Hindu Scriptures  

Shree Rama Charit Manas
As Written By Goswami Tulsi Daas Jee

Introduction Bal Kaand Ayodhya Kaand Aranaya Kaand
Kishkindhaa Kaand Sudar Kaand Lanka Kaand Uttar kaand

Ram Charit Manas - Lanka Kaand

Raam Builds the Bridge

Hearing Samudra's words, Raam said - "Now what are we waiting for? Build the bridge and cross the sea." Jaamvant said - "Hey Bhaanukul Ketu, all human beings cross this world sea by taking your name then what is this little sea?" Hanumaan Jee said - "First by the grace of Prabhu this Samudra had been dry. Later the tears of enemy's wives filled it that is why its water is sour." All monkeys laughed at this.

Jaamvant called Nal and Neel and told them their childhood story. He said - "Keep remembering Raam, building the bridge will not be difficult." Then he called all monkeys and asked them to meditate Raam and bring trees and rocks. All monkeys and bears rushed, started bringing trees and rocks and gave them to Nal and Neel. Nal and Neel started to build the bridge out of those trees and rocks.

Seeing the bridge Raam said - "This is a beautiful place. Its importance cannot be described. I wish to establish Shambhoo here." Many monkeys went and called some Muni. Raam established Shambhoo's Ling and worshipped Him methodically. He said - "Nobody else is as dear to me as Shiv. Who is enemy of Shiv and claims to be my Bhakt, I do not like him even in the dream. Who are dear to Shankar and are enemy of mine; or who are enemy of Shankar and claim to be my Bhakt; those people live in hell for the whole Kalp. Whosoever will do the Darshan of Raameshwar he will come to my Lok after death. Whosoever will offer Gangaa Jal (water of Gangaa Jee) here, he will get Mukti (salvation); and whosoever will worship Him here without any desire, Shankar will give my Bhakti to him; whosoever will do the Darshan of this bridge he will cross this world sea without any effort."

In building this bridge neither Samudra did anything, nor stones did anything and nor monkeys did anything. It was only Raghuveer's glory through which even stones crossed the sea, those people are fools who do not chant Raam's name.

Nal and Neel built very strong bridge which Shree Raam liked very much. Now Raam's army of monkeys started walking on it. All are making loud noises. Shree Raam was standing near the bridge and was looking at the greatness of the sea. All creatures of the sea came out to have a Darshan of Shree Raam. There were crocodiles, snakes, fishes, and such huge  animals whose body was up to hundred Yojan large. Many used to eat each other, but now they are looking at Raam so they are all standing together forgetting their enmity and are very happy to have Darshan of Shree Raam. They all are standing so close that one cannot see water behind them.

All monkeys and bears were crossing the bridge. There was so much crowd on the bridge that many monkeys flew the skyway, and others were crossing it through climbing on other monkeys. Both brothers, Raam and Lakshman are looking at this scene and are smiling. At last all arrived across the sea. There Shree Raam pitched their camp and ordered Vaanar to eat fruits. At that time all kinds of fruits appeared on all kinds of trees irrespective of their season. With Raam's permission monkeys ate fruits and threw stones towards Lankaa.

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Mandodaree and Raavan 

Monkeys were enjoying fruits and throwing stones towards Lankaa. Wherever they find any Raakshas, they surround him, trouble him, break his teeth and cut his nose and ears. They allow him to go only after he has sung the praise of Shree Raam.

Now those who lost their nose and ears, told Raavan their story. Raavan got angry and said to himself - "So He has controlled forests and sea." Then considering his helplessness he went to his home.

When Mandodaree heard that Raam has crossed the sea and now has camped outside the city, she brought her husband to her palace and said politely - "Hey Naath, listen to me now calmly. One should make the enemy to that only who can be won either by might or by intelligence. The difference between you and Raghupati is like between glow worm and the Sun.

Who has killed Madhu and Kaitabh like mighty Raakshas (from Vishnu form), who has killed powerful sons of Diti (Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaaksh (from Nrasinh and Varaah form), who controlled Raajaa Bali (from His Vaaman form), and killed Sahastrabaahu (from Parashuraam form), He, the same, has incarnated  on the earth in Shree Raam form. Do not fight with Him who controls soul, Kaal and Karm (actions). Give Jaanakee back to Shree Raam and bow to His lotus feet. Then hand over the kingdom to your son and go to forest to meditate Raghunaath.

He is very kind. One should do the same what all have done before. You have already got victory over Devtaa and Asur. Saints say that in the fourth phase of life one should go to forest, and there he should meditate Him who is the Swaamee and caretaker of everything. Shree Raam is the same. If you will do as I say, your glory will spread in Trilok, and I will also remain Suhaagan (who is married and her husband is alive)."

Raavan lifted the daughter of Maya Daanav, Mandodaree, up and told his greatness and said - "Hey Priya, You should have no reason to fear. There is no one else mighty like me. Varun, Kuber, Pavan, Yam, Kaal, I have won all the Swaamee of directions. Devtaa, Asur and human beings are nothing in front of me, then why are you so scared?" Thus he consoled her in various ways and went to his court outside.

Mandodaree understood that her husband is under the spell of Kaal that is why he is so proud.

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Other Advices

Raavan came into court and asked his ministers as how to fight with the enemy. Minister said - "Hey Swaamee, Why do you ask this repeatedly. There is no fear at all from them because human beings, monkeys and bears are our food. We will eat them all" Then Raavan's son Prahast got up said - "Prabhu, Don't ignore the right  policies. Ministers don't have much intelligence. These people say only what will make you happy. Once one Vaanar came from across the sea, everybody still admires him. At that time where was their hunger? They did not eat him then? Ministers' advices are good to hear but later they will be the cause of sorrow. Who has controlled the sea and crossed it along with His army, can we eat that man? Everybody is boasting himself ignoring the truth.

You listen to me, and don't call me coward, but such people are very few who hear good and speak good. I tell you, you first return Seetaa and then extend your friendship with Him. If He returns after getting His wife, then there is no need to fight, otherwise we will fight with Him. If you follow my advice then you will be admired in both ways."

Hearing his son's advice Raavan got very angry and said - "Who gave you this kind of ideas? Till now I had only doubts but now I am sure that you do not belong our family." Prahast didn't like his father's words so he went to his palace saying - "You don't like any good advice, as under the spell of Kaal medicine doesn't work on a sick person." In the meantime evening fell so Raavan also went to his palace looking at his 20 arms.

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Raam's First Message to Raavan

There was a palace on a peak in Lankaa Nagaree where Raavan used to entertain himself. In the evening Raavan went there to entertain himself. Kinner started singing his praise, musicians started playing Tablaa, Pakhaavaj and Veenaa (all Indian musical instruments) and Apsaraa started dancing. Raavan was not caring for the most mighty enemy but was enjoying himself.

Raam's army looked for a beautiful peak, Subail Parvat, where new leaves and flowers were blooming. Lakshman first spread some of those new leaves and flowers and then spread the deer skin over them for Raam to sit. Raam was sitting there keeping His head in Sugreev's lap. To His left were His arrows and bow. He was examining them. Vibheeshan was talking to Him. Angad and Hanumaan were massaging His feet and Lakshman Jee was standing at the back of Raam with His bow and arrows.

Raam saw Moon appearing in east and said to all - "See the Moon, it seems so brave that it is wandering in the sky without any hitch. Scattered stars are like pearls which are like the jewelry of  night. But tell me what is this black spot in the Moon?" Sugreev said - "This black spot is the shadow of the Earth." Somebody said - "Because Raahu hit the Moon, this is the same mark on his chest." Somebody else said - "When Brahmaa created Kaam Dev's wife Rati's face, He took out Chandramaa's main part, so Rati's face became beautiful but Chandramaa had a hole in his heart. Black sky is seen through that hole."

