Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Goddess Gayatri


Gayatri is the mother goddess who which disperses the clouds of ignorance and lets the aspirant see the spiritual sun, which shines eternally behind those clouds and his oneness with that sun.This goal is achieved from the form of Gayatri.

She has five faces of different colours, ten hands carrying different things, and ten graceful eyes, She is sitting on a red Lotus. Each of her faces symbolise a specific meaning such as:

1) Pearl Colour: Pearls are collected from sea from the bosom of snails. Snails come to the surface of the sea with their eyes and mouth open. When it rains, the rain drops fall into their mouth and if at the time the rain drops fall into their mouth, the snails swasthi nakshatra (star) in the sky and absorb its radiation into them, then the rain drops are converted into original pearls (as distinct from cultured Pearls). These original Pearls are divine in Nature. Thus the first face of Gayatri is of Pearl colour, giving out the luster of Pearls (representing briliance).

 2) Coral Colour: (ie. bright red) (one of the nine gems). The second face develops the principle of nitchala Tattwa in the aspirants mind (still mind).

3) Gold Colour: Very bright both in colour and quality. Mere seeing the gold and exposing ourselves into its luster promote good quality and external charm in the aspirant.

4) Blue colour representing the Sky: Sea is blue in colour. Sree Mahavishnu

 (Lord Narayana) is also blue in colour (Vishnu tattwa). This face fosters the aspirant with all wealth and also Divine Grace from Lord Narayana.

5) White face: This face represents purity. It develops purity in the mind of the aspirant and also grants divine grace from Saraswati (the goddess for wisdom).