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SonoMa Ashram

Vision- We see human beings coming together to live a life of virtue, experiencing the divinity in all that is.

- "We impart the wisdom of traditional Yoga to all individuals, and foster the inner search to find peace by providing an inspirational environment, teachings, and practical tools for personal growth, enabling them to be positive contributors to society."

SonoMa Ashram's primary service project is thriving in the holy city of Varanasi, India, under the name of Bal Ashram (children's ashram) . Children without parents find a loving home and high quality education at Bal Ashram.

Newly planned Bal Ashram's Ecovillage in Varanasi will raise awareness — in an ancient sacred city now beset by many urban problems — about recycling, renewable energy, sustainable farming, traditional Indian (ayurvedic) herbal medicines, and handicrafts production. There is a vision of making Bal Ashram and its ecovillage a model that can be copied not only in India but anywhere in the world. Bal Ashram is also an ideal destination for those wishing to experience the beauty and richness of India through pilgrimage and cultural immersion.

We envisioned creating a place that would not only benefit the children of India but visitors from the West as well, a place where the wisdom and gift of two cultures could integrate. Creating a place that would provide an opportunity for volunteers from the West to go and spend some time in a safe environment doing seva while imbibing the wisdom that Indian culture has to offer inspired us all.

In order to encapsulate the two ideas, we decided to call the new place an Ashram, an extension of our Sonoma Ashram, in India. The main theme of the Ashram is to be of service. That is why it is called Aghor Guru Seva Peeth, Kashi (Varanasi).

Bal Ashram (Children’s Ashram) is the main aspect of this Ashram and is dedicated solely to benefit the children.

An Ashram in a community becomes the source of inspiration to many. It also becomes a place for members of the local community to come to and participate in various activities and be a part of the Ashram community. When Babaji visits the Ashram, it is a sight to see how so many people get inspired by his presence and teachings.

The objectives of the Ashram as a whole remain the same as Aghoreshwar Baba Bhagwan Ramji had envisioned for all his Ashrams in India and abroad. They are as follows:

Promote brotherhood among all human beings irrespective of race, religion, caste or social status.

Promote the feeling of Motherly reverence towards women.

Create a suitable environment for young children for proper education and wholesome growth.

Serve the needy and neglected, helping them return to society with dignity, and educate society to accept them without discrimination.

Bring out the essence of true spirituality without pomp and show, and provide a secular stage for different ideologies to work together.

Make an active effort to eradicate the dowry system in India as well as eliminate the huge sums spent on marriage and other ceremonies, and rectify the inherent problems of the caste system.

Establish more Ashrams dedicated to these ideals and help other organizations of a similar nature.
Bal Ashram provides a safe home for children who have no means to further in their lives or who are caught in an extremely dysfunctional situation with or without parents. Here, the children receive housing, food, clothing and an opportunity to receive education and guidance. Most of all, they find a home with love and care.

It is a place for cultural integration.

A part of Babaji’s vision is also to create a place for the Youth from the Western countries to visit India and be in an environment where children have less. While living at the Bal Ashram the visiting youth can be of service by teaching and sharing their gifts with those who really appreciate it. Such an integration of cultures and ideas could be a powerful tool for transformation for the youth of both worlds.

The basic infrastructure is already in place. Since the year 2000 we have been able to build the children’s dorm, kitchen, dining hall, office building as well as a few rooms for the guests. There is a great need of funds to finish the temple and meditation hall in the compound. Right now it is a temporary structure with a thatched roof open to elements.

A day care school for other local children from poor homes is also run by the Ashram. Many visitors from Europe and U.S. have already found the concept working very well.

Contact Info for Ashram in India

Aghor Guru Seva Peeth
Mahesh Nagar Colony
Nagwa, Lanka
Varanasi 221005