Hindu Scriptures  

Shree Rama Charit Manas
As Written By Goswami Tulsi Daas Jee

Introduction Bal Kaand Ayodhya Kaand Aranaya Kaand
Kishkindhaa Kaand Sudar Kaand Lanka Kaand Uttar kaand

Ram Charit Manas - Ayodhaya Kand

Raam as Crown Prince 

Some time passed happily to the marriage of Raam, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughn. Raam was getting popular among public. Everybody loved Him. Seeing this Raajaa Dashrath was very happy. One day he thought that now is the time that he should declare Raam as Crown Prince. All Muni and Vashishth Jee seconded for this proposal. Raajaa asked them to find out the earliest auspicious day and came home.

Vashishth Jee decided an auspicious day for the ceremony and ordered to bring many auspicious things. People started decorating the city once more. Raam was worried about Bharat, as he was not in the town. Bharat and Shatrughn were away to their maternal uncle's house. Raam used to love Bharat very much.

When queens heard his news, they also got very happy. Whosoever told this news to them, he or she got many clothes and jewelry in reward. Queens also got busy in preparation for Raam's coronation. Vashishth Jee went to Raam's palace to tell this news. Raam got surprised to hear this news that He was going to be declared Crown prince. He said - "We all four brothers were born together, ate food together, played together, even our all Sanskaar, Karnchhedan, Yagyopaveet, marriage etc. were performed together, then why only the eldest son should be coronated in the absence of the younger brothers. This is not good in this family."

At the same time Lakshman came with this news. All prayed for Bharat's coming back so that he can also see Raam's Abhishek. Whole Ayodhyaa was decorated in various ways.

But  Devtaa are not happy hearing this news. They prayed Shaaradaa - "Hey Maa,  Do something. Raam is not there to rule Prithvi. Find the way to send Him to forest. You know that Raam is beyond joy and sorrow, so you go to Ayodhyaa and do our job."  Poor Shaaradaa started towards Ayodhyaa to serve Devtaa's purpose. She was thinking that "my status is very high, but I am going to do a very low work."  Thinking thus she arrived in Ayodhyaa and changed the mind of Kaikeyee's dearest maidservant Mantharaa.

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Mantharaa's Mischief 

Mantharaa saw here and there and found that the whole Ayodhyaa was being decorated. Raajaa's palace was also filled with joy and everywhere people were running around to do various jobs. She asked the reason for this joy. She was told that it was Raam's Abhishek as Crown Prince. Hearing this her whole body started burning. She thought "how this happened overnight?"

She went to Kaikeyee with a very sad face. Kaikeyee asked her - "Why are you so sad on this joyous occasion?"  She got silent and continued taking long breaths. Kaikeyee said smilingly again - "You talk too much, so it seems that Lakshman has said something to you."  Mantharaa said - "Who can say anything to me. Nobody has said anything to me. Today who else is happy except Raam who is getting the status of Crown Prince. I cannot tolerate all this joy. You don't think about anything, your son is not here, you love your sleep, you don't see king's cunningness, I am not happy with all this."

Kaikeyee knew that she was an evil person so she said to her - "That day will be very auspicious day when my Raam will be king. Elder brother rules and younger brothers serve him, this is Soorya Vansh's tradition. If really tomorrow is Raam's coronation then you may ask for anything you like. All mothers are same as Kaushalyaa for Raam. And He loves everybody very much, especially me, I have already tested this. I love Him more than my life. Now you leave all this, and tell me the reason of your sorrow at this moment of joy."

Mantharaa said - "Whosoever becomes the king, it is not my loss, I am not affected with that. But reality is this that I cannot tolerate your loss, that is why I have some plans to do something good for you. If there is anything wrong in this then pardon me."  Under the spell of Devtaa, Kaikeyee asked about her plan considering her as her the closest friend.

Then Mantharaa said - "Whatever you say, everything is right, you love Raam, Raam also loves you, but now those days are gone. Even own people become others, friends become foes. King is cunning and Raam's mother is very intelligent. Both have planned very well. They sent Bharat to his uncle's house and decided to declare Raam as Crown Prince in the absence of  him. Maybe that this is your family tradition but I don't like it."

Kaikeyee asked - "Why don't you like it?"  Mantharaa said - "You are still asking me, as if you don't know. Even animal knows its own good and bad. The whole fortnight has passed for this news to break out, and you have got this news from me? When Raam will be king then Raajaa will throw you out like a fly from the milk. You will have to serve Raajaa and Kaushalyaa with your son. They will imprison Bharat and Lakshman will be close to Raam."  Kaikeyee tried to understand her and said - "Yes, you are right. I also have had bad dreams for a few days. What can I do now. I don't know anybody else from whom to take advice. It is better to die than serve the enemy."

Mantharaa said - "Do now as I say. It will give you joy for ever. Since I know all this, I have been thinking in this direction. You have two boons to ask from the king. You ask those boons from him now. In one boon you ask for the kingdom for your son and in the second boon ask for the exile to Raam. And remember when king vows on Raam only then you ask these boons. Now you go to Kop Grih (in which queen used to stay when she wanted to show her anger to king)."

Queen considered her as her best friend, thanked her several times, and went to her Kop Grih. When evening fell, the king went to Kaikeyee's palace. There he came to know that Kaikeyee was in her Kop Grih. Hearing this he got very worried. He could not guess any reason for that. The king who had Indra's strength in his arms became weak in front of a queen.

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Two Boons to Kaikeyee

King went to Kaikeyee's Kop Bhavan. There he saw her lying on the floor in very ordinary clothes and without jewelry. Her hair was loose and she had no sign of happiness. King asked her the reason for this - "Dear, Why have you made your look like this? Tell me the reason of your anger on me. Has somebody insulted you? Should I appoint somebody as a king or exile a king? Tell me what do you want? Whatever you want, I will do the same, I take the vow of Raam. But now you get ready and leave this look. You should try to understand the good occasion or bad times."

Hearing this Kaikeyee smiled cunningly. Dashrath said further - "See, tomorrow we are arranging Raam's Crown Prince ceremony. Everybody is very happy and all are getting ready for the celebration. You also get ready."  Kaikeyee said - "Hey Priya,  You say "askk for it" "ask for it" but you don't give it. You asked me to ask for two boons but you have not given me them yet."  Rajaa said - "What? For such a small matter you are lying here? Oh,  maybe I have forgotten, but whatever you want to ask for ask for it. You can ask for four boons, not only two. This is Raghu Kul tradition that one can leave his life but not the words. There is no sin like telling lies."

Kaikeyee said - "Give me one boon of Bharat's coronation as Crown Prince and in second boon I ask for Raam's exile for 14 years in Saadhu attire."  Hearing this king got very sad. He couldn't think what to say. He just sat silently and closed his eyes. He couldn't think as he should reply her, or should refuse her, or should obey her, he got confused. Shibi and Dadheechi also gave their lives for their vows. He gathered himself and said - "Hey Priya,  You should have tthought about what you have just said. Raam and Bharat are my two eyes. I will call Bharat just now and will coronate him on a good day. Raam is not greedy of kingdom. I did all this without asking you that is why I have to face this moment. So be happy, Bharat will be the Crown Prince in a few days time.

