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Symbolism In Buddhism

Lord Buddha Footprints (Buddhapada)

The footprints of the Buddha are venerated in all Buddhist countries. These highly schematized footprints generally show all the toes to be of equal length, and are incised in stone. They often bear distinguishing marks - either a Dharma wheel or cakra at the centre of the sole, or the 32, 108 or 132 distinctive signs of the Buddha, engraved or painted on the sole and inscribed in a sort of checkerboard pattern. These imprints are especially venerated in countries such as Sri Lanka and Thailand, where they are protected in a special structure, sometimes highly elaborate. Finally, the buddhapada image can also be found on Tibetan thangkas. (see image on right). The prints of the hands and feet of holy personages are generally applied during the ceremony when the buddhapada is consecrated.