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Nirankari Mission


What is Nirankari Mission?
Sant Nirankari Mission, founded in India by Baba Buta Singhji, is a spiritual movement, devoted to the welfare of the mankind. As per this mission, the aim of life is the 'Realization of Fatherhood of God through the living Satguru'. As this aim is achieved, universal brotherhood, peace and unity automatically follow. As man has progressed in the filed of science, the spirituality in him has constantly diminished.

Sant Nirankari Mission of India aims at making people understand that spirituality can be attained through a revelation of God in the present life. It lays emphasis on the concept of 'One God for All'. Sant Nirankari Mission also has an organizational outfit, named Sant Nirankari Mandal, with its headquarters in Delhi. It was set up to promote the concept of One Formless God (Nirankar), peace, non-violence and universal brotherhood worldwide.

The Beliefs of Sant Nirankari
Sant Nirankari Mission of India is based on the following beliefs…

  • Each and every human being is a child of the God.
  • God can be realized in the present life.
  • The Satguru confers the divine vision.
  • There is only one God and He is Nirankar (formless)

The Five Principles of Nirankari Mission

  • Each and every human being is the creation of the same God. A person should understand this fact and feel one with his fellow beings. The religion of a person should never become a reason for hating him.

  • Realization of God does not require renunciation of the world and the worldly duties. A person should never escape his responsibilities towards his family and the society, in the pursuit of God.

  • The divine knowledge bestowed by your Guru must not be divulged to anyone, without his permission. At the same time, Enlightenment should never lead to pride.

  • The way a person lives, i.e., his dressing style, diet, etc, should never be a basis for looking down upon him.

  • Whatever possessions a human being has, belong to God. He is only a trustee of those possessions and should not feel proud of them.

Baba Buta Singh Ji
Baba Buta Singh Ji founded the Sant Nirankari Mission in India. He was born in Headwal Village under Kaimalpur (Pakistan), in the year 1873. Right from his childhood, he was inclined towards God and spirituality. He received the Brahm Gyan (God Knowledge) from Bhai Sahib Kahan Singh Ji at the age of forty. For the next fifteen years, he assimilated the knowledge he had received, comparing it with the knowledge of Gurbani. Thereafter, started his journey as a teacher to the other mortals.

A Unique Form of Greeting
The followers of Sant Nirankari Mission have a very unique way of greeting each other. Whenever they greet each other, they touch the other person's feet, bow and say 'Dhan Nirankar', meaning 'God is Great'. This is way of showing love and respect towards the other person and acknowledging the fact that God resides within him/her.