Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Goddess Sakti - Divine Mother 
Consort of Siva

Parvathi is Lord Siva's consort & like Lord Siva, she is portrayed in her roudra & serene aspects.In her serene aspect, she is depicted as Uma or Parvathi & is usually seen along with Siva & also their children Lord Ganesha & Lord Muruga. She is seen with only two hands, holding a blue lotus in her right hand.

In her terrifying aspects, the most commonly worshipped forms are Durga & Kali. These are forms taken by the Goddess in an effort to destroy some form of evil & hence even these forms need not invoke fear, for she is the mother who has risen in anger only to destoy evil forces and provide eternal happiness and peace to her children. 

As Durga she is seen with four - twenty hands. She has 3 eyes, the 3rd eye in her forehead. She is adorned in bright red sari. In her hands she holds the discuss, bow, trident, bow & arrow, sword, gadha, etc., Her vahana is the lion and she is sometimes seen as standing on a lotus or on a buffalo's head.

As Kali (the Goddess of Time) she presents the most terrifying aspect, usually seen in a burial or war field. She is standing on a dead body with her hair let loose and dishivelled. She wears a garland of skulls.

Goddess Parvathi is worshipped by several other namas (names)  
Maheswari  - Kaumari - Varahi - Vaishnavi - Chamundi - Durga - Kali - Bhuvaneswari - Mathangi
Lalitha - Annapurani - Rajarajeswari. 

Goddess Durga Roop  

Goddess Mahakali                            Goddess Tara                                    Goddess Tripura Sundari

Goddess Bhuvaneshwari              Goddess Chinnamasta                  Goddess Tripura Bhairavi

Goddess Dhumavati                        Goddess Baglamukhi                      Goddess Matangi

Goddess Kamla