You have taken Avataar for maintaining Dharm, still you killed me like a hunter. How come that I became your foe and Sugreev became your favorite. What was my fault?"  Raam said - "Younger brother's wife, sister and son's wife, they all are like daughters. Whosoever misbehaves with them, there is no sin in killing him. You have become very proud of your might. Your wife also tried to counsel you but you didn't listen to her." 

Baali said - "My intelligence went waste in front of my Swaamee. I am the greatest sinner. Give me your Gati in my last moments."  Raam caressed him and said - "If you want I can give you eternal life."  Baali said - "All saints desire for several lives to see Raam but in the end they don't get Raam. With whose name's power Shankar Jee gives eternal Gati to all died in Kaashee (Banaras), today I am able to see the same form. Now you give me the Var (boon) whatever I ask for. In whatever Yoni I take birth, I should love your lotus feet and love your Bhakti (devotion). And this is my son Angad. Accept him as your servant."  And Baali left his body.

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Sugreev's Coronation and Efforts for Seetaa's Search

Taaraa, Baali's wife wept bitterly on her husband's death. Raam took away His Maayaa and gave her the Gyaan (knowledge), that this body is made up of Panch Bhoot - Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Sky. And the same body is lying before you. It is without soul. Soul is immortal so why do you weep for it."  Taaraa understood it well. She asked for His Bhakti and went away.

Sugreev performed Baali's last rites with the permission of Shree Raam. Shree Raam asked Lakshman to coronate Sugreev as the king, and Baali's son Angad as the crown prince. Then he called Sugreev and taught politics saying that He wouldn't be able to enter city for 14 years therefore Lakshman would perform the ceremony of his coronation. Summer has passed and rainy season is coming. You rule with Angad and keep my work in your mind. Sugreev came back to city and Raam stayed on Pravarshan Parvat.

There Devtaa had already prepared a beautiful cave for Raam, in the anticipation that Shree Raam would come here and stay for some time, so He stayed there. After the summer, rainy season came and then came the Sharad Ritu. Shree Raam said to Lakshman - "We haven't got any information about Seetaa's whereabouts yet. Only if I could know her whereabouts, I would have brought her in one moment. Sugreev also forgot me after getting kingdom, monkeys and wife. I can kill him from the same arrow from which I killed Baali."  Lakshman knew He was angry so he took his arrow and bow and headed to see Sugreev. When Raam saw him ready to go like this, He smiled and said - "Just scare him and bring him here."

When more than enough time had passed and Sugreev didn't do anything about Seetaa, Hanumaan Jee reminded Sugreev about it. Sugreev got very sorry about it and said to Hanumaan that he should send groups of monkeys  here and there to look for Seetaa Jee. Hanumaan Jee called for many monkeys. The same time Lakshman Jee arrived in the city. Seeing him angry monkeys ran away here and there. Lakshman Jee said  - "I have come to burn the whole cityy."

Then Angad came to welcome him and bowed him. Lakshman blessed him. Angad brought him in the city. Hanumaan Jee came with Taaraa and pacified Lakshman Jee and offered him seat. Then came Sugreev to welcome him and Lakshman embraced him dearly. Sugreev asked for his forgiveness and came to Raam with Lakshman and Hanumaan Jee, and said - "Hey Prabhu,  It is not my mistake. It is the effect of  your Maayaa."  Raam smiled and said - "Now tell me how to find Seetaa?"  Then Sugreev told his monkeys to find out Seetaa. All monkeys were very happy to do anything for Raam. He gave all one month time to do this job.

He called Neel, Angad, Hanumaan and Jaambvant and asked them to go to south and find out about Seetaa. All were very happy to hear this. Raam called Hanumaan and gave him His ring and told him to console Seetaa saying that "I will come soon and bring her back."  Now they started for looking Seetaa on hills, around forests etc. Wandering around they fell thirsty so Hanumaan Jee climbed on a hill and looked around for water. On one side he saw some birds flying. They all went there and saw beautiful gardens, pond and lotus flowers in the pond.

There was a woman also who was doing Tap. They all bowed to her and told their story. She told them to eat fruits and drink water. They all took bath, ate fruits and drank water came back to her. She said - "Now I go to Raghunaath, and you close your eyes and I send you towards Seetaa." Everybody closed his eyes and they found themselves on the sea shore. She went to Shree Raam. There she got His Bhakti and went to Badaree Van.

All Monkeys thought that now the time is passing and we are not able to find Seetaa. How we can go to Raam without finding Seetaa. Angad was also very sad at this. When Jaambvant saw Angad so sad he tried to console him telling different types of stories. While they were talking among themselves there was Sampaati hearing all this sitting in his cave. He peeped outside and saw many monkeys. He got very happy to see them and thanked Bhagvaan to give him food.

All monkeys got worried seeing Sampaati coming to them. They thought that now he would eat them. Angad thought for a moment and said - "Jataayu was blessed who sacrificed his life for Raam and went to Bhagvaan's Dhaam."  Hearing this Sampaati came much closer to them and asked as how they knew Jataayu. They told his story. Sampaati got very sad to hear about his brother's death. He went to the sea and offered him his last respect.

Then he told his story - "We were two brothers. Once in our young age we flew up to the Sun. He came back when he felt Sun's heat, but I was proud, so I forwarded a little more and burned my feathers. There was a Muni named Chandramaa. He gave me Gyaan and asked me not to be proud of this physical body. He further told me that Bhagvaan would come here on Earth in human form in Tretaa Yug. Raakshas will kidnap His wife and Prabhu will send His people to look for her. So you wait for them. When you will meet them then you will get relief.

Muni's words got true today. Now you listen to me. There is a mountain named Trikoot in the sea on which Lanka is inhabited. There lives Raavan. In there is an Ashok Vaatikaa where Seetaa lives. I have a very good sight, I can see Her, but you cannot  see Her. I am old now so I cannot help you more than this. But whosoever will cross this hundred-Yojan sea, he will be successful in doing Shree Raam's job." 

After saying this Sampaati went away. Now all monkeys thought who is that who can cross this sea. Angad said - "I can go from here but I doubt about coming back." Jaambvaan asked Hanumaan - "Why are you silent? You are very mighty. You are like Wind. You are intelligent. What is the job which you cannot do? You have come here only to do Raam's service." 

Hearing this Hanumaan expanded his body like a mountain and said - "I can cross this sea just in playing, dig out the Trikoot Parvat and kill Raavan. Hey Jaambvant, now tell me what should I do?"  Jaambvant said - "For now you just go to Raavan's city Lankaa and bring Seeta's news to Raam. Then Raam will take His army and win Raavan."

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