Shree Ram said - "Poison is a very dear brother of Chandramaa, that is why he keeps him in his heart. And his rays which are now poisonous, grieve to separated men and women." Hanumaan Jee said - "Hey Prabhu, Chandramaa is your dear servant. He keeps your beautiful Shyaam form in his heart. This is the same Shyaam (black) spot." Raam laughed at Hanumaan's logic.

Raam looked in southern direction and said - "Vibheeshan, Look at this side. Black clouds are gathering, light is thundering, lest snow balls fall." Vibheeshan said smilingly - "Neither it is light, nor there are black clouds. On the peak of Lankaa there is one palace where Raavan is enjoying singing and dancing. Whatever you se as black clouds is his royal umbrella; and whatever you see as lightening that is Mandodaree's earrings shaking. And whatever sound you hear as thunder is the sound of musical instruments." Raam smiled at Raavan's pride, so He shot an arrow which cut Ravan's crown and Mandodaree's earring together and came back to Raam after doing its job. Nobody could know the secret of this except that they fell down without any reason

Everybody got frightened, as there was neither any earthquake, nor any gusty wind, nor they could see any weapon. Then how did it happen? They considered it a very bad omen. Raavan said - "Why are you frightened so much? Falling of heads did not prove bad omen for me then how just only falling crown can be a bad omen for me? Go and take rest." All went home. But Mandodaree got very worried since her earring fell on the ground.

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Mandodaree and Raavan 2

Mandodaree again tried to convince Raavan - "Please listen to my request. Don't make Raam your enemy. Don't consider Him human being. He is the highest in Raghu family. Ved imagine the whole universe in His body - Paataal is Hi feet, Brahm Lok is His head and other Lok are in between them. Kaal dances on the movements of His eyebrows, Soorya is His eyes and all the clouds are His hair. Ashwinee Kumaar are His nose, days and nights are His blinking time, all the ten directions are His ears, wind is His breath, and Ved is His words.

Greed is His lips; Yamraaj is His teeth; Maayaa is His laughter; fire is His mouth; Varun is His tongue; creation, maintenance and destruction are His actions. Thus Prabhu is like the world. Shiv is His pride, Brahmaa is His wisdom, Chandramaa is His heart and Vishnu is His consciousness. The same Prabhu has incarnated in the form of human being. Imagine Him in this way and drop the idea of enmity with Him and meditate Him so that I remain Suhaagan (who is married and her husband is alive)."

Hearing all this Raavan laughed heartily and said - "Ignorance is very powerful. All say true about women that she always has eight characteristics - courage, lie, instability, cowardice, fear, foolishness, uncleanliness and cruelty. You described the great form of my enemy and frightened me. All are in my control naturally, but have I known them today through you? Anyway, I know your intelligence that you are praising me in this way."

Mandodaree thought that her husband is still under the spell of Kaal. In this way the whole night passed. In the morning  Raavan again went to his court. Although clouds rain nectar still the cane plant  doesn't grow, in the same way in spite of getting teacher like Brahmaa, fools do not learn.

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Raam Sends Angad to Raavan

When Raam woke up in the morning after the last night incident, He asked His people as what He should do now. Jaambvaan bowed to Raam's feet and said - "According to my opinion Baali Kumaar Angad should be sent to Raavan as your messenger." All agreed with this idea, so Raam said to Angad - "Hey Baali Putra Angad, you go to Lankaa to do my work. You yourself are very intelligent, I don't need to explain anything to you. Do whatever can serve our purpose. Talk to Raavan in the way which should benefit us both."

Angad said - "Prabhu, With your kindness one becomes intelligent. Your all works are done automatically, but you made me the means of that work, this is your favor to me." He bowed to Raam's feet and went towards Lankaapati. As he entered Lankaa, he met Raavan's son who was playing there. Quarrel broke in as both were young and mighty. Raavan's son hit him with his foot, then Angad also hit him and threw him on the ground. Seeing this Raakshas ran away from there. Nobody told the truth. Assuming Raavan's son dead they kept quiet. 

Rumor went on that the Vaanar who burned Lankaa before, has come again. All got frightened as what would happen now. They point to Raavan's court before Angad asks them anything. Thus Angad arrived at Raavan's court and looked around like a lion. He sent a Raakshas to inform Raavan about his coming. Raavan laughed and asked him to bring him in.

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Angad Raavan Dialog 1 

Many Raakshas went and brought Angad in. Angad went in remembering Raam's name. He found Raavan like a living black mountain. His mouth, nose, eyes and ears looked like caves to him. Angad sat there dauntlessly. Seeing this the courtiers got surprised and Raavan got angry. Raavan asked - "O monkey, Who are you?"

Angad said - "I am the messenger of Shree Raam. My father had a little friendship with you that is why I have come for your good. Your family line is of high standard. You are the grandson of Pulastya Rishi. You have worshipped Shiv Jee and Brahmaa Jee in many ways and have got Var too. You have won the Swaamee of directions and all kings. But you have abducted Jaanakee Jee, the mother of the universe. Now you listen to my advice which will be good for you and Shree Raam will pardon your all faults. You go to Shree Raam saying - "please protect me, protect me" and surely He will make you fearless."

Raavan said - "Mind your speech, O monkey. You have known me. You didn't tell me your father's name and your name, then how do you establish the relationship of friendship between your father and me?" Angad said - "My name is Angad and I am the son of Baali. Did you see him some time?" Raavan said - "Oh yes, There was a monkey named Baali. If you are Baali's son then you are the black spot on your family by working as a messenger for a Tapaswee. Now tell me the welfare of Baali?"

Angad laughed and said - "After a few days you will also be at the same place where Baali is. There you can ask his welfare. He will tell you the type of welfare for an enemy of Raam. The truth is that I am the black spot on my family and you are the protector of your family. Even blind and deaf also do not talk like this as you are talking now to me. You have 20 eyes and 20 ears. Shiv, Brahmaa etc Devtaa and Rishi, Muni etc serve whose feet, I am His messenger. And you say "I am the black spot on my family by being His messenger? You are out of your mind."

Raavan said - "I am tolerating your words because I know diplomacy and Dharm." Angad said - "I have also heard about your knowledge of Dharm that you have abducted Other's wife. You, the knower of such Dharm, should die of shame. You pardoned Him only after seeing your sister without ears and nose. I am fortunate that I got the opportunity to see you."

Raavan said - "O Vaanar, Don't you speak uselessly. Just look at my arms. They have won all Swaamee of directions. Tell me who is in your army who can fight with me? Your Swaamee is weak in the grief of His wife's separation. His younger brother is also grieved with His brother's grief. You and Sugreev are like trees on the bank of river (they can fall down anytime), I can uproot you just like that. My brother Vibheeshan is coward. Jaamvant is very old, he cannot fight in battlefield. Nal and Neel are only architects, they don't know fighting. You have only one Vaanar who came last time and burned Lankaa.

At this Angad said - "Tell me the truth, did he really burn your Lankaa? Mighty Raavan's city? And that Vaanar burned it? Who will say it truth? And that monkey was only a very low level servant of Sugreev. He does only errands, he is not brave, that is why we sent him to find  about Seetaa Jee. Did he really burn your city without Prabhu's permission that is why he didn't go back and hid somewhere. Hey Raavan you are telling the truth, we don't have anybody in our army who can fight with you. Friendship and enmity seem good in equal status people. If lion kills a frog, nobody will say it good. Although Shree Raam is too great to kill you but I tell you Kshatriya's anger is very severe."

Raavan said - "Monkey has one quality that he is very faithful to his master. He is appreciable that he dances on the tune of his master here and there. You are really faithful to your master. Your nature is like that that is why I have pardoned you for that." Angad said - "I know that you respect the qualities. Hanumaan told me about that. He destroyed Ashok Vaatikaa, killed your son and burned your city still you thought that he didn't do much harm to you." Raavan said - "Your mind is like that, that is wwhy you were the cause of your father's death."

