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Sri Onkara  Ashram


OMKARA ASHRAM was founded in 1960 at Mayiladuthurai in Nagai Quaide Millet District of Tamilnadu, India, on the birthday of Parabrahma Sadguru Om Sri Siddhar Swamigal, its founder. On 1/19/1962 he told his chief disciple "Take charge of the Ashram and through its activities spread divine wisdom. Occupy the Omkara Peeta and render selfless service to the entire world. I bless this effort to promote Sathya, Dharma and Nyaya (Truth, Righteousness and Justice)".

The swami trained his disciples to help all beings human and subhuman to live in peace and happiness. He orderd them to take that work as their life's mission. Before laying down his mortal coils, on 8/31/1964, he directed his chief disciple not to stay in Mayiladuthurai but to go north and choose an area for intensive service. On 7/21/1965, that chosen one, Srilasri Swami Omkarananda came to Pondicherry, a place sanctified by the stay of great saints and seers over several centuries, established Omkara Ashram and started his spiritual and social service.

Objectives of the Ashram

  • To cleanse the aspirant or sadhaka's body, mind and soul and help him or her through spiritual practices to attain the divine level and ultimately merge in space.

  • To teach him or her cleanliness, fullness and merging of the individual soul into the Supreme soul.

  • To change the whole world spiritually by improving the life of every individual.

  • To help Sanyasins, Sadhus and spiritually awakened persons to do intense meditation and penance, thereby filling the surrounding space with a unique spiritual power. This will automatically result in the rise of divine forces, qualities and activities and the fall of evil forces. Once this is acheived, this very earth will become a haven of love and lasting happiness.

Activities of Ashram

From 7/21/1965, the spiritual ministry and large scale programmes involving the local community have been going on undeterred by changing circumstances and obstacles. The ashram is functioning in 50, Kamatchi Amman Koil Street, Pondicherry, 605001, India.

On 5/24/1972, Omkaram, a monthly journal in Tamil was floated and the inaugural issue was released by Sri Jnananandagiri Swamigal of Tirukkoilur Tapovanam. The second issue was released by Aatru Swamigal of Poondi near Tiruvannamalai. Hundreds of Sadhus and Sanyasins have stayed in the Ashram and taken part in its activities, thereby recognising and encouraging the good work done there.

Routine Projects:

1. Giving spiritual lessons to aspirants.

2. Praying, individually and collectively for the welfare of the world.

3. Mass meditation conducted every full moon day.

4. Offering regular training in spiritual practices.

5. Publishing books on spiritual subjects.

6. Teaching people to practise devotion to mother, father, guru and God.

7. Educating people to eschew violence and practise ahimsa and love to all beings.

8. Propagating the vital principles of Truth, Righteousness and Justice among mankind.

9. Devising ways and means of filling the cup of life with shanti (peace) and shukam (happiness).

Salient Programmes on record

  • 520 weekly Congregations

  • 24 Mass meditation programmes

  • 100 pilgrim trips covering the length and breadth of our holy Bharath

  • 30 Sadguru Om Sri Siddhar Swami's Gurupujas.

  • Hundreds of discourses and benedictory addresses by Swami Onkarananda.

  • In Coimbatore, India, in March 1987, a grand worship was offered to Mahaganapathi with 108 live elephants(unprecedented).

  • 3 Mahapujas conducted on a global basis.

  • In May 1991, Sadhus, Sanyasins, heads of religious institutions and devotees, 7,000 in all, chanted the holy Siva panchakshara mantra and the total came to 10 million. The significant part of it is that it was acheived in a single night in the holy precincts of Sri Arunachaleswar temple in Thiruvannamalai.

  • In August 1991, Kancheepuram, India was chosen as the venue for the Sampurna Puja. Ritualistic worship was offered to 700 Sivalingas in Kanchi and its neighborhood. 10. A conference on spiritual topics was conducted in Macheswara marriage hall.

  • 4,000 students went in a procession flagged off by Jagadguru Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal of Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt and performed Panchakshara Japam for 2 hours praying for peace and prosperity in the world.

  • In September 1993, once again a special puja for world peace was conducted. 108 sumangalis were worshipped as forms of Parasakthi, 200 Sadhus participated.

Membership Information

Onkaram ashram membership is free for all. All serious aspirants are requested to contact the ashram, participate in its programmes and earn eternal bliss. To become a member please Contact ashram either by e-mail or post.

Contact Information:

By post :

Sri Onkara Ashram, 50, Kamatchi Amman Koil Street, Pondicherry, 605001, India.

Sri Onkara Ashram, c/o Subramanian Balakrishnan, 978, Lantana Drive, Sunnyvale, CA - 94086, USA.

By email:

nbala@md3.vsnl.net.in       or          balasantha@hotmail.com

By telephone:

India: 01191 (413) 372946

USA: (408) 738 4836



      We are on the threshhold of the year 2000 AD.  It has almost arrived and hastening towards 3000 AD.  This is the general talk of the public all along.  The condition of the lives of the creations is improving in quality tremendously. This is absolutely true not only in happiness but also in sorrow and misery.  We see Dharma triumphs and rises human values.  Similarly Adharma also rises its head to mar  our cherished values.  As we observe the rise of Holy, Wise and good humans, there is also a prolification of wicked and villainous men with modern gadgets of destruction. There is intensive, research and scientific observations of all the planets and galaxies in the universe and new knowledge and interpretation are enriching our knowledge.  There is no doubt about this. Microscopic and Macrocosmic research have yielded spectacular results.   