But your second boon is not good. You have not asked it considering it well. Did you ask for that truly or you are joking? What is Raam's fault? All say that Raam is a saint. You also love Him very much, but today I am in doubt that you love Him. I don't understand this, that who favors even His enemy, how He can be unfavorable to His mother. So now you don't joke me and ask for something else with logic, so that I can see Bharat's coronation happily. My life depends on Raam."

Kaikeyee said - "Now do you give me those boons or not? Either you give me them or you will be defamed. I do not like all these good words. If by tomorrow morning Raam will not go to forest in Saadhu attire, then I will die and you will be defamed."  Holding her feet Raajaa requested her to sit and said - "If you ask for my life I can give it to you just now, but don't kill me in the separation of Raam."  But Kaikeyee wouldn't listen to him. She said gain - "If you didn't want to fulfill your promise then why were you asking me to ask for boons? Either you leave your vow or keep patience. Body, woman, son, house, wealth and Prithvi (kingdom) mean nothing to followers of the truth."  Raajaa thought that all this was the result of his Paap, it was not the fault of Kaikeyee. Rajaa passed the whole night chanting "Raam" "Raam".

When, in the morning the king didn't come out of his palace, people whispered "Raajaa always wakes up early in the morning, what has happened today that the Sun has come up, but he has not come out of the palace. It seems that something is wrong."  Sumantra, his chief minister went to the palace of Kaikeyee. He saw Raajaa lying on the floor, so he could not ask anything. Kaikeyee said - "The whole night Raajaa couldn't sleep, called only Raam, Raam. He doesn't say anything."  Raajaa said - "Call Raam". Sumantra understood that Kaikeyee has played some mischief. He called Raam.

Raam came immediately and asked mother - "Hey Maa,  Tell me the reason of his grief. I will do the same to make his happy."  Kaikeyee said - "The reason is this that Raajaa loves you most. He promised for two boons to me, that I could have asked whatever I liked. So I asked them now, but hearing them Raajaa got very much worried. On one side is his love of son, and on the other side is his vow."  Then she told Raam everything.

Raam smiled and said - "Hey Maa,  Only that son is fortunate who obeys his parents. To go forest is very favorable for me as I will see many Muni, I will obey my father, and my mother too. Dear Bharat  will get kingdom. It seems that Bhagvaan is favorable to me. If I don't go to forest now, then knowledgeable people will call me fool. But Hey Maa, I have one worry about  the grief of my father. Is he so much sad only because of me? I doubt it. It seems that I have done a great crime. Tell me that what it is."

Kaikeyee said - "I take vow on you and Bharat that I do not know any other reason of this. You cannot commit any crime. You can only obey your parents. Just tell him that in this last phase of life he should not get defamed."  Seeing Dashrath in senses, Sumantra informed him of Raam's coming there. Raam said - "Hey Pitaa Jee,  I tell you something, if you forgive me. This is a good opportunity to obey my parents. I have got all the Punya of all my lives. I go to my mother to take her permission, and then I will go to forest after touching your feet."  King didn't reply anything. He just kept silence. Braahman's wives and other elder women tried to pacify Kaikeyee but Kaikeyee doesn't like their advice. She just doesn't speak anything.

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Exile to Raam 

In a few moments everybody knew that the King has exiled Raam. People talked differently at different places. Some said - "King has not done this good."  Some said - "It was good that Raam would have been our king, but Brahmaa has spoiled everything."  Some said - "What is that which fire cannot burn, what is that which sea cannot absorb, what is that a woman cannot do, and what is that which Kaal cannot affect. What we wanted to hear and what Brahmaa has made us heard."  Some said - "Don't blame the King. He is like Shibi and Dadheechi."  Some said - "It seems that this is Bharat's game."  Others said - "No, no, Bharat loves Raam very much, he himself wanted Raam to be the king. And Raam is also not power hungry. There is something else behind it." Thus many people talked in many ways.

Raam went to His mother Kaushalyaa. He joined His hands to greet her and bowed His head on her feet. Kaushalyaa blessed Him and asked - "Tell me, when is the Lagn (auspicious moments) of your coronation? By that time you take bath, and have some breakfast and then go to your father."  Raam said - "Hey Maa,  Father has given me the kingdom of forest where I will be benefited in all ways. Therefore you also permit me happily to go there. I will stay there for 14 years, obeying father's words and then I will see you again."

Although Raam said all this very politely but they proved very harsh words to Kaushalyaa's heart. She could not speak anything, her eyes filled with tears. She gathered herself with great difficulty and said to Raam - "You are very dear to your father. He himself decided an auspicious day to hand over this kingdom to you, then why did he ask you to go to forest? Tell me the reason."  Son of the minister, who was with Raam, told the reason to Kaushalyaa. Hearing that Kaushalyaa got just silent.

Considering her Dharm (duty), and Raam and Bharat alike as her sons, she said - "Obeying father's orders is the highest Dharm. He wanted to give you the kingdom but gave forest, I am not sad on this issue, but without you he and Bharat will be very sad. If this is the order of only your father, then you don't go to forest regarding your mother as higher than him, and if both your mother and father have ordered this to you, then the forest is like hundred Avadh Puree for you. There Van Devtaa will be your father and Van Devee will be your mother and birds and animals will be your dear servants. All kings go to forest in their last phase of life but I worry about your age. Fortunate are forests where you are going and unfortunate is Avadh which you are leaving behind. If I tell you that I also wish to go with you, then you may doubt me that mother wants to stop me by saying this. You are the life of whole Avadh, and you are asking me to go to forest. I just repent for my actions. Well, you don't worry there about anything, Devtaa and Pitar will protect you. Today the results of our all good Karm are finished and Kaal has become unfavorable to us."

As Seetaa heard this news, she also got worried. She came to her mother-in-law and sat nearby after touching her feet. She is waiting for orders for herself as Raam wants to go to forest then what she should do?  Kaushalyaa looked at her and said to Raam - "Seetaa is of very tender age and is very dear to our family. She has father like Janak, father-in-law like Dashrath and husband like Raam. I will protect her as eyelid protects retina. Who has never kept her feet on floor, who gets frightened even from a picture of monkey, who I have never asked to turn the wick of lamp, the same Seetaa wants to go to forest with you. What do you say about her? This Seetaa is not for forest. As you will tell me I will also tell her accordingly."

Raam tried to explain Seetaa about good and bad things about forest and said - "Hey Seetaa,  If you obey me then stay back at home. In this way you will obey my order, serve your mother-in-law and everybody's good is in this way. Whenever mother remembers me then you are there to console her. After obeying my father's order, I will come back soon. There are many wild animals, Raakshas in forest. You will not be able to tolerate all this."

Seetaa's eyes filled with tears, She said - "All of you told me what is right for me, but without you even Indra Puree is like a hell for me. Wherever you will live, I will also live with you. I agree that there are many difficulties in forest but they are nothing in comparison to living here without you. I am tender and you go to forest? I enjoy the pleasures of palace and you go to forest? This is not justice with me."  And Seetaa sat there lowering Her head and got very sad.