Angad said - "If I were the cause of death of my father, then I could have killed you also. But now I am thinking something else. You were the cause of Baali's glory and praise. Tell me how many Raavan are there in the world? Whosoever I know of, I tell you. There was one Raavan who went to Paataal Lok to win Raajaa Bali, then children tied him in their stable. Children played and beat him. Then Bali freed him kindly. Then Sahstrabaahu saw one Raavan. He thought him a strange animal and caught him. He brought him for fun. Pulastya Muni came and got him released. There one another Raavan, I am very hesitant to tell you about him, He remained in Baali's armpit for some time. So tell me the truth, which Raavan are you among these?"

Raavan said - "O Fool, I am the same Raavan whose arms' might  the whole Kailash knows about. Whose bravery Mahaadev knows to whom I have offered my heads as flowers. All the Swaamee of directions know about my bravery."

Angad said - "Mind your speech. Whose Pharasaa was enough to cut one thousand arms of Sahastrabaahu, who killed innumerable kings several times, that Parashuraam Jee was defeated by whosoever, how He can be a human being? O Fool, Is Raam a human being? Is Kaamdev only an archer? Is Gangaa Jee only a river? And is Kalp Vriksh only a tree? Is grain only alms? And Is Amrit only juice? Is Garud only a bird? Is Shesh Jee only a serpent? Is Chintaamani only a gem? Is Vaikunth only a Lok? And is Bhakti of Shree Raam Jee only a benefit? Is that Vaanar, who killed your son and people, destroyed your Ashok Vaatikaa, burned your city, only a Vaanar? O Raavan, drop the idea of enmity with Raghunaath and chant His name. Otherwise you will be destroyed with your family."

Raavan said - "Kumbhkarn is my brother; Meghnaad, who has won Indra, is my son, and I myself have controlled everything conscious and unconscious, on the Earth. Raam controlled the sea only with the help of Vaanar, is this His greatness? Even great birds can cross sea, but that doesn't prove them brave. Swaamee of directions used to fill water for me and you are telling me only a king's glory. If He is a warrior in battlefield, then why does He send messengers repeatedly? Shame on Him who wants to extend friendship with enemy.

When I offered my heads to Shiv Jee in Havan then I read my destiny to be killed by a human being. I laughed at it thinking it a lie, but I am not scared remembering it, because I think that old Brahmaa was out of mind when He wrote it."

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Angad Raavan Dialog 2 

Angad spoke - "There is nobody who is shameful like you. You never tell your qualities with your own tongue. You remembered only Kailaash Parvat story that is why you have told it several times but the might with which you won Sahastrabaahu, Bali, and Baali." Raavan spoke - "O Fool, listen, Nobody becomes mighty by cutting head of anybody. A magician is not mighty who cuts his own body."

Angad said - "Now without saying another word just listen to me. I have not come here to extend friendship with you. Rasghuveer Jee says - "Lion doesn't get appreciation for killing jackal". That is why I tolerated your words, otherwise I would have taken Seetaa Jee myself. O enemy of Devtaa, I knew your power when you abducted other's wife from a lonely place. You are the king of Raakshas and I am the servant of Shree Raam. Had I not been afraid of His insult, I could have destroyed your city and taken Seetaa Jee along with your young women.

Even if I would do this there won't be much admiration for me because who (1)  doesn't follow his own path, (2) is lusty, (3) is miser, (4) is fool, (5) is very poor, (6) is defamed, (7) is very old, (8) is chronic patient, (9) is always angry, (10) doesn't believe in Vishnu, (11) opposes Ved and saints, (12) eats only himself, (13) says bad words about others, and (14) is a great sinner; these 14 types of living beings are like dead in spite of being live. That is why I don't want to kill you."

Raavan said - "Whom you are talking about, He doesn't have anything like power, wisdom or glory, that is why His father exiled Him. Raakshas eat such people daily." Now Angad got angry, because Shaastra say like this that whosoever hears bad words about Vishnu and Shiv he is sinner like the killer of cow. He hit his both arms on the ground. Ground shook, courtiers fell down and ran away, Raavan also escaped falling. His beautiful crowns fell down.  He kept some of them on his heads while Angad threw others to Shree Raam.

Seeing crowns coming, Vaanar ran away. They thought maybe that stars are falling in the daytime. Or Raavan has thrown four Vajra towards them. Raam said - "Don't be afraid, neither they are stars, nor they are Vajra. They are Raavan's crowns, which Angad have thrown to us." Hanumaan jumped and caught them in the air and brought them to Shree Raam. They were shining like Sun.

Raavan said - "Arrest this monkey and kill him. Then wherever you find any monkey or bear, eat them. Make Prithvi without monkeys and bears and arrest those two brothers, Raam and Lakshman, live." Angad said - "O sinner, You have no shame. You should commit suicide. How can you say that Raam is a human being? Why your tongues do not fall down saying these words? Oh, they will fall along with your heads. Who killed Baali with only one arrow, how can He be human being? You are really blind in spite of 20 eyes. I could have killed you but Shre Raam has not permitted me for it. Your Lankaa is like a Golar fruit and you are like  worms in that fruit. I could have eaten it easily, because I am a monkey. But Shree Raam has not permitted me for it. 

Raavan said - "Baali has never boasted himself like this, where did you learn this? It seems you have learned it from those Tapaswee." Now Angad was very very angry. He said - "If I have not taken your 10 tongues out, then I am really boasting." And stuck his one foot on the ground and said - "O Fool, If you could move my foot, Shree Raam will go back and I will lose Seeataa Jee." Raavan said - "O all brave people, Hold this monkey by feet and hit him on the ground."

Hearing this Meghnaad and other mighty Raakshas got up happily and tried to move his foot, but they couldn't even shake the foot. Kaagbhushundi Jee says - "Hey Garud Jee, They cannot shake the foot as a worldly person cannot uproot the tree of attachment to the world. Millions of brave Raakshas who were mighty like Meghnaad, got up to move Angad's foot but couldn't even shake it. Thus they went back and sat shamefully at their places. And as saints don't leave their nature of their Dharm, in the same way Angad's foot doesn't leave the ground.

Now Raavan got worried. Then Raavan himself got up at the challenge of Angad. As he wanted to hold Angad's foot, Angad pulled his foot back and said - O Fool, Nothing will happen by holding my foot, go and touch Raam's feet. Hearing this Raavan got embarrassed. He went back to his throne.

Shiv Jee says - "Hey Umaa, Whose single movement of eyebrows is able to create and destroy the whole universe, how His messenger's vow can be broken."  Angad tried to explain Dharm to Raavan in many ways but he did not succeed. He told him Raam's glory and said - "I don't boast myself before you but I will kill you in the battlefield."  Raavan got very sad remembering his son whom Angad had killed before coming here.

Angad came back to his camp and touched Raam's feet happily. It was evening so Raavan also went to his palace.

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Mandodaree and Raavan 3 

Mandodaree again tried to advise Raavan. She said politely - "Hey Priya, Think properly and leave the bad ideas. It doesn't look nice for you to fight with Raghunaath Jee. You know that His younger brother drew only a line, and you could not cross it. Is this your bravery? Think, whose messenger has done all this, how can you win Him in the battlefield. Just by playing that dauntless lion (Hanumaan) entered your Lankaa crossing the sea. He killed your guards and destroyed Ashok Vaatikaa. He killed your son too and burned the whole Lankaa. Where was the pride of your might at that time. 

Please don't consider Raam as human being, He is the Swaamee of all the creatures. Even Maareech knew His arrow's power but you didn't follow his advice also. There were many mighty kings in Raajaa Janak's court, you were also there. Raam married Seetaa by breaking Shiv Jee's bow. Why didn't you win Him at that time? Indra's son Jayant knows His powers a little. Raam left him alive just by piercing his only one eye. You have already seen Shoorpankhaa's condition, you don't feel ashamed and still think to fight with Him.

