Hindu Gods and Goddesses


friend, philosopher and guide


Ugrasenan ruled Mathura. He had a daughter called Devaki who was married to Vasudevar. Devaki's brother Kamsan was driving the chariot with the newly wed couple. An asariri (divine voice) called out that the eighth child of Devaki would kill Kamsan. The outraged Kamsan rushed to kill Devaki, but Vasudevar pleaded, that since the trouble was from Devaki's children, he would hand over all her children to Kamsan. Kamsan put Devaki, Vasudevar and Ugrasenan in prison. Kamsan mercilessly killed six of Devaki's children. Devaki was pregnant for the seventh time and this time it was Adisesha's amsam in her womb. Lord Vishnu arranged for this child to be transferred to the womb of Rohini, another wife of Vasudevar, who lived in Aayarpaadi. Rohini gave birth to a beautiful and powerful child who was named Balarama. Kamsan assumed that Devaki had lost her seventh child.  

The eighth child was Lord Krishna. When Krishna was born Vasudevar, carried the child by God's grace from the locked prison through rain and floods to the house of Nandagopar and Yasodha in Aayarpaadi. On the way, Aadiseshan covered the basket, protecting the child Krishna from the ravages of nature. Vasudeva left Krishna beside Yasodha and carried away her new born child (Parameswari, the maya child) to the prison.  

Kamsan, on hearing the birth of Krishna rushed to the prison, grabbed the child and tried to kill the child. The child however, rose up to the skies and ridiculed kamsan, that his arch enemy was still alive elsewhere and vanished.   

Krishna as a child
In Aayarpaadi, everybody was thrilled and overjoyed. There were great celebrations. Krishna grew up enjoying the love and affection showered by all. Kamsan started sending asuras in search of Krishna. Even as a child, Krishna killed several asuras such as Boodaki, Thirunavardhan, Denukan, Bagan, Sagadasuran, and several others. He revealed to his mother Yasodha, the entire universe within his tiny open mouth. The mighty Kaalinga (snake) was subdued by him. He controlled the snake and danced on its head. He gave protection to the people of Gokulam for over a week from the heavy rains caused by Indra, by lifting the Govardana giri (mountain) and holding it as an umbrella. He killed Kamsan of Mathura. The Gopikas were thrilled by his venu gaanam (flute).  

Krishna married Rukmini. (Rukmini's brother Rukmi wanted her to marry his friend Sisubaalan. Krishna lifted Rukmini on to his chariot, swiftly reached Dwaraka and married Rukmini).  

The day that Krishna killed Naragasuran is celbrated as Deepavali. In the episode of obtaining the Syamantakamani, he married Jambavati, Jambavan's daughter and Satyabama Satrajit's daughter. 

(Krishna's sister Subadra was married to Arjuna. Their son Abhimanyu married Vatsala, Balarama's daughter). 

The pancha Pandavas were cheated of their kingdom by Duryodhana, his brothers and Duryodhana's uncle Sakuni. With Krishna by thier side, the Pandavas ultimately defeated the Gauravas and got back their kingdom. (In the war field Krishna advised Arjuna to do his duty only and not to worry about the consequences, when Arjuna worried over killing his relatives.) Geethopadesam to Arjuna by Lord Krishna is truly a way of living to be followed by all human beings.