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Sudha Dhama Mandalam
Box: 1561, Santiago, Chile. South America. - Address: 411 Marin, Santiago

Religion in general terms being distinct from convention, may be said to embody the philosophy, principle and, practice of human conduct and bearing in relation to Whole Life, pervading and energising Cosmos; these principles, practice and philosophy apply to temporal and spiritual existence and experience; as such the approach to study and understanding of such religion must necessarily be integral in its character. Suddha (Sanatana)Dharma gives the pre-eminent lead to such an approach. The expression Suddha Dharma signifies the Law of Trascendence as a result of the Syntesis of Spirit and Matter co-functioning in the evolutionary World-process which obtain through all time.

The Supreme Spirit or Suddha Brahm or Supreme God in its very nature trascends time and space and it is the goal who suddha aspirants search in their own spiritual heart though Suddha meditation exercises. Suddha Brahm in its primal expression is triple, being known as: Life Principle, Energy Principle and Matter Principle, and all those elements also constitutes the main structure that forms the bodies of all creatures in the cosmos into an evolutionary and eternal process.

In order to know this divine functioning, Suddha Dharma leads to aspirants to practice spiritual excercises or meditations and such practices varies with individual development with reference to their increasing evolutionary responsiveness.

Besides constant study, meditation and selfless actions in own life, Suddha Dharma enjoins on every aspirant the practice of RAYA YOGA or Suddha Meditation. This meditation has to be conducted on three levels of mans consciousness with the reference to the triple aspect of BRAHMA, namely SAGUNA or FORM, NIRGUNA or WITHOUT FORM and SUDDHA or the Trascendence of both mentioned.

Such meditation also called DHYANA includes the raising of normal consciousness in man from lower to higher levels, maintaining him a mental attitude of universal unity to the inmanent aspect of Divinity as Atman.

An intensive aid to this practice is furnished by intoning mantras or syllabes of power that purifies the body, heart and mind to the aspirant who wishes a divine contact with God in its own spiritual heart.

The results of these knowledge and spiritual exercises leads to aspirant to follow by himself a peaceful, wise and lovely life, in order to serve everyboby in the suffering mankind.

The fundamentals underpinning the Suddha Dharma Mandalam, are:

  • There is no doctrine higher than Yoga, because life as a whole is rooted in the Yoga (Unity in essence and in form).

  • The entire humanity, is a single group, with divisions based on race, creed, sex, caste or social status does not constitute any impediment to the realization of God.

  • All worship one God, the principle of the existence Raz (Atman) in the etheric chamber of the heart of each.

  • All have a single education (Vidya) disclosed as Synthetic Science of the Absolute (Brahma Yoga Vidya)

  • Receiving Initiation, consuming a pure food and frequented the company of people who believe in God, men are trained to achieve the vision of the Divine Principle (Atma) in themselves, which also compenetra everything.

  • The mental purity is generated in contemplating all beings as equals, in its very essence and the same atomic constituent elements of their bodies.

  • As the Doctrine of Suddha Dharma Shastra Yoga is a synthesis or teaching, she will be followed by all.

The basic principle of Suddha Dharma Mandalam or Transcendence Act is that the reality of the universe with its evolutionary processes is a natural expression of the Divine Transcendence. Suddha Dharma teachings excluded from the doctrine of cosmic illusion or temporary, or that of eternal damnation, not even the worst of sinners; emphasizes the need to act in coordination with a view to the progressive realization of the fate of everyone, without exception, which is the attainment of bliss. Caste and gender are mere incidents that depend on the nature of human actions, not the mere fact of being born, according to the principles of Suddha Dharma.

Suddha Dharma denies having any opposition between the spiritual and temporal and underlines how necessary it is to be always aware of the existence of God in man and nature.

As a sovereign remedy to cure the ills that tend to undermine the progressive realization, the Suddha Dharma stresses the paramount need to give all the light that exists in each, delivering enthusiastic and full of his own being, feeling that the divinity that dwells in himself and in all beings.

Exaltation and worship are the devotion to the Divine, both in its stated (creacional) and the Inmanifestado (potential), and the relationship they have with the Transcendent aspect.

Regardless of the origin of the individual or his environment, and only know is, is the unique and distinctive brand in the category of individual life and society.

Teachers follow a Suddhacharyas or eternal Dharma (natural law) and quad and ask applicants who meet in their daily lives:

  • No violence of thought, word or action (AHIMSA)

  • Truthfulness, which helps to increase the welfare of the world (SATYAVACHANAM)

  • Service in the world of personal capacity, (LOKAKAINKARYA).

  • Veneration and adoration to top Raz (Paramatman) that exists everywhere and is inherent in all beings as an absolute. (PARAMATMOPASANA)

The main purpose of this Mandalam is to help all human beings, so as to enable them to achieve a divine life here, and also to provide a body of teachers and yogis in the days of yore, so that they can be torch of spiritual wisdom and make the job of preaching the gospel of love and peace, as well as teach the divine order which governs the world.