Who killed Viraadh, Khar, Dooshan and Kabandh, who killed Baali with only one arrow, try to understand His glory. Who  controlled the sea just like that and landed on Subail Parvat, He kindly sent His messenger for your good. That messenger destroyed the  pride of your might, as lion scatters around the herd of elephants. Who has Angad and Hanumaan like brave Vaanar as His servants, how do you call Him human being? You are now under the spell of Kaal. Kaal doesn't kill anybody with any stick. It just destroys one's Gyaan (knowledge) - Dharm, physical power, wisdom and power of thinking.

Your two sons were killed, your city was burned, whatever happened so happened, forget about it, but at least now you spread your glory by meditating Raam's name."

Mandodaree's words pierced his heart, so  he went to his court in the morning.

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Battle Starts 

Shree Raam called Angad and said - "Angad, I am just asking you curiosity sake, tell me the truth. Raavan is so powerful that he is famous in Trilok, you threw his four crowns here. How did you get them?" Angad said politely - "Hey Prabhu, They are not the crowns. They are the four qualities of a King. Ved say that Saam, Daam, Dand, and Bhed ,  all the four are the  natural support of the king, and they are the four legs of Dharm also. Since Raavan has no Dharm and is under the control of Kaal that is why those qualities have also left him and have come to you." Raam laughed at Angad's intelligent analysis. Then Angad told Him all about Lankaa.

Then Raam called His ministers and said to them - "There are four gates of Lankaa. Make plan to attack them."  Sugreev, Jaambvaan and Vibheeshan divided their army in four groups and appointed their generals. They organized themselves thus to attack Lankaa. All Vaanar and bears started towards Lankaa carrying large heavy rocks and trees and surrounded it.

When Raavan heard this, he also called his army and ordered them to face Vaanar and eat them wherever they get them. Shiv Jee says - "Hey Umaa, Raavan was as proud of himself as Titiharee bird (it sleeps its legs up as if it can hold the sky lest it falls down)." So Raakshas also started to face Vaanar with their various kinds of weapons. Vaanar catch them and hit them on the ground. By the grace of Raam, Vaanar were able to kill many Raakshas. Seeing this Raakshas started running away from there and abusing Raavan.

Raavan said - "If I hear again you running away from the battle, I will kill everybody one by one. You enjoy on my resources and now you run away from the battle?" Raakshas returned to battlefield and started fighting again with great courage. This time they got more powerful, so Vaanar got weaker. Vaanar cried - "Where are Angad, Hanumaan, Nal, Neel, Dwivid..?

At that time Hanumaan was fighting with Meghnaad on the western gate of Lankaa. That gate was very strong and Hanumaan found it difficult to break in. So he jumped over the fort of Lankaa and killed Saarathee of Meghnaad, broke his chariot, and hit his foot on Meghnaad's chest. Another Saarathee saw Meghnaad in difficult time so he took him in another chariot.

Angad heard that Hanumaan has gone to fort alone, so he also jumped over the fort. He broke Raavan's palace. Raavan got frightened, women started crying saying that "this time two Vaanar have come, not one." They make them frightened  and play around. They crush Raakshas by rubbing their bodies with their bodies, break their heads, arrest their leaders and throw them towards Raam. Vibheeshan tells their names and Raam gives them His own Lok. Thus these Raakshas who eat Braahaman's fleah, also get Param Gati for which even great Yogee desire for many lives.

Evening fell, so both, Hanumaan and Angad, jumped down the fort and came back to Raam. Raakshas get more power in the evening and night, so they came back to fight with them as the evening fell. Seeing Raakshas coming back, Vaanar also headed towards them to fight with them. Both are very mighty so nobody is ready to accept defeat.

Akampan and Atikaay (Raavan's Army chiefs) played Maayaa on Vaanar. Darkness fell and blood, stones and ash started falling down from the sky. Vaanar got frightened seeing the darkness. They cannot see anybody. Raam called Angad and Hanumaan and sent them to battlefield and shot the Agni Vaan which spread the light all around. Vaanar, Angad and Hanumaan then attacked on Raakshas and Raakshas started running away. Angad and Hanuman arrested the running Raakshas and killed them hitting on the ground.

Eventually night fell and all returned to their camps. Raam cast a glance on His army and they all became healthy and fresh. Raavan told the court about his dead soldiers and asked his ministers their advice. Raam's army had killed almost half of his army.

There was an old Raakshas named Maalyavant. He was Raavan's maternal grandfather and was his good minister. He said - "Hey Raavan, Listen to me too. Since you have abducted Seetaa, there have been many bad omens. Even Ved Puraan sing whose praise, nobody can live happily opposing Him. The same Bhagvaan has incarnated now as Shree Raam; who killed Hiranyaaksh, Hiranyakashyap and Madhu and Kaitabh like Raakshas has now appeared on the Earth. Whom even Shiv and Brahmaa serve, how can you make Him your enemy, so leave enmity with Him, return Jaanakee to Him, and meditate Shree Raam."

Maalyavant's words pierced Raavan's ears. He said - "Black face, get out from here. If you have not been old I would have killed you. Go now, and don't show me your face in future." Maalyavaan thought that Shree Raam now wants to kill him that is why he is talking like this so he went from there. Meghnaad said - "I will do something tomorrow, I don't want to boast myself, but you should see me tomorrow." Raavan got relieved hearing Meghnaad's words. Then they talked for long time.

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Meghnaad Comes to Battlefield

Next day, again Vaanar surrounded all the four gates of Lankaa. Raakshas again ran to attack them. Fight started in various ways with various weapons. Meghnaad heard that Vaanar had surrounded the fort, he came out of the fort, called on Raam, Lakshman, Angad, Hanumaan, Nal, Neel, Sugreev and asked for defector Vibheeshan.

He took out his arrows and shot at the Raam's army. It seemed as snakes were flying with many wings. Many Vaanar got killed. All Vaanar forgot to fight and ran away from there. Seeing them running away Meghnaad shot 10 arrows each to all Vaanar. Vaanar fell on the ground. Meghnaad started making noise of victory.

Hanumaan rushed towards Meghnaad seeing his own army falling on the ground. He uprooted a large rock and attacked Meghnaad. Meghnaad flew away in the sky but the rock broke his chariot, his Saarathee and horses died. Hanumaan Jee challenges him several times but he doesn't come close to him because he knew his powers.

Then Meghnaad went to Shree Raam and told many bad words to Him. He used his various weapons on Him but He just made them useless. He became ashamed and played various kinds of Maayaa on Him. Shiv Jee and Brahmaa Jee are under the control of whose Maayaa, Meghnaad was using his Maayaa on Him? He flew into sky and rained fire, flowed many streams of water and produced many Pishaach. He rained sometimes blood, hair, bones, and sometimes stones. Once he threw so much dust that nobody could see even his own hand. Raam destroyed all his Maayaa only with one arrow, glanced at His army and strengthened them again to fight again.

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Lakshman Meghnaad Fight 1

Now Lakshman Jee got up to fight with Raam's permission. Raavan also sent his great warriors with Meghnaad. Lakshman Jee attacked him in several ways. Meghnaad guessed that his death was near, so he used Veerghaatinee power on Lakshman Jee. Power hit Lakshman Jee's  chest and He fell down unconscious. Now Meghnaad was fearless so he went close to Him. Now millions of warriors like Meghnaad are trying to lift Him, but how could they lift the base of the universe. They felt ashamed and went away from there.

Shiv Jee says - "Hey Girijaa, Whose anger burns 14 Lok in Pralay Kaal and Devtaa, and all creatures etc serve Him, how can one win Him in battle? Only those can know this who get Raam's favor." Evening fell and both army returned to their camps. Raam asked - "Where is Lakshman?"  In the meantime Hanumaan Jee brought Him there. Seeing His younger brother in this condition Raam got very sad. Jaambvaan said - "There is a doctor, named Sushen, in Lankaa. Who can be sent to bring him?" Hanumaan Jee went in a very tiny form and brought him there along with his house.

