Gurus & Saints of India


Babaji Mahavtar

"Babaji is the guru of Lahiri Mahasaya. His powerful, sublime influence wafts over an unknowing world without fanfare — secret and sacred, like the reclusive master himself.

It is believed that Babaji is deathless. He is the only one of these four great masters who is still in his body. Although originally born centuries ago, he maintains a physical presence even today in a remote area of the high Himalayas near Badrinath. He has a small group of disciples who travel with him from peak to peak.
Although Babaji lives in inaccessible heights, far from the teeming multitudes, he is deeply aware of what is transpiring in the world. From century to century, he keeps an eye on struggling humanity — sending his blessings and working to direct open souls to the Light.

Yogananda called Babaji a “mahavatar” — a great incarnation of God. Although all self-realized masters are one with the Infinite, Babaji especially epitomizes the highest pinnacle of spiritual attainment.

It is said that one need only speak the name of Babaji with devotion to immediately receive an inner blessing. It is a great blessing to India and the world that this exalted soul has made the Himalayas his home. His mere presence on the planet acts as a spiritual polestar for the whole of humanity.