Seeing her condition, Raam knew that if He left Seetaa in Ayodhyaa, then She will not live long, so He permitted Her to come with Him. Both Raam and Seetaa touched mother's feet and Seetaa said to her mother-in-law - "I am very unfortunate that when time came to serve you then Vidhaataa (Bhagvaan) gave us forest."  Kaushalyaa blessed both of them.

When Lakshman heard this news then he held Raam's feet. Raam tried to explain to Lakshman also that he should stay home and serve parents as there was nobody at home to take care of them, but he said - "I am your servant. I know nobody else except you."  Hearing this Raam permitted him too to come with Him and asked him to take permission from his mother. Lakshman went to his mother, Sumitraa, to take permission. She said - "Your place is there only where Raam and Seetaa are there, if they are going to forest then you have no work to live here. Go and serve them well. They are like your parents. I am a fortunate mother whose son loves Raghupati's feet."

Now all the three went to Dashrath to bid him farewell. Dashrath Jee said - "Learned people say that all get results of their Karm. But sometimes somebody else does the crime and somebody else gets the punishment for that, this is also Bhagvaan's Gati (policies) which nobody can know. Seetaa, you are not exiled, you should do whatever your parents-in-law say."  Seetaa couldn't reply. Kaikeyee kept Muni's clothes before Raam and said - "Raajaa loves you very much. He will not let you go to forest. So considering his Parlok whatever you want to do, do it." Dashrath again got unconscious.

Raam immediately changed His clothes to Muni's clothes and started for forest. As they came out of the gate, they found Vashishth Jee with many other people standing outside. Raam consoled everybody then told Guru Jee - "Everybody is sad because of my going, so please take care of them and the kingdom."  and walked on.

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Meeting with Nishaad

When Dashrath came in senses, he said to Sumantra - "You also go with Raam. All are of very tender age, so ask them to sit in Rath (chariot) and bring them back after spending a few days in forest. And if both brothers do not come back then at least bring back Seetaa, because there are many difficulties in forest. She can stay wherever She likes, here in Ayodhyaa or in Her parents house in Janak Puree. Otherwise my death is certain."  And he became unconscious again.

Sumantra prepared Rath immediately and went outside where Raam was still standing. He told everything to Raam and asked them to ride on the Rath. Seeing Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa going from Ayodhyaa, all people got very sad and they followed them with the intention that they would also live wherever Raam would live. Raam consoled them all in many different ways but they did not go back. They still followed them. When Raam stopped to spend the night at the bank of Tamasaa River, then some of them slept because of tiredness and some of them slept because of Dev Maayaa. So after some time passed, Raam woke up Sumantra and asked him to take them further at the same hour, so that the people could not follow them.

In the morning, when people got up and didn't see Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa, they became very sad and after searching the in vain came back home crying. They started living with great discipline in the hope of seeing Raam again.

Now both brothers along with Sumantra and Seetaa Jee  arrived in Shringverpur. There they did Darshan of Devsari (Gangaa Jee) and greeted it by joining hands. They took bath in it. When Guh Nishaad heard about  their coming, he called his relations and friends and came to see them, presented them many kinds of fruits and roots to eat, and requested them to come to his place. Raam embraced him dearly, asked for his welfare and said - "We have come here in this form to live in forest for 14 years with the permission of our father that is why we cannot go inside the village."

Then he showed them a good shady tree to stay. There he made their beds and offered fruits and roots. Raam and Seetaa slept after taking the food, then Lakshman and Guh talked for some time. Seeing this condition of the prince of Ayodhyaa and princess of Janak Puree, Guh became very sad. Then Lakshman told him some thoughts of Gyaan, Vairaagya and Bhakti.

"Nobody gives anybody any pleasure or grief to anybody, all enjoy the fruits of their own Karm. This world is like a dream and as one gets rich or poor in dream but on waking up he is the same as he was before, in the same way whatever happens in this world is like a dream, so one should not worry about it. Consider a person in waking condition when he leaves everything of this world and devotes his all powers to Raam. Whatever you see here, father, brother, wife, family, house etc all is Maayaa and A-Gyaan (ignorance). In reality nothing exists."  Thus whole night passed saying and hearing about Raam.

In the morning, Raam got ready. Seeing Him in the form of a Saadhu (yellow attire and Jataa on the head etc) Sumantra got very sad and said to Raam - "King has said to me that I should bring you back after a couple of days showing around the forest."  Raam said - "Hey Sumantra,  I am obeying My father's words and behaving according to My Dharm. If I leave that then I will be defamed in Tri-Lok. I cannot bear this Paap. You hold father's feet on My behalf and say that as the 14 years will complete, I will come back to see him."  Sumantra advised the same to Seetaa also but Seetaa also didn't agree to return to Ayodhyaa. Hearing this Sumantra went back to Ayodhyaa.

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Meeting with Bharadwaaj Muni

After Sumantra had left, Raam asked Guh Nishaad to bring a boat to take them across Gangaa Jee, but he doesn't bring it. He said - "I know your secret now, that the dust of your feet converts things into people. As you touched the stone and it converted into a woman. My boat is made of wood only so it is not difficult for the dust of your feet to convert in a woman, and this is the only means of my living. So if you want that I should take you across the river then kindly  permit me to wash your feet. I will only wash your feet, I don't want any money in exchange of that."

Hearing this Raam smiled and said - "Hey Nishaad,  You do the same by which you don't lose your boat."  Here Tulasee Daas Jee says - "Whose name only can take one across the world ocean, who made the universe smaller than His two feet space, the same Bhagvaan Himself is requesting Nishaad to take them across the Gangaa River."  Nishaad brought Gangaa water to wash their feet, washed their feet and asked them to climb the boat. He drank that water himself and gave some to his family too to drink. Then he took them across the river.

Raam is hesitating that He has not given anything to Nishaad as a fee for the boat ride. Seetaa Jee understood the problem of Her husband so She took out Her ring and gave it to Raam. Raam gave it to Nishaad as the fee but Nishaad held His feet sadly and said - "Hey Swaamee,  What is in this world that I have not got today. I am the richest man of the world today. I won't take anything now, but when you will return from your exile, then whatever you will give to me, I will take it happily."  Then Shree Raam gave His Bhakti to him.

Raam took bath in Gangaa Jee and Seetaa Jee prayed Her, "Bless me Maa, so that I do your Darshan again with my husband and brother-in-law when I come back."  Gangaa Jee blessed her that you will return safely from your exile. Nishaad requested Raam that he could go with them and help them on the way. Seeing his Bhakti Raam took him along.

Raam went forward towards forest. That day they took rest under a tree. Next day they arrived at Teerthraaj (Prayag Jee, Trivenee or Sangam). There they took bath in Sangam and came to the Aashram of Bhardwaaj Muni. Bhardwaaj Muni welcome them with fruits and roots and asked the Var of His Bhakti. Many people came to see Raam there. They stayed there for the night. next morning, Raam asked Muni - "Hey Muni,  Tell us now, which way we should go from here?"