Sushen bowed in Shree Raam's feet, told the name of the herb and the Parvat on which it could be found and asked Hanumaan to bring that herb. Pavan Putra (Prabhanjan Putra) Hanumaan Jee flew to bring the herb remembering Raam's lotus feet.

A spy informed Raavan about this so Raavan came to Kaalnemi's home. Raavan told him everything. Kaalnemi got extremely sad and said - "Who burned your whole city in front of you, who can stop him. Meditate Shree Raam Jee and improve your life. Who controls Kaal, who can win Him?" But Raavan got very angry hearing his advice. Kaalnemi thought that it is better to die by Raam's messenger instead of Raavan, so he obeyed Raavan, spread his Maayaa and built a beautiful pond, a temple, and a house.

Maaruti Putra saw an Aashram on the way so he thought let me drink some water here, get fresh, then I will go ahead. Kaalnemi was living there in disguise. Hanuman Jee bowed  him. He started singing Raam's praise and said - "I know that there is a battle going on between Raam and Raavan. There is no doubt about it that Raam will win." Hanumaan Jee asked for some water. He gave him his Kamandal. Hanumaan Jee said - "I will not be satisfied with this little water." Raakshas said - "Then there is a pond outside, you take bath in the pond and come here, I will give you some Gyaan."

As Hanumaan Jee entered the pond, a she-crocodile caught his foot. Hanumaan Jee killed it. She was an Apsaraa. She got a divine body after being killed and said to him - "My all sins are washed away  now after your Darshan. My Shaap is cleared. Hey Kapiraaj, He is not a Muni, he is a Raakshas, believe me." and she went away in the sky. Immediately Hanumaan Jee came to that Raakshas and said -"First you take Guru Dakshinaa, then give me your Gyaan (knowledge)." and he hit him on the ground tying him in his tail. He showed his real form and he died saying "Raam, Raam". Hanumaan Jee got very happy and headed towards bringing the herb.


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Hanumaan Goes to Himaalaya

Hanumaan Jee identified the Parvat but couldn't identify the herb. So he uprooted the whole Parvat and flew in the night itself. He was flying over Ayodhyaa Puree. On the ground, Bharat saw going a very large thing in the sky. He thought lest he is Raakshas, so he shot a blunt arrow at Hanumaan Jee. He fell down chanting "Raam, Raam" and got unconscious. Hearing the word "Raam" Bharat Jee came to Hanumaan and tried to wake him up but he was not waking up. Bharat Jee got very sad. He remembered Raam and prayed - "If I have true love for Shree Raam then he should immediately get up." Hanumaan Jee immediately got up. Bharat Jee got very happy to see him wake up again.

Bharat asked about the welfare of Shree Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa Jee. Hanumaan Jee told everything in brief. Bharat Jee again got very sad. But patiently he said to Hanumaan - "If you will fly yourself you will get late, and time will run out in the morning, so you sit on my arrow along with your Parvat, it will take you wherever Shree Raam is there." At first Hanumaan Jee thought how that arrow would carry him, but considering Raam's glory he bowed in Bharat's feet and said - "Hey Prabhu, By your grace I will go immediately and reach there in time." And Hanumaan Jee went away remembering Raam.

Looking at Lakshman, Raam spoke like a  normal person - "Brother, You always had a very soft nature. You even left your parents for me and tolerated cold, heat and wind with me. Where is your love now? Why don't you wake up hearing my words? One can get son, wealth, wife, house and family any time but it is very difficult to get a brother. Wake up, my brother, wake up. As birds without feather, serpent without gem and elephant without trunk are very poor, if I had to live without you, I will also be living like them.

How I will go back to Avadh losing you for my wife. I could have tolerated defame of losing my wife because there is not much harm in losing wife. Now I will have to tolerate both defame and grief of losing you. You are the only son of your mother. She made me in charge of you. Now what I will reply her, tell me." Shiv Jee says - "Hey Umaa, Who give relief to everybody, He himself is worried now."

In the meantime Hanumaan Jee came, Sushen gave Him the medicine and Lakshman Jee regained His consciousness. Shree Raam embraced Him dearly. Everybody got very happy. Hanumaan Jee dropped Sushen as he brought him.

Dashaanan heard this, he got extremely sad and worried, so he came to Kumbhkarn. He woke him up in many ways. At last he woke up and asked - "Dear brother, Why are you so sad?" Raavan described everything from the beginning, since he abducted Seetaa Jee. He told him that Vaanar have killed their many Raakshas. Even Durmukh, Devshatru (Devaantak), maneater (Naraantak) and Atikaay and Akampan like warriors  have also been killed.

Kumbhkarn got very sad and spoke - "You abducted the mother of the universe, Jaanakee Jee and now you want your good. You have not done good. Why did you wake me up now? There is still time. You can still meditate Raam, it will be in your favor. Who has Hanumaan like servant, is He human being? You are opposing that Devtaa whom Shiv, Brahmaa etc all Devtaa worship. I would have told you that Gyaan which Naarad Muni told me, but there is no time for it now. Hug me now last time, then I will have Darshan of Shree Raam."

Raavan had got millions of pitchers of liquor to drink and many buffaloes to eat for him. After eating and drinking Kumbhkarn moved from the fort without taking any army.

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Fight With Kumbhkarn

Seeing Kumbhkarn coming, Vibheeshan came forward and greeted him with his name. Kumbhkarn hugged him lovingly. Vibheeshan said - "Brother, Raavan hit me with his foot so I came to Shree Raam. Shree Raam loved me very much and gave me shelter." Kumbhkarn said - "My son, Raavan is under the spell of Kaal. He cannot listen to anything good, but you are blessed. You are shining in Raakshas family. I am also under the spell of Kaal so I cannot think of any good or bad for myself, so now you go."

Vibheeshan returned to Raam and said - "Hey Naath, Kumbhkarn is coming." When Vaanar heard this, they picked trees and rocks and started throwing on Kumbhkarn. They threw them in millions together but they didn't affect Kumbhkarn's body. Then Hanumaan Jee hit him with his fist so he fell down on the ground.  He got up and hit Hanumaan Jee in return. This time Hanumaan Jee fell down. Then he hit Nal and Neel and other warriors. All got frightened and hid here and there. Then he made Sugreev and Angad unconscious, and walked away with Sugreev in his armpit.

Shiv Jee says - "Hey Umaa, Raghunaath, who can destroy Kaal only with the  movement of His eyebrow, is acting as a human being. This is not a kind of fight for Him."  When Hanumaan Jee gained consciousness, he started searching for Sugreev. When Sugreev gained his consciousness, he slipped from his armpit like a dead body. Kumbhkarn assumed him dead, but came to know later that he was alive when Sugreev bit him on his nose and ears. Kumbhkarn got very angry and he crushed millions of Vaanar under his feet.

Raam's army got scattered. Raam asked Sugreev, Lakshman and Vibheeshan to take care of His army and He Himself went to fight with Kumbhkarn. Raam shot 100,000 arrows which flew like snakes with wings. They came back to Raghunaath Jee after killing many Raakshas.

Noticing this terrible destruction of his army Kumbhkarn again started showering large rocks on groups of Vaanar. Shree Raam shot His arrows at Kumbhkarn but His arrows went out of his body and he remained unaffected. Once He aimed 100 arrows, but all of them vanished in his body.

This time Kumbhkarn picked one rock, but ShreeRaam cut his arm. Then he took that rock in his left hand, but Raam cut his that arm too. Now Kumbhkarn made a great noise and headed towards Shree Raam, Raam filled his mouth with arrows, still he didn't fall down. Then Raam shot another arrow and devoured his head from his body. His head fell in front of Raavan and his body ran towards Raam. Raam again shot an arrow and cut it into two pieces. A light came out of his body and entered Raam's mouth. Devtaa came to pray and went away. Then came Naarad Jee, prayed and requested Him to kill Raavan soon.

