Hindu Ashrams and Hindu Organizations

Hindu Endowments Ashram

In 1999, with help from the Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises (SCORE), the Hindu Endowments Board set up The Ashram, a halfway house to rehabilitate and reintegrate into society Indian substance abusers.

At the Ashramís supportive environment, its residents receive emotional and spiritual guidance through a number of quality programmes. These residents are also equipped with skills to allow them to be gainfully employed.

Ashram residents are encouraged to attend classes to learn more about the religion they practice and attend yoga and meditation classes for better control of their minds and bodies. In addition to being taught how to be financially prudent, arrangements are made for them to embark on home based jobs. SCOREís job placement unit helps with securing appropriate jobs for the residents

Since its inception, more than 156 persons who had succumbed to drug abuse have been successfully rehabilitated.

In October 2004, a banner and sticker printing machine was acquired to engage residents in gainful employment as well as provide a source of income for the Ashram. With its printing rates priced below prevailing market rates, the Ashram has received a steady stream of requests for banner production. Organizations can save up to 30% or more in their production costs with the Ashramís services. Those who have engaged the services of the Ashram also enjoy the satisfaction that they have lent a hand to a community cause.

Members of the public can engage the services of the Ashram for house and office removal, internal and external painting works, landscaping and garland making. All jobs are professionally managed and supervised by the Ashram management. Services are offered at affordable rates without any compromise on its quality ad efficiency.

Please contact the Ashram at tel: 67539730, 90627274 or e-mail: ashram@singnet.com.sg for a list of services offered and rates.

Address: 30 Durban Road, Singapore 759642