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Shiva School of Yoga

A residential community established to apply spiritual values and focus on Self-knowledge, personal transformation and inner freedom.

When Swami Shankarananda met Baba Muktananda in Delhi in early 1971 he immediately decided to visit his ashram in Ganeshpuri outside of Bombay. That visit lasted more than three years and transformed his life.

In many cultures it is customary for people to spend a few weeks in an ashram each year to recharge their spiritual batteries. People have sought spiritual rejuvenation in ashrams and monasteries for thousands of years. Ashrams of great beings are mystery schools, representing the highest truth. They are spiritual homes, cauldrons of transformation, spiritual retreats and holy sites where blessings are given and received.

It is tremendously rewarding to spend time in the company of an accomplished master at his or her ashram. Forty-five minutes outside of Melbourne on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, the Shiva Ashram is a centre of learning, physical work, prayer, practice, meditation, spiritual growth and transformation. Under Swami Shankarananda's guidance, students develop the tools they need for their everyday life. The transformation affects health, work and relationships as well as spirituality.

Shiva Ashram has courses on meditation, hatha yoga, Kashmir Shaivism and other philosophies, and the Shiva Process. Spiritual values such as compassion, service to others, respect for each other and love for the inner Self are nurtured, with a focus on Self-knowledge, spiritual transformation, meditation and freedom.

You are invited to come and spend time with Swamiji at Shiva Ashram, a nourishing environment that encourages spiritual growth. You are welcome to participate in our courses, programmes and daily activities.

Shiva Yoga Centre, Adelaide
79 Military Road,
Semaphore South, Adelaide

For all course enquiries contact (08)8242 4929

Co-directors Swami Dayananda Saraswati and Ma Jan Chaitanya.

Swami Dayananda Saraswati was initiated into yoga and meditation in the early 70s by the late siddha master, Baba Muktananda Paramahamsa. She later continued her training under the guidance of Babaji. In recognition of her spiritual commitment she was initiated by Swami Shankarananda as a teaching swami in July 2006.

She is a well-known writer on yoga and meditation and has been published in the American Yoga Journal Magazine, Australian Yoga Life and other publications. She is a loving and compassionate personal and group Self-inquiry facilitator and an intelligent and thoughtful speaker. She is adept at integrating meditative techniques into every area of life.

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Shiva Yoga Centre, Brisbane
349 Wardell Street(enter via Trundle Street),
Enoggera, Queensland

For all course enquiries contact 07 33662011

Hosted by Michael Wing.

Michael holds Shiva Process groups at the Brisbane Centre.  For other courses please see the Shiva Yoga calendar Click Here >>

Shiva Yoga Centre, Brighton East
50 Milroy Street
Brighton east

For all course enquiries contact the Shiva Ashram on 03 9775 2568

Hosted by Maria Lazarro and Alan Soyman.

Once a month, on Wednesday evening at 7:30pm, Swamiji holds Satsang and teaches from the Great Beings series. The evening includes chanting and meditation. ‘Learn to meditate’ courses are taught by Utpal Frusher and other teachers every three months. Shiva Process Self-inquiry groups and personal Inquiry sessions taught by recognized Shiva teachers. Books, CD’s and videos are available during the programs.

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Shiva Yoga Centre, McKinnon
Crystal Heart,
155 McKinnon Road,

For all course enquiries contact the Shiva Ashram on 03 9775 2568

Hosted by Yogacharya Anandi

Anandi teaches Hatha Yoga, with an emphasis on yoga for children, almost every day, and also leads Shiva Process Groups and Personal Inquiry Sessions. ‘Learn to Meditate’ courses are taught at the centre by Devi Ma every three months. All of Swamiji’s books are available. There is also a wide range of popular spiritual books, meditation accessories, crystals and jewelry. 

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Shiva Yoga Centre, Aspendale
Gracey’s Cafe

21 Laura Street

For all course enquiries contact the Shiva Ashram on 03 9775 2568

Hosted by: Damon Stanford

Nestled in the quiet of Laura Street Shops, Aspendale, Gracey’s offers great coffee and delicious food, as well as a meditative atmosphere. ‘Learn to Meditate’ courses are taught by Devi Ma every three months.

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Shiva Yoga Centre, Balwyn
22 Jaserfold Street

For all course enquiries contact the Shiva Ashram on 03 9775 2568

Hosted by: Jan (Gayatri) Driver

Jan holds Learn to Meditate courses regularly at the centre.

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Shiva Yoga Lineage


Bhagawan Nityananda: Mysterious Sage
Shiva Yoga belongs to a line of masters that stretches back to antiquity. In modern times the central figure is Bhagawan Nityananda (circa 1885-1961), the mysterious sage of Ganeshpuri, India. Although little is known about his personal background, people who met him believed that no external event could shake him from the state of bliss and they gave him the name Nityananda, "everlasting bliss."