The day ended and both armies went back to their camps.

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Lakshman Kills Meghnaad 

Seeing Kumbhkarn's head, Raavan cried and cried. Women were also crying for his bravery. At that time Meghnaad came and consoled Raavan telling many stories. He then said - "At this time I wouldn't boast myself, you should see my power tomorrow. The powers and chariot I got from my Isht Dev (personal god), I have not shown them to you." Morning broke in boasting like this.

Next day again armies gathered at four gates. Both Raakshas and Vaanar are very powerful. Meghnaad climbed on his chariot, flew in the sky and laughed loudly. Vaanar army got frightened. He showered many kinds of weapons and rocks. It seemed all dark all around. "Catch, kill" etc. words are being heard but whos is killing is not visible. Vaanar fly in the sky with stones and trees but cannot see him. Meghnaad covered hills, valleys pathways etc with arrows.

Not being able to see any way to go Vaanar got perplexed. Meghnaad shot his arrows at Hanumaan, Angad, Nal, Neel, Lakshman, Sugreev and Vibheeshan and made them helpless. Then he headed towards Raam. Whatever arrow he shoots at Him it hits Him as a snake. Raam got tied in his Naag Paash. Shiv Jee says - "Hey Girijaa, Whose name cuts all kinds of ties with this world, how can He be tied with anything? These are only Raam's Leelaa (acting), no logic works here, that is why all saints do not argue about them. They  just meditate Him."

Later he appeared and started abusing. Jaambvaan got up and challenged him. Meghnaad threw his Trishool (trident) at him which he grabbed on the way and threw at Meghnaad in turn. Jaambvaan tried to kill him in several ways but he didn't die because of the Var. Then Jaambvaan threw him on Lankaa Puree.

Seeing Shree Raam tied in Naag Paash, Naarad Jee sent Garud Jee to get Shree Raam free from Naag Paash. Garud Jee came and ate all Maayaa snakes.

When Meghnaad gained consciousness he saw his father in front of him. Seeing him  in front of him he got ashamed. Then he thought to do a Yagya to win this war so he went to a cave.

As Vibheeshan came to know about this Yagya, he said to Raam - "Prabhu, Meghnaad is doing a very unholy Yagya. If his Yagya is completed then he will not be conquered easily."  Raghunaath called Angad and other Vaanar and sent them along with Lakshman to destroy his Yagya. He said to Lakshman - "You should kill him in the fight because Devtaa are very frightened." Lakshman vowed to kill him saying that even if hundreds of Shiv come to help him today, still I will kill him and went along with Angad, Neel, Mayand, Nal, and Hanumaan.

Vaanar saw Meghnaad performing the Yagya with blood and buffalo. They destroyed his Yagya, but still he was not disturbed. They started beating him. Then Meghnaad ran after them and threw his Trishool at Lakshman Jee. Meghnaad played several kinds of Maayaa and Vaanar are not able to kill him. Then Lakshman Jee shot a special arrow at Meghnaad's chest. He came into his own form and died saying "Where is Raam? Where is Lakshman?"  Angad and Hanumaan said - "Your mother is blessed because you are killed by Lakshman."  Hanuman lifted him without any effort and kept his body at the gate of Lankaa.

As soon as Raavan heard the news of Meghnaad's killing, he got unconscious and fell on the ground. Mandodaree also wept bitterly. All were abusing Raavan. Raavan consoled all telling them the untruthfulness of this world. He himself was sordid but his sermons were good.


Lakshman and Raavan's Fight

Night passed. Next day again armies gathered at the four gates of Lankaa. Raavan told his army not to go with him if any of them was coward. Then he organized his chariot beautifully and headed towards battlefield. Many bad omens happened at that time but proud Raavan didn't pay any attention to them. Weapons were falling from hands; riders fell down from their rides; jackal, donkeys, dogs, owls and crows were making noises, but Raavan was heading towards battlefield.

The army was so large that lot of dust was up in the sky. Soorya (Sun) hid behind that dust. Many kinds of instruments were played to announce to start the battle. He ordered his army to fight with Vaanar and bears and told them that he would see those two brothers himself. Both armies started fighting with each other.

Vibheeshan got worried seeing Raam without any chariot, Kavach, and shoes. How will He win Raavan? Raam said - "Hey Vibheeshan, That is another type of chariot which is used for victory. Shaurya  (prowess) and Patience are its two wheels; Truthfulness and good behavior are its post and flag; power, Gyaan, control over Indriyaan (senses) and to do good to other are its four horses which are tied to the chariot through the Lagaam (rein) of forgiveness, kindness and equal behavior with everybody. Chanting Hari's name is its Saarathee. Vairaagya (detachment) is shield and the contentment is sword. Giving alms is Pharasaa; wisdom is strength; and good knowledge is a good bow. Clear and stable heart is like Tarkas (quiver). Sham (controlled mind), Yam (non-violence) and Niyam (discipline) etc are many arrows. Worship of Braahaman and Guru (teacher) is unbreakable Kavach (armor). There is no other way of victory than that. So if somebody has this kind of chariot, he can win even the world, let alone Raavan."

Shiv Jee said - "Hey Umaa, I was also there and watching Shree Raam's Leelaa along with other Devtaa from the sky. Vaanar were fighting with Raakshas with great courage. Raakshas were getting weaker. When Raavan noticed this, he moved holding ten bows in his 20 hands. Vaanar threw numerous  trees and rocks on Raavan together but with no effect on  him. Rather they got tattered as they touched his body. Vaanar got worried and ran away from there. Then Raavan shot arrows at them from his ten bows. His arrows spread all over so Vaanar couldn't run anywhere.

Seeing this Lakshman Jee came forward and said to Raavan - "Why are you killing these poor Vaanar. Come and face me, I am your Kaal (death)." Raavan said - "Oh, I was looking for you, O the killer of my son." and shot numerous kinds of weapons at Lakshman but Lakshman Jee countered them all. Then Lakshman Jee aimed His own weapons which broke Raavan's  chariot, killed his Saarathee, and shot 100 arrows each into his ten heads. Then aimed 100 arrows at his chest. Raavan got unconscious and fell down. When he gained consciousness, he used the power which Brahmaa Jee gave to him. It hit Lakshman Jee in His chest and He fell down unconscious.

Raavan tried to lift Him but could not even move Him. On whose only one head this universe is kep like a particle of dust, foolish Raavan wants to lift Him up? In the meantime Hanumaan Jee came and hit him in his chest. Raavan fell down unconscious. When he woke up, he admired Hanumaan Jee's strength. Hanumaan Jee said - "I feel ashamed that you are still alive."

Then Hanuman Jee lifted Lakshman Jee and took Him to Shree Raam. Shree Raam said - "Get up, You are destroyer of Kaal and protector of Devtaa." Hearing these words Lakshman Jee got up and that power flew in the sky. He again came in the battlefield, broke Raavan's chariot, killed his Saarathee, and shot 100 arrows at his chest. Raavan fell down, so another Saarathee took him to Lankaa in another chariot. There he started a Yagya.

As Vibheeshan got this news, he reported this to Raam.


Raam Fights With Raavan 1 

Next day, the first thing in the morning, Raam ordered some Vaanar warriors including Hanuman and Angad to go to Lankaa and destroy Raavan's Yagya. They entered fearlessly Raavan's palace, saw Raavan performing Yagya and got angry. "You have run away shamelessly from the  battlefield and are sitting here to cheat on us?" Saying this,  Angad kicked him with his foot but Raavan didn't even look at him. It was very selfish of him.