Muni smiled and said - "Wherever you go all paths are easy for you."  Then he called some of his disciples and asked them to accompany Raam. Raam headed again with those disciples. Many people met on the way and were surprised to see their tender age and beauty They thought that who are those parents who have sent such tender beautiful people in the forest. Shree Raam met a Rishi too who greeted them with Saashtaang Pranaam (prostrate posture). Then they came to the bank of Yamunaa Jee and prayed her. They met many people on the way, all offered their help but Shree Raam refused their help politely.

Somebody brings some food, somebody offers water, somebody suggests to take rest for a while, some ask for their welfare, some bless them, some get satisfaction only in talking to them. Thus Raghunaath Jee goes amidst the forest along with Seetaa Jee and Lakshman giving comfort to peoples eyes. Whosoever sees them, his path becomes easy in this world. Village women ask Seetaa Jee - "O beautiful, Who is He who is of Shyaam complexion?" Seetaa Jee says shyly - "He who is of fair complexion, is my brother-in-law and the other one is my husband." Thus all three are going amidst the forest. Seetaa Jee looks like Maayaa in between Brahm and Jeev (soul)

Knowing that Seetaa Jee was tired, Raam took some rest under a banyan tree, ate some fruits and roots and then headed forward again next morning. Thus they arrived at Vaalmeeki Aashram. Muni welcome them, Raam greeted him and Muni blessed them. Raam told everything how queen exiled Him, then asked the place where He should live to comfort Saadhu and Muni. Muni said - "You are asking me "where I should live?", tell me the place where you are not there, then I can tell you the place where you should live. And I should say, "You live in my heart."

Hearing this Raam smiled and Muni said - "Now you go and live on Chitrakoot Parvat. That Parvat is beautiful and it has a beautiful forest too. There flows Mandaakinee River, a tributary of Gangaa Jee, which destroys all Paap. There lives Atri Muni, make his life successful by giving him your Darshan.

Then Raam came to Chitrakoot Parvat and stayed there for some time. When Devtaa thought that Shree Raam would stay there for some time they brought Vishwakarmaa (Devtaa's architect) there who built two most beautiful huts for them. The huts were so beautiful that their beauty cannot be described. Then Devtaa, Naag, Kinnar etc came there to pray Him. As the people got the news of coming of Raghunaath, many Muni started coming to see Him. Other people also came to see them and brought fruits and roots for them. All rivers admired Mandaakinee's good fate, and all other Parvat admire Chitrakoot's good fate.

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Back in Ayodhyaa

When Nishaad came back after leaving Prabhu at Muni Bharadwaaj's Aashram, he found Sumantra still around. Nishaad consoled him in various ways and made him sit on Rath. But the horses did not want to move from that place, they don't eat grass, they don't drink water, look towards south repeatedly. Seeing this Nishaad sent some of his men with Sumantra. With great difficulty Sumantra was able to drive them towards Ayodhyaa. When he arrived in Ayodhyaa, he stayed outside the city because he could not dare to enter the city in daytime. He was all the time thinking that if people will ask him about Raam and Seetaa what will he reply.

He entered the city after the darkness fell. Hiding from people he entered the palace. All queens asked him about Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa but he had no answer for them. He met Raajaa also, he also asked about them. Raajaa was very sad, he said - "Sumantra,  You take me there where Raam is living."  Sumantra said - "Mahaaraaj,  You are very knowledgeable. Birth and death, happiness and grief, loss and profit, meeting and separation, all are under the control of Kaal like day and night.

First we stopped at Tamasaa River, our second stop was at Gangaa River. Kevat (Guh Nishaad) served us very well. Next day  morning Raam and Lakshman made their Jataa with the milk of banyan tree  and crossed Gangaa Jee with Seetaa. He said to me, "You greet my father for me, and tell him that  I will come back after I have completed my exile period. Because of your blessings my stay in forest will be peaceful. You do whatever makes him comfortable."  And then He went away.

Dashrath Paasses Away in Ayodhyaa

Dashrath got very very sad hearing this. Kaushalyaa also tried to console him but he has lost all controls on himself. He remembered the Shaap of the blind Tapaswee (Saadhu). He told the whole story to Kaushalyaa. He couldn't live any more, soon he left his body saying "Raam, Raam".

People kept his body immersed in oil till Bharat and Shatrughn came back from their uncle's' house. Somebody was sent to them to bring them back to Ayodhyaa, but not to give the news of Raajaa's death. They came hurriedly and found the city very quiet and sad. They tried to ask something from several people on the way but nobody replied anything. As they arrived at the gate of the palace, Kaikeyee came to welcome them, asked them about the welfare of her parents and brothers and brought them to her palace. Bharat told everything about her parents' house, then asked about his own mothers and father.

Kaikeyee said - "Dear son,  I have made up the wrong things right. Mantharaa helped me a lot in this regard. But Brahmaa did something wrong during this whole process that Raajaa has expired."  Hearing this Bharat got sad and fell on the floor saying "Hey Pitaa, I am very unfortunate that I could not see you while you were going, and you could not hand over me to Raam Bhaiyaa."  Then when he could gather himself, he got up and asked the reason of Raajaa's death. Kaikeyee described everything from the beginning to the end.

As he heard about Raam's exile he forgot his father's death and thought that only she is the root of all this misfortune. He said - "Your heart was not broken doing all this? You didn't feel any pain asking these Var from father?"  At the same time Mantharaa also came there, Shatrughan hit her on her Koobad. She fell down on the floor and said - "What bad I did  to you? I did only good to you and you are doing this to me in exchange of that?"

Then both brothers went to Kaushalyaa. They asked Kaushalyaa to show them their father, Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa. Bharat said - "Maa,  It would have been better if Kaikeyee would have not given birth to us. Father is dead, Raam went to forest. I am the only root cause of all this." Kaushalyaa tried to console them saying that it was not their fault. All this is under the control of Kaal, so they should try to tolerate it. Bharat again said -"I should suffer in all kinds of hells if at all I have my consent in this conspiracy." Kaushalyaa said - "Do not say like this. You love Raam most and Raam loves you most. Many opposite actions happen but, I know, you cannot be a part of this. The time is bad, so keep patience."

After that Bharat performed the last rites of Dashrath. Then Vashishth Jee asked him to be the king of Ayodhyaa as Dashrath also wanted the same and now he was the only person to take charge of the kingdom. But Bharat did not agree for this as he considered only Raam to be the king of Ayodhyaa. Rather he suggested that they should go to forest to pursue Raam to come back to Ayodhyaa and take charge of the kingdom.

After a brief discussion everybody got agreed for this proposal and all got prepared to go to Raam and have his Darshan and possibly bring Him back. All the material was collected for Shree Raam's coronation and all queens, Muni Vashishth, Bharat and Shatrughn, and some public started toward the forest.

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Bharat Goes to Raam 

Everybody is very happy with the idea that he or she will see Raam again. For the sake of Raam people had left the use of jewelry and things of enjoyment and were living with strict discipline. Bharat, Shatrughn, Vashishth Jee, Arundhatee (Vashishth's wife), all mothers and other members were ready to go. Bharat wants to walk but Kaushalyaa requests him to sit in Rath (chariot), because if he will walk then all will have to walk but unable to walk because of grief. Both brothers obeyed their mother and climbed on Rath.