Many thought of Nityananda as an incarnation of Lord Shiva, the original guru. His presence transformed the jungle of Ganeshpuri into a holy site and a place of pilgrimage. Thousands flocked to him for wisdom and spiritual sustenance. He taught mainly in silence, and disciples absorbed his teaching simply by sitting in his company.

Bhagawan Nityananda never gave a specific name to his yoga, nor did he offer a coherent teaching, although he did speak about the Self, higher consciousness and kundalini, the spiritual energy within everyone. His devotees were generally the humble villagers of the surrounding area and they thought of him as a God man--a saint who could grant their every wish. They went to him for health, for children and for good fortune. A few also recognised him as a fount of spiritual energy, shakti, whose presence could transform a seeker by the transmission of grace, or shaktipat.

Baba Muktananda: Bringing Yoga to the West

Outstanding among Bhagawan Nityananda's disciples was Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa (1908-1982), an ardent seeker of God from his earliest years. Intelligent and proud, he mastered many yogas and many skills. In Nityananda's presence his consciousness exploded into divinity. The shock and joy of that awakening made him realise that yoga was of little value unless there was a Self-realised guru at the source. The essence of his teaching, which he called Siddha Yoga, lay in this awakening, shaktipat, or transmission of the guru's grace.

Known to all as Baba, an affectionate name for spiritual father, Muktananda was an articulate and disciplined man. He gave coherence and verbal form to Nityananda's unstructured teachings and took many world tours throughout Australia, the U.S. and Europe, establishing ashrams and centers and awakening thousands by touch. By the time of his death in 1982, Muktananda had many Indian and non-Indian Self-realised disciples.

Swami Shankarananda: Accessible, Contemporary Master

Swami Shankarananda (Swamiji) is one of the foremost of Baba's Western disciples. Following the teachings of his great predecessors, he awakens people by shaktipat and teaches classical techniques of meditation on the Self.

As one of Muktananda’s foremost teachers of Kashmir Shaivism, Swamiji has integrated this powerful philosophy into Western culture through courses, workshops, study groups and everyday practices. His clear explanations of mystic teachings are accesible to everyone.

Swamiji also has contributed to the unfolding of yoga in the West through a dynamic form of Self-inquiry called the Shiva Process. It is a practical and easy methodology to improve relationships, achieve personal freedom and improve the quality of everyday life.

Drawing on the powerful traditions of ancient yoga practices, Shiva Yoga brings the wisdom of the inner Self into every aspect of life. It enlivens relationships, work, health and spirituality. It gives a sense of purpose and wonder to the ordinary and teaches practitioners how to live with intelligence, peace and joy.

Courses & Programmes

We warmly welcome you to our courses and programmes in Mt Eliza and Melbourne. We invite you to visit us, but if it isn’t convenient, we can correspond by email and can recommend easy practices to start or deepen your experience of meditation, yoga and your Inner Self.

The Shiva School of Meditation offers a wide variety of courses, programmes and opportunities to focus on the discovery and experience of your spiritual Self. The courses are taught by Swami Shankarananda, Shiva Yoga Acharyas, and other experienced Shiva Yoga teachers.

Learn to Meditate: Meditation is the heart of everything we do. If you have never meditated, or would like to deepen your practice, we recommend Learn to Meditate Level I. The four-week course will introduce you to effective methods of deepening your experience of your inner power.

For graduates of Level I, we encourage the Learn to Meditate Level II to intensify their practice with a second level four-week course. We also recommend our ongoing meditation study groups designed to enhance meditation philosophy and practice.

Self Inquiry: The Shiva Process Method™ This remarkable system of Self-inquiry teaches you to use your inner wisdom to uplift your experience of life. For graduates of Learn to Meditate Level II and by invitation, Self Inquiry: The Shiva Process Method™ provides techniques applicable to your daily life that uplift and expand awareness and improve your ability to communicate. Offered as a course, ongoing group conversation and private sessions.

Hatha Yoga: Relax and invigorate your entire being with Hatha Yoga. Join our structured eight-week Beginner’s Course or jump in to our intermediate and advanced sessions. Classes throughout the week. We also hold special classes: Yoga for Mothers to Be and Yoga for New Mothers.

Satsang with Swamiji: Everyone is welcome to join us at our free Saturday night programmes in Mt. Eliza and Melbourne. You’ll have the opportunity to speak with Swamiji, enjoy his illuminating talks, experience the joy of chanting and contact the Inner Self through peaceful meditation—as well as keeping company with others on the spiritual path.

Intensive: Suitable to newcomers and all levels of meditators, the Intensive is a power-packed weekend programme dedicated to deep spirituality. It is the only programme during which Swamiji formally gives Shakipat, the transmission of spiritual energy.

Shiva Ashram: If you would like to immerse yourself in the total experience of Shiva Yoga, come stay for a few hours, a few days, or longer at Shiva Ashram, Swamiji’s residential community designed to focus on sadhana, the spiritual journey.

Retreats: Sign up on our mailing list or contact us for information about upcoming Retreats, special four-day or week-long programmes dedicated to intensify your connection to the Inner Self.