Angrily, Vaanar started kicking and biting him and dragged the women out of his palace. The women cried in pity for help. Raavan got up fiercely angry and started grounding the Vaanar. In the meantime, Vaanar destroyed his Yagya. At this incident, Raavan thought of his defeat at heart. Vaanar returned happily to Raam and Raavan got disappointed for his life, and started angrily again for the battle.

Under the spell of Kaal he doesn't listen to anybody. Raakshas army headed towards the battlefield, Devtaa prayed Shree Raam to kill Raavan now as Jaanakee Jee was very sad. Shree Raam also took His Shaarng bow and started towards battlefield. Seeing Him, all Universe, Shesh Jee, oceans and mountains trembled and Devtaa showered flowers on Him.

Fight started and rivers of blood started flowing. Warriors were falling like trees fall on the bank of river. Bhoot, Pishaach etc were dancing in the sky. Raavan saw that his army had got destroyed and he was alone to fight, so he thought to play Maayaa with them.

Devtaa saw Raam fighting on foot so Indra called His Saarathee Maatali and sent His own chariot for Him. Shree Raam climbed on the chariot. Raavan spread his Maayaa - all, except Raam saw numerous Raam and Lakshman in the army. Seeing this all Vaanar stood like statues looking at eath other. Raam destroyed his Maayaa with an arrow and said to His army - "You are very tired fighting for so long, now you take rest and watch our dual fight."  Then He bowed to Braahman and headed forward.

Seeing Raam coming to himself Raavan said - "Whoever warriors you have won in the battle, I am not like them. My name is Raavan and everybody in the universe knows about me. You killed Khar, Dooshan and Viraadh. you killed poor Baali like a bird killer and killed Kumbhkarn and Meghnaad also. If you had not run away from the field, then I will kill you today."

Shree Raam said - "Don't boast yourself, show your bravery. Excuse Me, but I tell you some policy matter - "There are three types of people; one like rose, two like mango and three like jackfruit. One bloom only flowers (rose); two bloom with both flower and fruit (mango); and three bloom with only fruits (jackfruit) First type of people are those who only say, they do not do; second type are those who both say and do; third type are those who only do, they don't say."

Raavan laughed at this and said - "You are teaching me Gyaan? Now you love your life?" and shot numerous arrows which scattered all around. Raghuveer aimed an Agni Vaan (Fire arrow) and burned his all arrows. Raavan threw numerous Trishool (tridents) and Chakra (circular missile of Vishnu and Krishn), but Raam cut them all without any special effort. Then he aimed 100 arrows at Saarathee of Raam (Maatali). He uttered "Victory to Raam" and fell down. Raam lifted him.

Now Raam was very angry. Seeing His anger His arrows got restless to come out from His Tarkas. Hearing the loud noise of His bow Raakshas, Prithvi and mountains got frightened, Mandodaree trembled. Seeing this sight Devtaa smiled. Shree Raam shot many arrows at Raavan's Saarathee and horses and killed them, then He broke his chariot and flag.


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Raam and Raavan Fight 2

Desperately Raavan rode another chariot and threw 10 Trishool (tridents) towards Shree Raam and killed Raam's four horses. Raam aimed 10 arrows each at his 10 heads. They crossed his heads. Raam then aimed 30 arrows and cut his 10 heads and 20 arms but all of them grew as they were cut.

Thus Prabhu cuts his heads and arms several times but every time the new ones grow on his body. His all heads and arms are scattered in the sky as if Raahu and Ketu are flying there. Raam shot His arrows so fast that his heads and arms couldn't fall on the ground. Raam was cutting his heads and arms continuously and they are also growing  continuously.

Seeing the increasing number of heads and arms Raavan forgot about his death. He got angry and shot many arrows at Shree Raam. Shree Raam's chariot hid behind those arrows. Raam first destroyed his arrows then again started cutting his heads and arms. Then Raavan shot one special power towards Vibheeshan. Raam came forward immediately and took it on His chest.

Seeing Prabhu protecting him, Vubheeshan said to Raavan - "O Fool, You opposed all Devtaa, Naag, human beings, Muni etc. You offered your head to Shiv Jee and received millions in exchange of one. That is why you are still alive, but now your death is near. You want to enjoy life keeping enmity with Prabhu?" and he hit his Gadaa in his chest.

Raavan fell down on the ground and his all ten mouths bled. But he got up and started fighting with Vibheeshan but Vibheeshan doesn't count him as himself, because Raam's favor is with him. Shiv Jee said -"Hey Umaa, Vibheeshan couldn't dare to look at Raavan eye to eye, but now he was fighting like his Kaal. This was Raam's effect."

Seeing Vibheeshan fighting alone and tired, Hanumaan threw a large rock on Raavan, killed his Saarathee and horses and broke his chariot. Both are fighting each other. When Hanumaan Jee couldn't kill Raavan with his strength and wisdom then he remembered Raam and attacked him.

Raavan spread his Maayaa and appeared in multiple bodies among Vaanar army. Millions of Raavan were seen wandering here and there in the battlefield.  "Even one Raavan could not be won, now there are many Raavan. How cwn we win this war." Thinking thus Vaanar ran away from there. Raghuveer encouraged them to fight and killed all Maayaavee (produced by Raavan's Maayaa) Raavan with only one arrow.

Now Devtaa also got very happy that there was only one Raavan left to win. But Raavan got angry and headed towards them. Devtaa ran away from there. Seeing Devtaa in trouble Angad ran to rescue and hit Raavan on the ground holding his foot. Raavan again started showering arrows on Shree Raam's army, and Shree Raam again started cutting his all arrows, bows, arms and heads but they again grew up.

Nal and Neel climbed on the heads of Raavan and scratched his foreheads. He wants to catch them but they escap from his catch. At last he caught them but as he was hitting them on the ground they escaped from his hold. By evening he made all chief Vaanar unconscious. Now Jaambvaan ran towards Raavan and hit him in his chest. He made Raavan  unconscious and came back to Raam.

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Raam Kills Raavan

The same night Trijataa went to Seetaa Jee and told the whole story. Seetaa Jee got very sad and worried and asked Trijataa - "Maa, When he will die? Raam shot so many arrows so many times at his heads and arms but his arms and heads grew again and again."  Trijataa said - "Hey Princess, The enemy of Devtaa Raavan will die as soon as he will be hit in his chest. But, Prabhu does not hit him in the chest because you live in his heart, and Prabhu lives in your heart and there are all Lok in Prabhu's stomach. If He will hit him in his chest then all Lok will be destroyed.

But you don't worry. When Raavan will be restless after getting cut his heads and arms many times then he will not think about you. At the same moment Raam will aim His arrow at his chest to kill him."

At midnight Raavan woke up from his unconsciousness, he got very angry on his Saarathee for bringing him from the battlefield. Next day he again went to fight. Finding Vaanar very brave and mighty, he again spread his Maayaa. This time numerous Bhoot, Pret, Betaal, Pishaach appeared with bow and arrow. They all headed towards Vaanar to eat them. Wherever Vaanar run away from there, see fire burning. Then Ravan showered sand over them. He then again spread another Maayaa. He made appear numerous Hanumaan who ran towards Raam to kill Him. Raam destroyed his Maayaa with one arrow.

In spite of cutting heads and arms numerous times, Raavan is not killed. Raam looked at Vibheeshan. Shiv Jee says - "Hey Umaa, Whose even intention can kill even Kaal, the same Prabhu is testing His servant's faithfulness." Vibheeshan told - "Hey Naath, He has Amrit (nectar) in his navel. Raavan is alive only because of  that."

Raam understood and shot 31 arrows at Raavan - 10 for heads, 20 for arms and one at navel to break Amrit Kalash (pitcher). At that time the whole atmosphere became very hot; Sun eclipse occurred without its time; Mandodaree started trembling; statues started flowing tears; wind started gusting; Prithvi started shaking; and blood, hair and dust started falling from the sky. As Raam's 30 arrows cut Raavan's arms and heads and one arrow dried Amrit, his headless body ran on the ground.