First they stopped at Tamasaa River, then at Gomatee River. Some drink only milk, some eat only fruits, and some eat only once a day. Thus all follow some kind of restrictions for Shree Raam. After staying at Sayee river, they came to Shringverpur. When Nishaad heard the news of coming of Bharat, he thought, "why Bharat should go to forest? Certainly he has some evil thoughts that is why he has taken so many people with him."  And he ordered his people to get ready for fighting. He thought, "Bharat is the brother of the King and I am a low level person. Nobody can be such fortunate as me who gets the opportunity to die for his Swaamee. This is a very good opportunity for me."  Many people came with their weapons to fight."

Then an old man said - "Wait, it seems that there will be no fight in meeting Bharat with Shree Raam. Bharat is going to bring Raam back to Ayodhyaa. Omen says like this."  Nishaad got ashamed of his evil thoughts and asked everybody to put their weapons aside and welcome Bharat very well. When Bharat came, Nishaad greeted him with his name. Muni Vashishth blessed him and Bharat embraced him. They asked each others welfare. Seeing Bharat's love towards Raam Nishaad repented for his evil thoughts.

Everybody took bath in Gangaa River and stayed there. Bharat asked Nishaad about the places where Raam stayed, slept, sat etc and touched the dust of those places with his forehead. Bharat said - "I am the only root cause of all this."  Nishaad tried to console him saying that "You love Raam and Raam loves you, it was only Kaal's effect that Kaikeyee was out of her mind. You should not blame yourself."

Next day they headed towards Chitrakoot. Bharat Jee again started walking. Seeing Bharat  walking Kaushalyaa again asked him to sit in Rath but Bharat doesn't sit in Rath. He says - "Raam went on foot then how can I ride Rath? Servant's Dharm is the most difficult Dharm. Today I beg you for this leaving my own Dharm (Kshatriya's Dharm - begging is not Kshatriya Dharm)." 

Then they arrived in Prayaag Allaahaabaad, Sangam). "Bharat has come on foot" hearing this all Muni got sad. But seeing him they are happy too. Bharat met Bharadwaaj Muni. Muni said - "Don't be so sad, Bharat. There is no fault of Kaikeyee. It is all only according to Bhagvaan's will and wish."

Bharat says - "Neither I am ashamed of my mother, nor I care about the world as what it will talk about me. I am worried only about Shree Raam that He wanders around in the attire of a Saadhu without anything in His feet. He eats only fruits and sleeps on floor."  Muni consoled him in different ways and invited Riddhi and Siddhi to take care of them. They came and took care of those people. When Bharat saw Muni's power, he found all Lok's pleasures less than that.

Next day they took bath in Sangam and headed towards Chitrakoot. Bharat has no shoes in his feet and no shade over his head. He goes to meet Raam in this way keeping his Dharm and discipline sincerely. Seeing Bharat in this condition Devtaa showered flowers and Prithvi became softer for them.

But at the same time Devtaa got worried. There is nobody like Bharat who loves Raam so much, so Indra got worried that His plans were getting disturbed by Bharat's going to Raam. This meeting should be stopped, so He went to their Guru Brihaspati Jee to request to stop this meeting. Guru Jee smiled hearing Indra and knew everything, then said - "You want to play Maayaa with the servant of the Master of Maayaa? You will have to suffer for that if you did so. Raam loves His servants most. He considers His happiness in serving His servants. I am sure that Raam will not follow the path of Paap. He has made this Universe as Action-main, so whosoever will do whatever, he will get the results of his own actions. Raam is under the control of His Bhakt, so keep patience, don't play any trick and keep your love in Bharat's feet."  Hearing this Indra went to His Lok.

Bharat stayed at one place where he took bath in Yamunaa Jee. On Nishaad's order many boats came there and  next day they all crossed Yamunaa Jee together in one turn. Bharat Jee again headed towards Chitrakoot along with his brother and Nishaad. Muni Vashishth Jee is in front, behind him is the people of Ayodhyaa and behind them are both brothers  walking. Their attire is very plain and they are continuously remembering Raghunaath's name. When people hear about them, they come to see them.  "Are they Raam and Lakshman?  No, no, they can't be Raam and Lakshman, because they don't have the beautiful woman with them."

Bharat Jee is going on foot to bring back Raam, eating only fruits. He has left the kingdom also which his father gave to him. Everybody is admiring Bharat's fate, because there is nobody like Bharat today. That day they took rest at one place and headed again next day.

Then Nishaad showed him the Kaamadgiri Parvat, where Payaswinee River flows, and where both brothers were living with Jaanakee Jee. All did Saashtaang Pranaam (prostrate) to that place and started walking again. But they could not go much farther and stayed at a place nearby water. Next day again they started.

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Bharat Meets Raam 

In the morning when Raam woke up, Seetaa said that she had a dream like this that Bharat had come there along with people of Ayodhyaa, and he had become very thin and weak because of separation of Raam. There were Her mothers-in-law also who were trying to take them back. Hearing Seetaa's dream, Raam's eyes filled with tears. He said - "This dream is not good, it seems that somebody is going to play trick on us." He performed His daily chores and sat looking at north.

After a while He saw dust, animals, birds coming towards His Aashram. The then Kiraat etc told the news of Bharat's coming. Hearing that Raam got very happy, but again He got worried thinking that why Bharat should come here. Then another person told Him that he is coming with his Chaturang army (four types of warriors: army on Rath, on horses, on elephants, and infantry). Shree Raam knew the nature of Bharat, that is why He was trying to get at the bottom of his behavior - how it could be.

Lakshman said - "You yourself are very good that is why you consider everybody else also very good. Who is not proud getting kingdom and so much wealth. So is Bharat. He has lost his Dharm path and now both brothers are coming here to attack on us. If he didn't have the evil thoughts then why should he come here with his army. It is not  Bharat's fault. Sahastrabaahu, Indra and Trishanku, who didn't get the pride of kingdom and did not suffer for that?"  Then he got ready with his bow and arrows to face Bharat and his army. He said - "If Shankar also comes to his help today, then I will kill him also, I vow to Raam."

Then Aakaashvaanee (voice from heavens, or an aerial voice) admired Lakshman's courage and strength and said - "Who knows about future except Bhagvaan. So do whatever is said good by everybody, lest you have to repent for it after doing it. Such man is not said a wise man."  Hearing this Lakshman got ashamed. He sat down.  Raam said - "Although you are right that kingdom makes a person proud and he loses his thinking power, but Bharat is not like that. He cannot be proud even if he gets Shankar's, or Brahmaa's, or Vishnu's status. If Bharat had not been born then who would have supported Dharm.

Bharat took bath in Mandaakinee River and with the permission of mothers, Guru and minister, he headed towards where Raam was there. He is very hesitant remembering his mother's evil action. Kevat climbed up a tree to see Raam and saw Raam sitting under a tree with Lakshman and other saints. After walking a while Bharat also saw them. He fell on the ground saying, "Hey Naath, Hey Naath" 

Lakshman recognized Bharat's words and said to Raam, "Bharat is greeting you."  Raam got up immediately and hugged Bharat with great love. Both brothers' love cannot be described here. Even Brahmaa, Vishnu, Mahesh cannot know it then who else can describe it? Bharat met Lakshman and touched the feet of Seetaa Jee. Then he told that people from Ayodhyaa, mothers, Muni, servants etc have also come to see them.

