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The Society of Abidance in Truth (SAT)

The Society of Abidance in Truth (SAT) is a spiritual nonprofit organization consecrated to the teachings of Advaita Vedanta, especially as revealed by Sri Ramana Maharshi. These teachings emphasize nondual Self-Knowledge and deal with Self-Realization, the primary means of attaining which is the spiritual practice of Self-Inquiry.

Guidance in these teachings is provided by the recorded teachings of Vedanta since the ancient times of the Vedas, through Ribhu, Adi Sankara, and other sages, and in the writings and recorded dialogues of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Spiritual guidance in the various sacred events conducted by SAT is provided by Nome, a sage who practiced the inquiry for steady abidance in Self-Realization. He places no emphasis on himself, but keeps the focus of the instruction entirely upon the Truth, Self-Knowledge, and Self-inquiry, turning the aspirants’ attention fully inward, for it is in this way that meditation, Self-inquiry, and Self-Knowledge truly open for one.

The Society of Abidance in Truth is also known by the acronym SAT. This corresponds to the Sanskrit term “Sat,” which means Truth, Reality, Existence, or Being.


To fulfill its aims of the preservation and dissemination of these teachings of nondual Self-Knowledge in a manner that best serves the aspirations of those who seek this quintessential wisdom within themselves in order to secure lasting peace and happiness, SAT provides the following:

  • Satsangs: These are spiritual events filled with silent meditation, discourses on Self-Knowledge and Self-inquiry, dialogues on spiritual topics, recitations in Sanskrit and English from holy texts of the Sruti (Vedas, specifically the Upanishads) and smriti (later holy texts)

  • Ramana Darshanam events focused deeply on the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi

  • Boundless Wisdom events focused deeply on the teachings of Adi Sankara, Ribhu, and other sages of Vedanta

  • Meditation events filled with periods of silent meditation and dialogues about meditation experience

  • Retreats: These are three to five full days of immersion in the teachings and silent meditation, with continual opportunity for questions and dialogue.

  • Translation and publication of texts that, since ancient times, have helped to carry on the instruction in these teachings of Advaita Vedanta, as well as recently authored books clearly revealing the same teachings of Self-Knowledge

  • A serene temple for its sacred events and for meditation at other times. It is replete with exquisite altars for meditation and worship, endowed with symbols that are pertinent for those immersed in Vedanta, especially in the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi and the symbolism of Siva.

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Society of Abidance in Truth
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