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Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America

Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America, Inc.
World Hindu Council
A Non-Profit Tax Exempt Organization

  • To promote unity among Hindus through a network of chapters and likeminded organizations

  • To establish VHP as the voice of Hindus everywhere and represent Hindu organizations and institutions on matters of Hindu interests

  • To raise Hindu awareness through seminars, conferences, publications, media and audio-visual aids

  • To cultivate a spirit of self-respect in Hindu way of life and respect for the people of all colors, creeds, races and religions

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America aims to create a dynamic, vibrant, visible and effective Hindu society based on and inspired by the eternal values of Dharma, and the lofty ideal of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, “the entire creation is one family.” VHPA works to preserve, protect and promote the Hindu way of life. The Parishad is of the view that Hindus are those who believe, practice and respect the spiritual and religious principles and practices having roots in India. Thus, Hindus includes Jaina, Baudhha, Sikha and people of different sects and traditions within the Hindu ethos.

  • To establish world-wide contacts with Hindus through need-based projects and programs

  • To provide community service to people in distress without consideration of race, religion and nationality

  • To create a team of dedicated, assertive volunteers for community service

  • To create opportunities for imbibing Hindu values based on Hindu scriptures and heritage through Bala Vihars, camps, Satsanga, family retreats and educational institutions

PROGRAMS AND PROJECTS: The programs and projects are defined by the local community needs within the broad framework of the Parishad mission. The ongoing projects are: Hindu Student Council: It is the youth wing of VHP-A functioning in 50 universities and colleges in the USA. It offers the Hindu youth a forum to discuss and learn about Hindu Dharma, history, culture and methods to manage the challenges they face as Hindu youth in America. Support-A-Child: The Indian American Hindus support the education of children in India by contributing $250.00 per child per year. There are 700 boys and girls under this program. Ekala Vidyalaya (One Teacher School): To open ‘One Teacher School’ in every one of the 133,913 villages with tribal-poor population of 70 million in remote parts of India. There are 2030 such schools are functioning. The cost of sponsoring one such school is $365.00 per year. Publications: Hindu Vishwa, Souvenirs, Curriculum-books for the education and other resource material as needed. Bala Vihars,Youth Camps and Conferences: They offer opportunity and forum to learn about Hindu religion, culture and heritage. Emporium: It is resource for authentic Hindu books, deity pictures and the items for performing rituals. Hindu Calendar: It provides Hindu festival dates and is also a resource for spiritual knowledge. Chaitanya Bharati: It is a ‘theme’ oriented annual publication, which provides the insight of Hindu Dharma, culture, history and heritage of Punya Bhoomi Bharata. Emergency Seva Programs: VHP of America undertakes the programs to galvanize efforts to muster resources to help people under distress as result of Nature’s calamities. The typical examples are the cyclone in Orissa and earthquakes of Uttara Kaashi in Uttara Pradesh, of Latoora in Maharashtra and the recent one in Gujarata.

Vision of Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America, Inc.

A dynamic, vibrant Hindu Society
inspired by the eternal values of Dharma,
the lofty ideal of Vasudhaiva
Kutumbakam, meaning, The entire
creation is one family.

Dynamic - A society that is moving with the times, nay, verily pushing the envelop of time, ever radiating the timeless wisdom of the Rishis in every act, every achievement, every endeavor. A society that is the master of all sciences, technologies and arts that are known, and yet to be known, to humankind. A society that is boldly experimenting, exploring, discovering and personally experiencing and validating all aspects of the Truth manifested in the universe as it unfolds outside and within us. A society that is fearless, strong, courageous and mighty.

Vibrant - Not a stagnant society but one full of energy and vigor, nurturing the ideas, creativity and aspirations of every member, big and small. A healthy, prosperous society, adorned by the twin jewels of arts and music, beaming with joy and confidence that comes only from abundance. A society that is forever alert and vigilant!

Mission of Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America, Inc.

  • Prachar - Voice of the Hindus

    - Promote Unity amongst Hindus through a network of Parishad chapters and like-minded organizations.
    - Provide a Forum For and Represent all Hindu organizations and institutions for Hindu interests.
    - Raise Hindu Awareness through seminars, conferences, publications, media, audio-visual aids

  • Seva

    - Provide Community Service to people in distress without consideration of race, religion or nationality.
    - Build a Team of Parishad active members for community service.

  • Sanskar

    - Cultivate the spirit of self respect in our way of life, and respect for the people of all colors, creeds, races and religions.
    - Create opportunities for imbibing Hindu Values, Hindu Scriptures and Hindu Heritage through Bal Vihars, Camps, Family Retreats and Educational Institutions.

  • Sampark

    - Establish World-wide Contacts with Hindus through projects and programs focusing on Hindu interests everywhere.
    - Raise Funds for Parishad Mission.

History of VHPA


  • VHP of America was founded in 1970 in New York to preserve, promote and practice those great universal and eternal values which were discovered and practiced by the Sages of Bharat. Though inspired by the same ideals as those followed by Vishwa Hindu Parishad of Bharat, VHP of America is distinct, legally separate and operationally independent Non-Profit organization in its own right within the USA. In 1974 the Parishad office was incorporated in New York State.

  • A great motivating factor for launching VHPA and many of its programs was to bring the Hindu immigrant community together and to address many difficult issues facing the community as it started to settle down in a largely unknown land. Bal Vihar programs were offered to provide succor and support to families that were searching for ways to impart Hindu values to their growing children. Towards this end, a Children’s Book Store was started in New Hampshire and lecture tour programs were started to share the knowledge of Hindu heritage with the community at large. And, hugely popular Hindu Heritage Youth camps were started in the late seventies, the first being in Rhode Island. Seva projects were started to offer concrete assistance to institutions in Bharat.

  • VHPA set the trend in the West for conducting regional and national conference on Social, Spiritual, and Cultural issues affecting Hindus. The first conference was held in Florida. The Tenth National conference and the First Youth conference was held in 1984 at New York and was a global, historical, trend-setting Hindu event outside of Bharat. The Seva program was enhanced with the launch of Support-a-Child Program. In the late 1980’s we witnessed the birth of Hindu Students Council to meets the needs of the growing number of Hindu students on University campuses across the country.

  • The Global Vision 2000 Programs were held in 1993 attended by 15,000 people. The First Dharma Samsad in America at Arsha Vidya Gurkulum in 1998, and was another first of its kind event in the western hemisphere. This was followed by another unique event Dharma Prasaar Yaatra in 1999 in which eminent Sadhus from Bharat made a sweeping 10 day tour of 10 major cities in USA giving spiritual guidance to over 15,000 people. The year 2000 saw another historical event called Dharma Ganga, done in conjunction with the United Nations Millennium Peace Summit in which 108 eminent Sadhus from Bharat and many other learned scholars participated in spiritual discussions at the UN followed by lecture tours across the country.

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Sushim Mukerji
National Office Manager
Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America, Inc.
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Gaurang Vaishnav
General Secretary
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