Shree Raam handed over Seetaa to Shatrughn, and He Himself went to welcome Guru Jee. Then He and Lakshman met everybody in one moment because He knew that everybody was weak and tired. First Shree Raam met Kaikeyee and consoled her in many ways. Then He met other people. Shree Raam got very sad hearing the news of Father's death. He did some rites for His father. The third day, when all became clean (after mourning for Dashrath Jee for two days), Raam said to Guru Jee - "All people are very weak, and here nothing is there except fruits and roots. Please go back to the city now. You are here, father is in Swarg. Please do whatever you feel appropriate."

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Bharat Talks to Raam 

Guru Vashishth Jee said - "Raam, whatever you said is right, but these people have been so happy to see you, so let them be here for a couple of days."  Kole, Kiraat, Bheel etc (India's tribes) people fed them many different kinds of food. People wanted to pay for thir food but they don't accept it saying, "You are the people of high status, we have no opportunity to even see you? It is only because of Shree Raam that we have got this opportunity to serve you. We will feel obliged if you will accept our food."

There is no sorrow there; cool, slow and scented wind blows there always, and all trees and shrubs are laden with sweet fruits. Seetaa Jee serves all Her mothers-in-law in as many guises as Her mothers-in-law. Seeing Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa Jee's nature Kaikeyee now repents for her actions. But Bharat Jee neither sleeps in the night, nor is hungry in the day. He is very sad. Thus days are passing by quickly.

One day when all people sat down, Guru said - "Raam is Bhagvaan, so whatever He says should be accepted to all. We also should do whatever He wants."  Bharat said - "There have been many great kings in Soorya Vansh. All take birth from their parents but Bhagvaan assigns the results of their good and bad Karm." Guru Jee said - "I can suggest that Bharat and Shatrughn may go to forest and Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa should return home."

Bharat Jee was very happy to hear this. but for queens it was the same thing because their two sons will still be in forest. Bharat Jee said - "I can go to forest for ever, I don't see any more Punya than doing this. Please give me permission to go to forest."  Seeing the intense love towards Raam, Guru Jee forgot himself. His wisdom proved weaker in front of Bharat's glory. He wants to cross that sea of Bharat's glory but doesn't find any boat to cross it.

Shree Raam said - "Hey Naath, you have the solution. Just tell me what should I do?" Muni said - "Seeing Bharat's love if we do according to his wish then it will all be favorable." Shree Raam said - "If whatever Bharat says, it will be good for us, today I will do the same."

Muni Vashishth said to Bharat - "Bharat, now tell us without hesitation what do you want?" Since now Bharat has got the  responsibility for everything, he is now thinking what to say. Still he said - "Whatever I wanted to say, Guru Jee has already said it. I am the root cause of this whole episode."

Raam consoled him saying - "This whole universe is controlled by Eeshwar, so to blame your mother for anything is not good for you. The King kept his promise and left me and his body for it, that is why I am a little worried disobeying his words. But I am worried more about you too. Therefore tell me happily without any hesitation as what I should do."

Hearing this all people got very happy but Devtaa got a little worried that now all efforts may go in vain and Shree Raam may not do anything. Raghupati is under the control of His Bhakt. Then they got disappointed remembering Ambreesh, Durvaasaa and their own sad incidents and prayed Bharat that "Hey Bharat, now we are in your shelter, so save us."  At this Brihaspati Jee said - "Stabilize your mind, and take Bharat as Raam's shadow. See the effect of Bharat Jee that Shree Raam is under his full control."

Bharat Jee got very satisfied hearing Raam's statement. His impatient mind got the patience and became peaceful. Bharat considered all this responsibility of himself and thought that if Raam breaks His own vow and keeps my own request this is not good, so he said - "Now what can I say, Guru Jee is happy, and you are also favorable. Hearing this I have become very happy. My mother's ill-thoughts was my ill-fate and Kaal's Gati only. Now you do the same so that you don't think otherwise about me. I am your servant. Whosoever servant wishes for his own good instead of master's, he is a sordid person. Therefore do whatever you consider good for all and nobody is sad. There is only one request that I have brought all the materials for your Abhishek.  So if you consider it proper, then we can do your Abhishek and then Shatrughn and I go to forest. Otherwise you return both brothers and I go with you, or we three brothers go to forest and you return to Ayodhyaa with Seetaa Jee."

Raghunath got silent in hesitation The then Raajaa Janak's messengers came there and informed about the coming of Raajaa Janak. This news saved Raam from His odd situation.

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Coming of Janak Jee 

Vashishth Jee called the messengers of Raajaa Janak and asked his welfare. Messengers said - "Your asking about him became the cause of his welfare, otherwise where is the welfare after the death of Koshal Raaj?

People of Janakpur got very sad after learning about Dashrath's death. Hearing the queen's mischief, Janak Jee could not speak anything. Later he came to know about Bharat's coronation and Raam's exile. This news shattered him completely.

When Raajaa Janak gathered himself, he asked his ministers and learned people as what to do in this situation. Nobody could suggest anything. Then Janak Jee sent four messengers to Ayodhyaa to find out about Bharat's mind secretly. They went o Ayodhyaa and found out  everything and came to Janakpur as Bharat left Ayodhyaa for Chitrakoot. Raajaa Janak ordered to prepare many horses, elephants, chariots etc and started his journey to this place. He didn't take rest on his way. He came to Prayaag, took bath, and when he was crossing Yamuna, he sent us to find out about you."

Vashishth Jee sent them back with 6-7 Bheel (India's tribe). All got very happy to hear this news, but Indra got more worried. Kaikeyee feel very embarrassed. People feel happy that because of Janak Jee they will live there for a few days more. Thus that day also passed.

Next day all took bath, worshipped Ganesh Jee, Mahaadev Jee, and Soorya Bhagvaan. Then they prayed Vishnu for Raam's coronation, Jaanakee Jee being queen and Bharat Jee being Crown prince. They should live in Ayodhyaa, and we should die in Ayodhyaa, that is what all Ayodhyaa people pray for daily. Hearing their prayer even Gyaanee Muni do not like their Yog and Vairaagya.

In the meantime Janak Jee came, so everybody got up to welcome them. Raghunaath walked forward to welcome him. As Janak Jee saw Kaamadgiri Parvat, he got down from his chariot, greeted it and started walking. Nobody feels tired in the desire of seeing Raam. All met affectionately and came to Aashram. People of both sides got very sad remembering Dashrath Jee. Nobody has patience, or Gyaan or shame. Everybody is weeping remembering Dashrath Jee. Here Tulasee Daas Jee says that at that very moment even Devtaa and Muni are not able to console Janak Jee who is called Videh (who doesn't care for his body).