Shree Raam cut his body also into two pieces with another arrow. Both pieces of his body fell down making a loud noise. Shree Raam's arrows kept Raavan's heads and arms in front of Mandodaree and came back to Shree Raam. A light came out of Raavan's body and entered in Raam's mouth. Devta and Muni showered flowers on Shree Raam.


Raam Gets Sita 

Seeing Raavan's heads, Mandodaree fell on the ground unconscious. Women brought her to Raavan's body. They all were weeping bitterly and saying - "Hey Naath, Prithvi used to tremble because of your might. Fire, the Moon and the Sun looked fade in front of you. Even Shesh Naag and Kashchap could not tolerate your weight. The same body is now lying in the dust. You had won Indra, Varun, Vaayu, Kuber, Kaal and Yamraaj, but because you opposed Shree Raam that is why your condition is like that. You were under the spell of Kaal, that is why you didn't listen to anybody and you considered the Swaamee of all creatures as a human being. You did not meditate Him rather you always had enmity with all. You did all bad Karm since birth still Shree Raam gave you His Param Pad, I bow to Him."

Seeing the women of his family, Vibheeshan got very sad and came to console them. Seeing Vibheeshan sad Shree Raam ordered Lakshman to go to him and console him. Lakshman did the same. Vibheeshan came back to Shree Raam. Shree Raam told Vibheeshan to perform last rites of Raavan. Vibheeshan did so.

When Vibheeshan came back, Raam called Lakshman and said to Him - "Take Nal, Neel, Sugreev, Angad, Jaambvaan and Maaruti Nandan along with you and coronate Vibheeshan as Lankaa's king." and said to Vibheeshan - "I cannot enter city because of the order of my father that is why I send my brother and Vaanar who are like me."

All went to Lankaa, coronated Vibheeshan as Lankaa's king. Then Vibheeshan came back to Raam. Prabhu called all Vaanar and bears and thanked them for His victory over Raavan. Raam called Hanumaan and sent him to Seetaa Jee to bring Her news. He went to Seetaa Jee and informed Her about the death of Raavan and coronation of Vibheeshan. Seetaa Jee says - "Hey Hanumaan, I don't have anything to give to you for this good news." Hanumaan Jee said - "Maataa, Today I have got everything. I don't need anything else." Seetaa Jee said - "Still I bestow all qualities to reside in you and Shree Raam along with Shesh Jee should always be happy with you. Now you do something so that I can see ShreeRaam as soon as possible."

Hanumaan Jee came back to Raam with this news. Shree Raam called Angad and Vibheeshan and asked them to bring Seetaa Jee. They all went to Seetaa Jee. Vibheeshan explained everything to Raakshasee who were serving Her. They bathed Her, dressed Her in beautiful dresses and jewelry, and brought Her to Shree Raam. Shree Raam said to them to bring Her on foot so that Vanar can see Her as their mother. Shree Raam kept the first Seetaa in fire, now He wanted to bring Her appear, that is why He said some bad words to shadow Seetaa which nobody liked there.

Seetaa Jee said to Lakshman - "You become my partner in carrying out my religious duties. Prepare Agni for me." Lakshman Jee broke into tears but could not say anything to His elder brother. He brought firewood and prepared Agni for Seetaa Jee. Seetaa Jee said - "If I have always been faithful to Shree Raam, then this Agni should become cool like sandalwood for me." and entered Agni. Her shadow and worldly insults burned in the fire and Agni Dev appeared with real Seetaa Jee and returned Her to Him. Even Devtaa could not know this secret. Devtaa got very happy to see both of them together, Kinner started singing and Apsara started dancing.

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Vibheeshan Gets Lankaa

Devtaa and Brahma Jee prayed Shree Raam separately. Dashrath Jee also came there to bless his sons. Prabhu greeted him with His younger brother and said - "This is only the result of your Punya Karm, that I could kill Raakshasraaj." Dashrath got very pleased hearing such words from Raam. Raam also gave him Gyaan by just looking at him. Because Dashrath desired for Bhakti that is why he did not get Moksh. He also went to his Lok.

Indra also prayed them and asked Shree Raam as what He could do for Him? Raam said - "All Vaanar and bears have died for Me, make them alive." Kaagbhushundi Jee says - "Prabhu's words have very deep meaaning. Only Gyaanee Muni can understand them. He can give life to Trilok after killing them, and the same Shree Raam is asking Indra to give life to them? It is just a favor to Him." 

Indra made them alive by sprinkling Amrit on Vaanar and bears. Although Amrit dropped on both Raakshas and Vaanar but only Vaanar got life, not Raakshas. Because Raakshas got Mukti at the time of their death and Vaanar and bears were the part of Devtaa, that is why they got life. Who is like Shree Raam who bestowed Mukti, which is not available even to great Muni,  to sinful Raakshas." All Devtaa went to their Lok.

Then came Shiv Jee and prayed Him and said - "I will come again to see your coronation in Ayodhyaa."  Then Vibheeshan came and prayed Shree Raam and said - "Please make my home holy. Take bath, get relief from the tiredness of war. Then take me to Ayodhyaa along with you."  Raam's eyes filled with the tears of love. He said - "Your everything is mine, this is true, but I am worried for Bharat. He is chanting my name in the form of Tapaswee. Now you do the same so I can see my brother as soon as possible. If I go after the time limit, then I will not find Bharat alive. Hey Vibheeshan, You rule for one Kalp and remember me always. You will get my that Lok where all saints live."

Hearing these words Vibheeshan got very happy. He went to his palace and brought Pushpak Vimaan filled with gems, jewels and good clothes. Raam said smilingly - "Take this Vimaan in the sky and shower these things from there." Vibheeshan did so. Whoever wished whatever he took it. Vaanar picked jewels. They keep them in their mouth assuming them eatables then spit them out. Shree Raam laughs seeing all this.

Then He looked at all and said - "I have got this victory because of you. Now you go to your home. Don't be afraid of anybody." Vaanar said - "Prabhu, Whatever you say it is all right for you, but we feel embarrassed with these words."  With the order of Shree Raam all Vaanar and bears went to their homes, some happily, some sadly. Sugreev, Nal, Neel, Jaambvaan, Angad, Hanumaan etc mighty Vaanar and Vibheeshan are just staring at Shree Raam with tear filled eyes.

Seeing them so affectionate, Shree Raam asked them to board on Vimaan and headed towards north. 

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Raam Returns to Ayodhyaa

Shree Raam and Seetaa Jee are sat on a throne in Pushpak Vimaan (airplane). On the way Shree Raam showed Seetaa Jee places of interest. He showed Her where Lakshman killed Meghnaad, where Angad and Hanumaan killed many brave Raakshas, where Raavan and Kumbhkarn were killed. "Here I built the bridge and established Shiv Ling." Both bowed to Shiv Jee there. On the way also, wherever Prabhu took rest, showed those places to Seetaa Jee.

Vimaan landed in Dandak Van where Agastya etc Muni used to live.  They met them affectionately. Then they came to Chitrakoot and met other Muni. They flew over Yamunaa Jee, Gangaa Jee, Prayaag Jee, and Trivenee (see Sangam). He showed Ayodhyaa Jee also to Seetaa Jee. Prabhu took bath in Trivenee and offered alms to Braahman.

Then Shree Raam said to Hanumaan - "You go to Avadh Puree in the form of a  Braahman and tell Bharat our welfare and bring the news about him." Hanumaan Jee went away to Avadh Puree. Shree Raam went to Bharadwaaj Muni. Muni worshipped Him in various ways and blessed Him.

Then Raam headed further and arrived at Nishaad's place. Seetaa Jee worshipped Gangaa Jee again and Gangaa Jee blessed Her. Nishaad got very happy to see Him again. He fell on His feet but Shree Raam embraced him affectionately.


Iti Shree Raam Charit Maanas
Shashth Sopaan Lankaa Kaand

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