      What are the prospects for the year 2000 AD? What will be the state of living beings beyond that millennium? What change will take place in the galaxies of this universe? These are the questions that loom large in the himalayan  proportions. 

      The modern man has swerved away from nature by working against it. Those who have deviated have to face the consequence of adopting an adhermic posture. They are bound to be condemned to misery and sorrow. Many living species re likely to disappear. 

      Spiritual Holymen will appear here and there. There may be calamities due to natures fury. The galaxies may even be subject to devastation unprecedented. We may see the necessity to review and consider our scientific knowledge obtained thus for. The old theories may be shattered. It is earnestly hoped that the year 3000 AD will usher in an era of wholesomeness and cheer. There is every likelihood  of all living being tuned to nature and to live happily and peacefully in year 2000 AD excepting humans.   

      The year 3000 AD will see men in full spiritual glory and mingle with Gods in the open space in complete harmony with celestial bodies. There may be sun spots and meteorites  interference with harmful radioactive rays for this globe.

      The conditions of this century will continue in the next one also. 

      What are our duties? Man's duties can be classified as follows:-

      1. Spiritual - Self realization and dharmic.

      2. Purely religious.

      3. Political. 

      4. Social welfare

      5. Adharmic (unrighteousness)

      Those who belong to the first category will raise in stature, understand spiritual truth and realize the ultimate goal and rest in Sat chit Ananda. None dare approach then and contaminate then. Those who seek their help will be greatly benefited spiritually.


      They generally do not have a deep knowledge about real spirituality. They have fanatical notions about their religion and try to create disharmony and hatred among followers of other faiths and precipitate confusion and violence. This affects society. Therefore it becomes incumbent on all religious heads to put their heads together and chalk out a code of conduct which will promote tolerance, harmony and peace among all. It is desirable to have an intereligious organization to tackle this pressing problems. The respective religious heads have to control their flock and take them along the true religious path indicated in their faith. It will go a long way to maintain peace and tranquility. 


      A democratic system of governance is always superior to other systems This alone can benefit a country. Experts and wise men think otherwise and doubt whether this system has benefited the country in the present day of politics? The situation is grave and oppressive. They throw the blame on religion and get away with it. Bharat is a spiritual land and unless the politicians, religious leaders and the general public who have the interest of the country in the hearts make up their mind to go along a true spiritual path, it will be difficult to live in peace and harmony. Now-a-days people have confused ideas about religion and spirituality. True spirituality do not belong to any particular religion.


      Society comprises of  political, spiritual, dharmic and adharmic people In the ancient days highly cultured people were in abundance and it is not so now. Man's good conduct and character were held supreme. Society imbibed these values. Modern man feels that individual ethics and code of conduct and character is not prerequisite. He thinks that it is not necessary to adhere to the old values and follows his nefarious path. His temporary success blinds him. Even the house wife is questioning why her husband should not adopt corrupt practices for achieving an object.  .      

      Adharma is considered as Dharma. Desire and wants have increased. There is no contentment. The result is evil ways, docoity, murder and violence. Society is shattered. There must be unity in diversity - control of mind, speech and self control is must. 

      Society has to be made harmonious and peaceful. The mind should shun materialism and seek cosmic intelligence and guidance. To control the mind one has to cleanse his sense of perception, harness the subconscious, conscious state and pass on to super conscious state  by right conduct and practice. It is only the experience in super conscious state that one can see the vision of God, the destroyer all attachment and delusion and experience a blissful life realizing the truth. Enlightened men of science are requested not to invent any weapons of mass destruction.


      This is reigning supreme in the present world. Its influence and power are stupendous. The Almighty's grace alone can change this sorry state of affairs and bring normalcy in right conduct, character and harmony. The Adhermic state of affairs has to be definitely completely obliterated. This is bound to be realised in this country. The world will definitely see alround development in this millennium. destruction will be substantial. There is also a possibility of large scale realisation of truth and super conscious realisation afterwards with divine help. Let humanity be blessed to live a blissful lives.

      Let your kith and kin and all your offspring's live happy life in the years to come.

      Live a satwic life adhering to Satya, Dharma and Justice. Householders, Sanyasis, friends, relatives and the non-entities should harness themselves to march ahead to strive towards realisation. This comes through Tapas. Tapa is supreme. Knowledge of Brahman is the ultimate goal and Satchit Ananda is your destination.

      The Ongara Ashram blesses all living beings to enjoy supreme happiness in the coming millennium and invokes the blessing s of Moola Guru Sri Siddhar Swamigal. and the Mathaji Siddhar  to shower their choicest  grace on the entire universe. The Ashram take the pride of wishing  all of you very happy and blissful spiritual life. May all of you live a life of peace and tranquility.