Muni and Vashishth Jee consoled them in various ways. Janak's Gyaan Soorya removes the darkness of ignorance, how he can be under the spell of Moh (love) and attachment. This is only because of Raam's divine love and glory, otherwise he has already crossed earthly bondages. there are three types of people - totally attached to world, followers of Ved etc and Gyaanee Siddh people. But whosoever is attached to Raam, only he is respected in saints' society. Everybody was very sad, so that day also passed without water.

Next day all people from both sides (Ayodhyaa and Janak Puree) took bath and sat under the shade of banyan tree. Many Muni consoled them through their discourses. Then Raam said to Vishwaamitra Jee - "Yesterday nobody took anything so some food should be arranged." Janak Jee said - "It is not alright to take grains here." Then they ate fruits, flowers, leaves and roots. Thus four days passed. All men and women are contented to see Shree Raam and both side people wish that going back without Shree Raam is not good. Or all of them should live with them. They won't feel anything living in forest with them even for 14 years.

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Dialog Between Queens 

After knowing Seetaa's mothers-in-law convenience from her maidservants, Seetaa's mother Sunayanaa came to see them. Kaushalyaa respected them all and offered them Aasan to sit. All are sad, quiet, in tears. Sunayanaa spoke - "We cannot know Vidhaataa's (Creator of the universe) wish. He is giving so many sorrows to these people who are tender like foam of milk." Sumitraa said - "Vidhaataa's mind is very crook. First He creates the universe, then destroys it. His mind is childish (illogical)." Kaushalyaa said - "It is nobody's fault. Sorrows and Joy, loss and gains all depend on Karm and Karm's results are unknown. That is known only to Vidhaataa who is the in charge of all good and bad results. We remember Raajaa only because of our own interests."

Sunayanaa said - "You are right. You are the wife of Dashrath Jee, so all this is right for you to say." Kaushalyaa said - "I know that if Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa go to forest, then its result should be good, but I am worried about Bharat. My all four sons and daughters-in-law are holy like Gangaa'a water. I have never vowed on Raam, but today I take vow on Raam that even Saraswatee Jee hesitates to describe Bharat's qualities. Ocean cannot be  emptied using a shell. I consider Bharat as the lamp of my family. Man is tested only by his character and nature. But today it is wrong to say, because logic is reduced in such sorrowful and affectionate condition."

Kaushalyaa again said - "Hey Mithileshwaree, Who can advise you, you are the queen of Raajaa Janak Jee. But tell Raajaa that if Lakshman returns to Ayodhyaa, and Bharat goes to forest, that will be better. I am very much worried about Bharat." Hearing this Devtaa showered flowers and Siddh, Yogee, Muni all became very sympathetic. Then Kaushalyaa said - "Now you may go to your camp, it is already very late in the night.

Sunayanaa held Kaushalyaa's feet and said - "Only you can say this. Prabhu respects His lower people too. Fire keeps smoke, and mountain keeps straws on their head. Raajaa Janak is your servant wholly, but help comes only through Mahaadev and Paarvatee. Nobody else is able to help you. Lamp cannot give light to Sun. After finishing Devtaa's work, Shree Raam will rule in Ayodhyaa Puree. Yaagyavalkya Muni has already predicted this. Muni's words cannot go wrong."

Then bowing her head in their feet, and asking their permission to take Seetaa Jee along to her camp, Sunayanaa went to her camp along with Seetaa Jee. Jaanakee Jee met everybody accordingly. Janak Jee hugged her with great love. Janak's heart is like ocean, Seetaa's love is like immortal banyan tree, and Shree Raam is like baby Bhagvaan on that tree. Janak's Gyaan is like Maarkandeya Muni who was restless in that ocean but is saved seeing Bhagvaan on the banyan tree. This is the glory of Shree Raam and Seetaa's love.

Janak was very contented seeing Seetaa Jee in Tapaswinee (wife of a Saadhu) guise. He said - "Dear daughter, You have made both families glorious. The river of your glory is now flowing in millions of universes. Gangaa has only three Teerth (Haridwaar, Prayaagraaj, and Gangaa Saagar) but your glory river has many Teerth (saints groups)." Seetaa Jee felt  embarrassed hearing Her own praise. Seetaa doesn't say anything but She is hesitant to stay in that camp overnight leaving Her mothers-in-law alone. So Sunayanaa Jee sent Her back to Her in-law's camp.

Intelligent queen Sunayanaa described Bharat's state of mind to Janak Jee. Janak Jee also admired Bharat's actions and said - "Life story of Bharat Jee frees from all bondages of life. I know something about "Dharm, politics and Brahm", but still I can't describe the gory of Bharat Jee. He is unique. Only Raam knows his glory, but He also cannot describe it fully. Lakshman Jee returns and Bharat Jee goes to exile, this is good for everybody, but this is out of limits of Raam and Bharat's minds. Bharat Jee cannot disobey Shree Raam even in dreams, that is why we should not worry about it.

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Raam's Paadukaa to Bharat

Next day after taking bath, Raghunaath Jee went to Guru Vashishth and said - "All people are sad so do whatever is good for all." Vashishth Jee said - "Hey Raam, All happiness or sorrow is dependent on you. You know everything very well. You go to your Aashram."  Then Guru Jee told this to Raajaa Janak Jee and said - "Mahaaraaj, Do whatever is good for everybody within the limit of Dharm."

Janak Jee thought that it was not good to come here. Dashrath Jee sent Raam to exile and proved his love towards Raam by dying in His separation and we will return without Him in the praise of our logic (that we came back without Him and didn't die in His separation). He said to Bharat - "Shree Raam is very religious and truthful, that is why He is tolerating all kinds of troubles in modesty. Now whatever you say we will say the same to Him." Bharat Jee left everything on him. Then all came to Raam.

Devtaa saw first Vashishth Jee who was full of affection towards Raam, then saw Janak Jee who was also full of affection towards Raam and then saw Bharat Jee who was full of Raam's Bhakti. All looked selfish to them. They got very disappointed. They remembered Saraswatee Jee and preyed her. She said - You fools, can't you see the Bhaki of Bharat? Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh's Maayaa is very strong still she cannot look at him, and you are telling me to change his mind?" and she went to Brahm Lok. Then Devtaa did something themselves. They thought that now everything is in Bharat's control so they spread their Maayaa of fear, confusion and indifference.

Raajaa Janak went to Shree Raam with Guru Jee. Guru Jee said to Raam - "Hey Raam, Everybody has something good and something bad. Tell us whatever is good for people, mothers and Bharat. Our wisdom seeks only your advice."  Raam said - "In the presence of you and Raajaa Janak Jee if I say anything it will be unjust, but I vow that whatever you will say everybody will obey it." All hesitated hearing Shree Raam's vow and started looking at Bharat Jee.

Bharat Jee joined his hands and said - "I came here disobeying father's words. Nobody has been heard to disobey Shree Raam's orders, but I disobeyed, but Prabhu regarded it as my service to Him. I can say it with firm belief that there is no other master like you. And to ask for something from such a master is a crime. Now I tell you my internal wish that servant's duty is to serve his master without wishing anything worldly. There is no other service to the master except to obey Him. So today I ask for the same." Hearing this, Raam made him sit near Himself.

Everybody just looked at Shree Raam silently. Then Shree Raam spoke - "You are the axle of Dharm, Bharat,  you know everybody's duties. I cannot describe your all qualities still I say something according the situation. In the absence of our father only Guru Jee is taking care of us. Guru Jee and Mithileshwar have saved us from the loss of untimely death of our father. Guru Jee's orders are valuable for us, so do the same and allow me also to do the same whatever he says. Thinking thus comfort the public and the family. I know that all have participated in my troubles but you are in the most difficult time of fourteen years. You are very sensitive still I am telling you this because only good brothers help in bad times. Servant should be like hands, feet and eyes and Swaamee should be like mouth."

All  were under the control of Raam's affection. Saraswatee Jee was silent. Bharat Jee was very much satisfied seeing Raam favorable to him. He got happy, bowed to Shree Raam and said - "I have got full pleasure and joy of going with you to forest here only, and I have earned all Punya also of this life. Naath, Now whatever you say, I will obey the same, but give me something which can help me to pass this time period. With Guru's permission, I have brought all things of your coronation along with holy water of all Teerth (holy places). So what is the order for them? Besides I have a great wish, but I am unable to say it because of fear and hesitation.

Raam said - "Say it, Bharat. Don't hesitate at all." Then Bharat Jee spoke - "If you permit me, then I wish to visit the holy places of Chitrakoot, forests, animals and birds, ponds and rivers, waterfalls and Parvat, and land marked with your footprints." Raam said - "Sure, take Atri Rishi's permission and you may gor around. Wherever Atri Jee permits, you should establish that holy water of Teerth."

Hearing all this, selfish Devtaa showered flowers of Kalp Vriksh (tree). Janak Jee and Vashishth Jee are admiring both Raam and Bharat's nature. Their discipline and love can make holier to holy. Somebody is praising Raam's greatness, and somebody is praising the goodness of Bharat. Kaushalyaa consoled the other queens taking into consideration sorrow and joy alike.

Atri Muni asked Bharat to establish the holy water in a nearby well. Bharat Jee went to that well to establish that holy water along with Shatrughn and other saints. Atri Muni said - "This is very holy place from the beginning of the universe, but with time it disappeared, so nobody knows about it." Bharat Jee saw that place and dug a well there for holy water. Since then its name was Bharat Koop (well). Atri Jee told stories of the importance of that place to all of them. Thus that night also passed.

Next day, after taking bath, Bharat Jee started his journey on foot. He is roaming on foot without shoes. Seeing this Prithvi is feeling shy, it has become the softest for him. It has hidden all bad things up on it - Kush (a type of hard grass), stones, hardness etc. Devtaa by showering flowers, clouds by giving shade, straws by being soft, trees by blossoming and having fruits, deer by appearing, and birds by singing, all are serving Bharat Jee considering him dear to Shree Raam.

Thus Bharat Jee is wandering in the forest, seeing holy water places, land places, birds, animals, Parvat etc. Bharat asks questions about them and Atri Jee replies to all of them affectionately. Bharat Jee somewhere takes bath , somewhere greets, and somewhere meditates Raam Lakshman along with Seetaa. He comes back in the evening. Thus he visited all places of interest in five days. The fifth day also passed telling and hearing Vishnu and Mahaadev's glory.

Next day, knowingly fully well that "today is a good day to bid farewell to all" Raam is hesitating to say it. He looked at all and then looked at Prithvi. All are admiring Raam for His shy and hesitant nature. Noticing Raam's inclination Bharat Jee spoke - "You regarded my all desires, all people took so much trouble for me, now please permit me to pass this time period of fourteen years and guide me so that I can see you after this time."

Shree Raam said - "Guru Jee and Janak Jee are taking care of yours, mine, family, house and forest, so we don't have to worry about anything. It is good for us only to obey father's orders. By obeying Guru's, father's and Swaamee's orders nobody falls down. Thinking thus, go to Avadh and pass the time. All responsibilities are on Guru Jee, you just obey Guru Jee, mothers and ministers. The head should be like mouth, which eats only from one way but takes care of all parts of body.

Shree Raam tried to console Bharat in several ways but he did not get satisfied without taking any thing from Him in return. Raghunaath was hesitating seeing Bharat's love, especially in the presence of Guru Jee, ministers and people. At last Bharat's love won and Shree Raam gave His Paadukaa (shoes) to him. These Paadukaa are like two gatekeepers to protect Ayodhyaa people, or a chest to keep Bharat's gem like love, or two letters to meditate on, or two hands for good actions. Bharat Jee was very pleased to receive them. He asked farewell from Shree Raam, and Shree Raam hugged him affectionately. Indra also got the opportunity to change people's mind so now they wanted to go home.

Shree Raam wept at the time of farewell. Vashishth and Janak like people also drowned in Raghunaath's love. All got busy to pack off from there. All met each other and Raam admired Janak Jee. Janak Jee greeted Vishwaamitra, Vaamdev, Jaabaali and family members too. He bade farewell affectionately to Bharat's mother Kaikeyee. Seetaa Jee also met Her mother and mothers-in-law. After bidding farewell to Guru and his wife Arundhatee Jee Raam came back to His Aashram to bid farewell to Nishaad.

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Bharat's Coming to Ayodhyaa

All are going back to Ayodhyaa from Chitrakoot, all are sad, all are talking about Raam's love. First day, they crossed Yamunaa Jee, and didn't eat anything in the grief of Raam's separation. Second day they stayed in Shringverpur after crossing Gangaa Jee. There Nishaad made all arrangements for them. Then they crossed Sayee River and took bath in Gomatee river, and the fourth day they arrived in Ayodhyaa.

Janak Jee stayed for four days in Ayodhyaa Jee to make necessary arrangements about the kingdom, then headed towards Tirahut (Janak Puree). All in Ayodhyaa were living with strict discipline in the hope to see Raam again. They have sacrificed all pleasures and are wishing the exile time to end soon.

Bharat Jee instructed his ministers and trusted servants to perform their duties. He handed over mothers to Shatrughn. Then he consoled the public. He went to Guru's house with Shatrughn and asked - "If you permit me then I may live with discipline and control." Muni said - "Bharat, Whatever you will say or do, the same will be regarded as Dharm for the world."

Bharat Jee called astrologers to tell him an auspicious day to establish for Raam's Paadukaa on the throne. and on that auspicious day Raam's Paadukaa were established on the throne. Then he himself went to live in a hut in Nandee Graam (village) instead of living in the palace. He made Jataa on his head, put on Muni type saffron robe, dug some drench and sat there on Kush Aasan. Leaving behind all the pleasures of life he adopted a simple life with strict discipline.

He got weaker and weaker everyday. Hope was like the Polar star in the sky and living for 14 years was like 14 days from Amaavasyaa (the day Raam's exile period began) to Poornimaa (the day Raam's exile period will finish). Even Ganesh Jee, Shesh Jee or Saraswatee Jee cannot describe Bharat's living style, mind, Bhakti, and detachment. Shree Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa Jee are living in forest in exile, but Bharat Jee was following all that kind of life by himself.

Iti Shree Raam Charit Maanas

Dwiteeya Sopaan Ayodhyaa Kaand


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